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November 30, 1902-Kid Curry Logan (Butch Cassidy's Gang) Sentenced

On November 30, 1902–Kid Curry Logan–part of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch Gang–was captured and sentenced.

Author’s Note: I needed to write about this topic because I have distant ties to the outlaw Butch Cassidy–with whom Kid Curry Logan was associated. 1,727 more words


Guild Wars 2 : Personal Daredevil Build

Now I got some time to put up my Daredevil’s build, nothing groundbreaking to be honest. It’s just a plain build made by my curiosity and my so called f*** the meta thing. 948 more words

Guild Wars 2

Why even imperfections are precious to the thief

It is never a good feeling to be victimized by a thief. The bible talks of one such individual (John 10:10). Some say, Jesus maybe referring to the devil. 677 more words


[Blades in the Dark] The Story So Far

The story of the Dark Roots, who hung their hats in the Imperial Oak, a pub in The Drop, a neighbourhood on the north side of the Crows’ Foot, is a comedy of errors. 904 more words

Roleplaying Games

No helmets in the shop

Don’t enter in the shop with a helmet!

Seen in Kyoto, Japan.


Gold thief riddle

Here is a rather simple yet interesting riddle, one that involves conversions in measurement. So, I present to you all the gold thief riddle.

A girl has stolen two bars of solid gold, each weighing 18 pounds, and is running away from police.

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Term One

On Thanksgiving, Miami police hunt Christmas tree thief

By Moni Basu


(CNN) — There’s the Grinch who stole Christmas and then there’s the thief who stole Christmas trees.

As in two semi-truck trailers filled with fragrant Fraser firs. 150 more words