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Worker at Lambert Charged with Stealing from Blind Woman

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – “I’m not a good thief.” That’s what an employee of the contractor that provides wheelchair services at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport reportedly told police after being accused of stealing $800 from a blind passenger. 132 more words


The Thief's Curse

There once was a man
From the town of Not
Who owned a bit of land,
A quite pathetic plot

He looked to improve
His stock and store, 317 more words


Conman Thief

They call me con-man thief,

They say I like to steal money

They are wrong about me honey

I don’t care for money

I care for the prize… 67 more words

Mom Calls 911 on Burglar snd You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

An 18-year-old teen is facing charges because of what he did to try to avoid getting caught from his mom.

Their security cameras caught a strange woman going in and out of their house and money from mom’s nightstand and her son’s wallet came up missing.



Thieves in the Dawn

Thieves lurk in the dawn
Plucking stars
From the faded blackness.
Grins bloom
Along their wormy lips
And their nails glow
With the dust
Of the heavens. 96 more words

An Old Farmer's Carabao Was Attacked By A Thief That Enraged The Social Media Users!

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Carabaos are considered to be one of the most helpful animals in the farm. Not only that they help in the plowing of fields and served as a mean of transportation, this animals are also considered to be one of the most faithful…



An old man who stole a loaf of bread was brought to appear in court in front of the judge.
The old man did not try to deny that and confessed that he did steal a bread, but justified that by saying: 170 more words