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WATCH: Man Knocks Himself Out Trying to Steal a Car!

One man’s plan to steal a car in Ireland backfired when the brick he tried using to break the window bounced back and knocked him unconscious!! WATCH:


Double edged

And she sat in the fading light
Suddenly questioning
Right from wrong,
What did you steal as a child….
What is it that haunts you… 214 more words


Prompt for February 28: Four Lines of Prose about the Saboteur

His eyes were immediately drawn to the swaying roundness of her red silk-clad ass as she walked away from him. Even as the precious seconds were ticking by, his window of escape narrowing, he couldn’t help but imagine his teeth sinking into all that flesh. 45 more words


So, This Happened: Irish Car Thief Throws Brick At Car, It Bounces Bounces Back & Knocks Him Out

They say God doesn’t like ugly and this may have been a prime example.

Back in Drogheda, Ireland, one guy found himself attempting to steal a car – reportedly, a “shiny Mercedes” – but things didn’t quite go as he expected. 214 more words


Dragon's Dinner

“I spy, with my little eye…”  The Dragon pretended to ponder, golden reptilian eyes roaming beneath green scaled lids, “something beginning with ‘D’”  A huge toothy grin bore down on the man she had gripped in her outstretched hand.  337 more words


This is how a thief steals a mobile in London

In this video recorded by a security camera in London shows how a guy riding a bike takes away a mobile phone from man walking down the sidewalk. Check out this video:


A Timely Meditation on the Cross

In a recent conversation with some friends of mine we mused about how to respond to suffering in our own lives. We talked about pain, holiness and God’s love. 410 more words