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collected posts from a defunct blog, 2008

Marching Band

There’s a marching band stepping past my window, rehearsing their path through the neighborhood streets. The last time they tried to rehearse they were too loud, and we banded together and threw trash at them until they stopped playing and ran back to their chartered bus. 462 more words


Hello Arkansas

Hi all and thank you for clicking this. I am posting this as a PSA to everybody for their own personal safety. Robert Alan Rimmer is a resident of Malvern, Arkansas and has some serious issues that he hastold me about that I believe the world should know about for their own safety… 210 more words


The Great Thanksgiving Day Roll Massacre

My family has a soft spot for Boxers (the dogs, not the athletes). Currently, we have a Boxer named Duke.

He is, to quote one of my uncles angry at his exploits in the pipe field, “dumb as rocks.” Personally I think it’s just an act. 529 more words


The Small Goddess & The Reluctant Thief

Note: Another entry into a contest. The prompt was to write a tavern-based fight scene in 1,000 words or less. It’s tough for me to stay within a word limit and still keep things understandable, so this was a challenge! 1,014 more words



The Pickpocket of San Telmo

It is fair to say that our enjoyment of Buenos Aires has been adversely affected by the fact that we no longer trust the locals and have been constantly on guard whilst walking the streets. 603 more words


The world's dumbest crook thinks you can steal a flat screen TV by hiding it under your shirt. Really.

This woman might be the world’s dumbest crook because she really thought she wouldn’t get caught trying to steal a high definition television. Not only was there a camera watching the whole thing, but she tried to sneak it out by hiding it under her shirt. 12 more words


The Tire Brigand

Steven exhausted, from working all night at the hospital, walked to his car under the parking deck. When he got there, his tires were gone, the rest of the car was sitting on blocks, and nothing left but a shell. 482 more words