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Witness knocks alleged purse snatcher off motorcycle

Footage reportedly captured in London this month reveals a bystander take action after witnessing an apparent crime.

When an approaching motorcycle rider allegedly snatches a pedestrian’s purse, the man jumps from the sidewalk to knock him from the bike. 15 more words


I have been robbed!!!

Yes!! Shocking to say I have been robbed!!

But what is it that I have been robbed of?


For starters I can say I have been robbed of many things like joy, peace, love, etc. 343 more words

Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wives And Hide Your Mail — There's A Package Thief On The Loose

Just in time for the holidays, scammers have come up with a new way to steal from the fortunate and give to themselves. Those people are called Porch Pirates. 175 more words


Don't leave valuables behind

Seen at the Louisiana Modern Art Museum, Denmark


The "It Takes a Thief" Blogathon - Final Wrap-Up!

First, I want to extend my warmest thanks to all who participated in the “It Takes a Thief” Blogathon. SO many great posts, and quite a few about films I’ve never seen–some I’ve never heard of! 94 more words


Solit’s Web

She’d climbed down the drainage tunnel, crawling due east, then straight down. That ladder better not end before the tunnel did. Beau had promised, 123 more words


The Best and Worst of Ireland

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

Charles Dickens was not Irish, but it was as if by writing this line about the French Revolution 150 years ago, he was predicting the outcome of my trip to Ireland over the weekend. 1,701 more words