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Dolly Llama Says

Shame is the thief of success.

Guilt is the thief of progress.

Llama is the thief of quotes.


I'm jealous of the way the rain falls upon your skin.

I have previously written about the “Cult of busy”, and I still feel that society seems to equate being busy with being successful, its the grown up version of being popular at school I suppose. 356 more words

Wolves at the Door (part 40)

“What are those?”

Gil indicated a group of undecorated stones next to the finely-carved pendants. They were of varying sizes, shapes and materials. Some were semi-precious minerals, but others were not even polished. 437 more words


The Capture Mobile App

The Capture Mobile App is an innovative idea that aims to introduce more security as concerns the issue of mobile phones’ snatching, theft, and unwarranted change of ownership. 22 more words


Magazine: Uncanny #8

Uncanny #8

I’m walking through a library, searching for a magazine, but I can’t seem to find one. Stuffed cats wearing hats and boots sit on the shelves of one aisle. 488 more words

Short Story

Rule of Thief

The fall leaves crunched under Willka’s boots as she sprinted down the quiet dirt road. Even though she was sure to have lost the soldiers, she’d rather be safe than sorry. 1,254 more words

End product

Here are the GIFs from my 2 animations.