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The Adventures of my FurKid - part 4

We moved out of the townhouse in December 2015, into a house with a garden. Pringles was very skittish for the first few weeks in the new house, which was understandable, and all he wanted to do was get out into the garden so that he could hide underneath the house. 1,589 more words


The Ugly - Doris Payne

This month I will share stories on Black History Month – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. History isn’t always pretty and sometimes we sanitize that which makes us uncomfortable. 891 more words


Beware Of Squirrel

As you’ve no doubt realized if you dare to even walk out your front door, our country has been turning into a cesspool full of dangerous criminals who have the few innocent citizens that remain in a constant state of fear that they will become the next victim of senseless violence.  777 more words


The Trouble With Diamonds: Four

Li Yiao had his tentacles spread through the far reaches of the east coast. He was a mobster by choice; a career path laid out by his father and his father before him. 1,035 more words


The true teacher steals from the student; he is a thief stealing away the barricades built in us by others. We are conditioned to believe that the giver is valuable, and an ordinary teacher is a giver. 113 more words