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GAA Team meets Mr. Brainwash in New York. #NYCIsBeautiful

The internationally famous, Academy Award nominated filmmaker and street artist, Mr. Brainwash, surprised our team at Global Art Agency with a personal invitation to come over to New York City and to cover a story on Mr. 671 more words

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Exit Through the Gift Shop and Vivian Maier: Inspiration

Exit Through the Gift Shop is a film that may or may not have been directed by elusive British street artist Bansky, and is about Thierry Guetta, who may or may not be a real person and who may or may not also be an artist named Mr. 612 more words


Exit Through the Gift Shop ★★★★★

Exit Through the Gift Shop is a beautiful documentary that shows a glimpse into the world of street art and graffiti, and also raises the question of what art really is and how we perceive and consume it. 585 more words

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EXCLUSIVE: Mr. Brainwash Is a Real Estate Mogul

The wealthy have for a long time viewed art and real estate in a similar manner; investment vehicles to accumulate, show off, and increase fortunes. While there are many successful real estate moguls who buy and sell art, you do not often see the reverse, wealthy artists who invest in real estate. 993 more words

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Exit Through The Gift Shop- (Banksy, 2010)

Overview- This is a documentary about a french amateur film maker who works in a shop who attempted to locate and befriend the infamous street artist Banksy. 263 more words

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I know you’ve all heard of Banksy (if he’s somehow escaped you, google image search the name), but I just want to plug the documentary he made, … 98 more words


Exit through the gift shop (2010)

Directed by – Banksy

What is good art? Is it an idea that has never been seen before? Or an idea that has never been seen the same way before? 109 more words