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The Day They Came(Part 1)

Nobody saw it coming. Not I, not the president ,no one. It just came. It’s funny when you think about it. How the world we once so knew could end so suddenly. 318 more words


You will wish you never sleep.

Before I go to sleep (2014)

If you are a movie lover this one must be in your collection.

I won’t spoil any details of the story but would assure you that it is a mystery movie that will catch your attention till the last second. 108 more words


Review: "The Child" by Fiona Barton

The Child

Fiona Barton

June 27, 2017 | Berkley
Suspense & thriller | crime

Kate Waters is an old school print reporter in a world that thinks it’s done with old school print reporters. 552 more words


Ioanix - Chapter 4: I don't have a choice.

People must’ve had this same idea when it came to Sundays, you would believe that when a day is called Sunday that means the day should be sunny. 1,093 more words


The Walkers(Part 1)

It didn’t take a degree or a PhD to know that I missed Emily. I knew it. My school and parents knew it. And wherever in the afterlife Emily’s spirit was floating around in, it most probably knew that too. 405 more words


Who is there?

Knock Knock (2015)

Did you ever look around and say ‘these girls are crazy!’. well, you need to watch this one and reconsider who you called crazy. 105 more words


Wind River (2017)

I just saw Wind River, and, as expected, it was pretty fantastic. Wind River is the third film from writer/director Taylor Sheridan. He has served as writer on Sicario (2015) and Hell or High Water (2016), both being great films that I would strongly recommend. 465 more words