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Hypothetical Netflix Rating 4.3 out of 5

Oh, Identity, you tricky bitch.This 2003 film threw fourteen year old me for a loop. This psychological thriller is a perfect example of misdirection and slight-of-hand making a movie. 413 more words

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Introducing the Third Book in the John J. Cannon Trilogy – Our Justice

I saw this book on Amazon and thought there is a book written by a a guy who has the same name as my author friend John W. 616 more words

Green Room (2016)

Punk rock band, The Ain’t Rights, travel through the Pacific Northwest until they meet a local radio host, who arranges them a gig at a remote club, which just happens to be run by Neo-Nazi skinheads. 500 more words

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Scream Queens

Én szerettem a Scream Queens első évadát, ráadásul minden irónia nélkül. Igen, nyilván nincsenek elvárásaim meg nulla az ízlésem, de ezzel még megbirkózom. (Hé, látjátok, hogy Taylor Lautner szerepel az évadban?:Dd (oké,hát a Twilightot is szerettem, lebuktam, a Gonosszal cimborálok, deal with it.)) 134 more words


Book review: Soul Retrievers by David Burton

Soul retrievers is an occult horror novel written by David Burton.

Getter is a soul retriever with a reputation, he always gets his soul. So when young Brittany’s parents enlist his services after discovering their daughter was mistakenly sent to hell they expected results. 203 more words

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Kehinde Akogun stood still in the deafening roar of the party faithful at the rally ground. With his hands gripping the sides of the wooden podium, his usual diffident nature was gone, now he stood as stone unyielding before the sea of their adoration. 403 more words

Casualty: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Cordelia

I don’t have an issue with blood.

It doesn’t bother, nor disturb me.

Before my mom died 6 years ago we would always go to her brother’s farm for Christmas, and ever Christmas Uncle Byron would let me and my brother Jaime help him slaughter a pig for Christmas dinner. 366 more words