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Who Is Poul Thorsen?

Part of the propaganda machine of the anti-vaccine movement is pushing the idea that there is some big conspiracy being hidden by doctors all over the world, the CDC, and Big Pharma – and maybe some Reptilians… 1,145 more words

Vaccine Misinformation

You wanna inject mercury into me?

Say wha’? You’d like to inject mercury into me? Uh, no… I don’t think so. Are you crazy, just plain stupid, or what? I tell you what, why don’t you bend over and allow me to jab you with that silly needle. 6 more words


Refuting the anti-vax anti-flu shot copy'n'paste

Copy n pasted…

Right of the bat, we know this anti-vaxxer is a winner. They couldn’t come up with a response to what you said, so they’re going to copy and paste this off their anti-vax cult page.

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Refuted Blogs

No, "Thimerosal-free" vaccines are NOT Thimerosal-free. Very sorry about that.

So-called Thimerosal-free vaccines are, in fact, NOT free of this dangerous mercury product. Thimerosal-free vaccines still have “trace amounts” of Thimerosal. According to the docu-series… 70 more words


What the heck is Thimerosal?

If you have read any vaccine/anti-vax comment thread you will inevitably see someone say, “But vaccines have mercury in them!” and then someone will respond, “ 842 more words


Competing Anti-Vaccine Autism Theories

Vaccines don’t cause autism.

We know that.

Well, most of us know that.

But did you know that there are actually competing theories from anti-vaccine folks about how they think vaccines ’cause autism?’ 650 more words

Vaccine Myths