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Facts Are Your Friends -- Vaccinate Your Children

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   Kristen Bell   Mother, Actress

I didn’t think I was going to vaccinate my children. I’ve always been earthy, crunchy, whatever. Fair trade? 1,929 more words


Discover Magazine needs to rediscover facts on vaccines

When Discover Magazine was launched by Time in 1980, graced by columnists such as Stephen Jay Gould, it was a marvel to behold. That era of excellence in its illumination of science is no more. 383 more words

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Why You Should Be Afraid of Your Dentist

This is categorized under “Anti-Vaccination” because it is under the same idea and guidelines.  Assuming that thimerosal is a risk, vaccinations do not compare, and neither does mercury from fish. 597 more words

Anti-Vaccination Movement

Anti-Vaxx: Methylation, Autism, Thimerosal, MethylB12

This argument indicates that thimerosal inhibits the synthesis of methylB12, and doing so prevents the healthy development of the brain.  It needs to be noted that taking methylB12 supplements could be taken during the time period where vaccinations take place which could prevent the majority of the side effects of vaccination. 269 more words

Anti-Vaccination Movement

How SVT Debatt Botched the Vaccine Issue

SVT Debatt is a Swedish studio debating program on public television that discuss a couple of current topics each week. Issues range from immigration and feminism to soccer violence and diet trends. 1,926 more words


New York Post flubs facts in vilifying RFK Jr. on vaccines

The New York Post’s editorial board went personal yesterday in “RFK Jr.’s vaccine villainy,” an over-the-top, cheap-shots attack on Robert Kennedy’s opposition to mandatory vaccinations. 463 more words

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Toxicity is a Most Misunderstood Term

I don’t believe the average consumer understands the basics, much less any subtleties, of toxicity.  Sadly, the word “chemical,” or something that sounds chemically suspicious, is synonymous with “toxic” among many in America.   1,031 more words