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Pro-Regulation Does NOT Mean Anti-Vaccination

Comedian and actor Jim Carrey is apparently taking flak for his position on the regulation of vaccines. It got so bad that he went on to clarify his position on… 300 more words


One in 50 school children with Autism: Gardasil greatest scandal of all time

1 in 50 School Children with Autism
May 5, 2015 —
The CDC just released a report <http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nhsr/nhsr065.pdf> stating that the prevalence of autism… 371 more words


Vaccinations: A Brief History


When it comes to vaccinations, how free is the freedom of choice? “In 48 states, parents can opt out of immunization for religious reason, and, in 20 states, parents can opt out on philosophical grounds beyond religious and medical reasons” (Krishna 167). 3,307 more words


Review: Trace Amounts; Ethyl Mercury Pandemic

I’m just going to come right out with it; Autism is infuriating. No, I’m serious. I mean that in the most honest and unbias way I can mean anything. 2,145 more words


Here's an interesting fact about vaccines

Earlier this week, we had the honor of hosting a real live ***KENNEDY*** right in our very own Statehouse. Yep, RFK Jr. regaled us with his scare stories about the evils of Thimerosal, a vaccine additive containing (a harmless type of) mercury. 212 more words

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Facts Are Your Friends -- Vaccinate Your Children

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   Kristen Bell   Mother, Actress

I didn’t think I was going to vaccinate my children. I’ve always been earthy, crunchy, whatever. Fair trade? 1,929 more words