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Vaccines Revealed 3 – a provaxer’s view

Did you read about episode 1? Please check out this post, which has links to all the information about this series and it’s major players. 701 more words

Vaccine pushers who promote mercury injections into children are “medical child molesters,” warns heavy metals expert

On top of all the sicko pedophilia and child trafficking going on in America, there’s also the vaccine industry: A cartel of toxic mercury pushers whose denial of the periodic table of elements (yes, they are science deniers) turns them into “medical child molesters” as they demand more and more children be injected with toxic mercury, a known neurotoxin and potent heavy metal that causes brain damage. 599 more words


Book Review: Thimerosal – Let The Science Speak – The Evidence Supporting The Immediate Removal Of Mercury – A Known Neurotoxin – From Vaccines by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“When vaccines contain the potent toxin mercury , they can harm public health while they protect it. This is a serious paradox and an error.  I hope and implore that this book’s overwhelming scientific evidence moves us all to do whatever it takes to correct this error, because it is unnecessary, and it CAN and MUST be corrected.” 618 more words

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Oh Paul

“The science has spoken. Thimerosal is a dead issue. It is concerning. You have as a president-elect a science denialist.”  — Paul Offit, MD



Just what exactly IS a “science denialist”? 71 more words


Vaccine critic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he will chair Trump’s vaccine safety panel

WASHINGTON — Outspoken vaccine critic Robert Kennedy Jr. said Tuesday that he had accepted a position in Donald Trump’s administration as chair of a panel on vaccine safety and scientific integrity, in what would be the clearest sign yet of the president-elect’s suspicions about vaccines.  887 more words



The following addresses very serious issues: the pros and cons of vaccinations, as well as human depopulation and this very real link to all vaccines. 21 more words

Dr. Suzanne Humphries

New Evidence Confirms Link Between Autism and Mercury - Dec. 03, 2016

Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times An international team of scientists has published a study that claims that a fundamental relationship exists between mercury and autism. The research results show that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) had significantly higher levels of mercury when compared with healthy control children.

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