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Totino's - Supreme

Originally posted 9/23/2015

The delight of broke college kids everywhere.  Yep, tastes exactly like Jeno’s, the pizza I didn’t realize was made by Totino’s at first.   47 more words


Jeno's - Pepperoni

Originally posted 9/13/15

This was GOOD!  I expected bargain bin crap but was wrong.  Probably the best cheap in terms of dollars spent ($1) pizza out there, but the per oz price ($.20) is pretty average.  37 more words


Economax - Supreme

Originally posted 9/10/15.

This is nowhere near as bad as it looks.  It’s actually quite tasty!  What’s surprising though is it is a terrible deal. Clocking in at $.85 this is certainly a cheap pizza, but it’s so small (5.2oz) it costs only $.01/oz less than Digiorno and Red Baron.   28 more words


Tombstone - Pepperoni

Original posted 8/28/15

Probably the most average no-frills pizza you can get. Still pretty good.  Brings back memories of cheap college nights at friends’ apartments. 6 more words


California Pizza Kitchen - Sicilian

Originally posted 8/13/2015

I tried this after my friend Porschia said this was her favorite pizza.  I can see why.  Absolutely delicious and a stark contrast from the disappointment that was the California Pizza Kitchen White pizza.   36 more words


California Pizza Kitchen - White

Originally post 8/27/15

Well this sucked.  Most disappointing (results fell far short of expectations) pizza I’ve tried.  Very bland.  Far too much of it was all crust and no toppings (the picture is deceiving, hard to describe), plus the toppings barely had any taste to them. 6 more words


Tony's - Pepperoni

Time for something a little more plain.  Used to eat a lot in college.  First few bites were great, then it dropped down to just decent. 29 more words