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True True on a Crisp Fall Day

After a hot and humid start to my life in Toronto, it’s finally feeling like fall. Leaves have started to turn, and there’s a chill in the air that hits you when you least expect it. 193 more words


Pizza 2

Again, chefjar thincrust:  With sesame seeds, topped with jalepeno and shiitake.


Pizza 1

Using the thin-crust pizza dough ala Chefjar:  Shiitake, red onion, pickled jalepeno, italian sausage, fresh and shredded mozzerella.

Great crust — flavor, but subtle:  Thin, yet holds firm with a crunchy crust.   17 more words


Central Market HEB - Cherry Tomatoes and Spinach

Here’s an old one I forgot to post.

This is my second time eating this pizza.  Very good, better than I remember.  The tomatoes tasted perfect.   34 more words



Thin Crust Hawaiian Skillet Pizza

I am of the opinion that every human should feel comfortable making a pizza.  I don’t think that pizza-making ability is necessarily an evolutionary advantage (except, perhaps, as an indirect means of mate attraction), but I just think it’s a good skill to have…like the ability to tie one’s shoes by oneself. 972 more words

Thinnest Crust Tortilla Pizza

For a while, I was obsessed with making personal pizzas on Naan bread. While I still love those, I recently tried making a very thin crust pizza on an extra-large flour tortilla, which you can find in the Mexican section of any major grocery store. 712 more words


Brik on York | sliced up

I’m a sucker for all of Denver’s unique neighborhoods, including City Park. Located within a brick building of course, Brik on York has a great ambiance for live music, wine on tap and a variety of pizza options, making it the perfect place for a pizza club night out. 648 more words