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Austin's Pizza - Pepperoni

Quick note – I think the pizza looks a little uncooked and unappetizing in this picture.  It didn’t look that way in person.  The picture just came out bad.   199 more words



Fresh:  Mozzerella, basil, tomato

Cheesed:  Shiitake, avocado, shaved garlic and basil — with mozzerella, fresh mozzerella and parm.

Fine, thin crust, with good crunchiness roasted at 550f.   14 more words


Kirkland Signature - Pepperoni

Another good plain ‘ol pepperoni pizza.  There’s nothing particularly special about the taste of this Costco pizza; it’s just good.  The only thing unique about it is it is the only 4-pack pizza I’ve ever purchased. 100 more words


Central Market HEB - Goat Cheese & Sauteed Vegetables

This is something I originally posted to Facebook on 10/2/2015.  As I sit here typing this, I’m craving one of these pizzas again.  A trip to HEB later tonight is in the works. 53 more words


Mama Rosa's - Pepperoni

Originally posted to Facebook on 9/30/2015

Not too great.  I used to eat these occasionally in college but have since moved on.  This low-budget pizzas has nothing on the $2.50 Hill Country Fare/Jack’s pizzas I still eat to this day. 10 more words


California Pizza Kitchen - Signature Pepperoni

Originally posted to Facebook on 9/13/2015

California Pizza Kitchen does it again.  Extremely flavorful.  This is tied with Home Run Inn as my favorite pepperoni pizza and easily one of the best frozen pizzas I’ve ever had.   35 more words