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Sometimes the Thames freezes over. It was more common in the Eighteenth Century, when  temperatures were a little colder than now, and the bridge over the river had pylons more closely placed. 1,457 more words

Ars Magica

Thin Ice

We both
Knew that
We were
Skating on
Thin ice

But we
Were both
So willing
To sacrifice

Those days
Of melting
Snow and
Ice… 212 more words


Frostiana: a curio for history fans and Doctor Who completists

Recently I watched Thin Ice, a Doctor Who episode set during the final Thames Frost Fair. I knew a book had been printed on the ice, and wanted to track it down. 97 more words

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Have I got Whos for you (part 3000)

It’s all about the deleted scenes this week, as we reveal some abandoned concept art for ‘Oxygen’.

Elsewhere: that deleted scene from ‘Thin Ice’, cast into new light: 27 more words

Doctor Who

Quotes from Doctor Who Episode 10:3 "Thin Ice"

In the third episode of season 10 of Doctor Who, we get to see the first trek into the past for Bill. A day on the frozen Thames River in England proves to be exciting, yet filled with trouble. 506 more words


One Third Through

Guest contributor Ryan Williams looks at the first third of Series 10… 1,067 more words

Doctor Who - Thin Ice

So last week’s Doctor Who was PRETTY DARNED GREAT. Here are SOME WORDS about how great it was (if you don’t want words, I was also talking about this ep on last week’s… 2,386 more words

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