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Thin Ice

From the mindset of a rather stubborn person, talking about issues is something I find hard to do. I grew up with the occasional run in with my parents and the numerous clashes with bullies, so talking became harder and harder because I was continuously shut down and sent to my room. 336 more words


Three Dangers (2015)

1. Mountain cliff.
2. Thin ice on lake.
3. Gun shaped iPhone.
Just one look-


Thin Ice

I tried to keep my mouth shut.

I tried to do better this time.

I know the ice is not set, not firm, not safe. 86 more words

Who can be Holy?

Exodus 29:  Instructions for the consecration of the Priests of God

Lessons for Living Today:

The meaning of holy is “set apart” to be devoted to God and His purposes. 367 more words

Day 26, 27 and 28

Whew!  The days keep right on flying by, don’t they?

Yikes.  My night time photography leaves a lot to be desired.  But I guess if I don’t keep plugging away at it, it’ll never get any better.  70 more words


Man rescued from floating ice chunk in St. Croix River

A Lakeland man had to be rescued from a chunk of ice floating down the St. Croix River near Hudson, Wis., Tuesday afternoon.

Washington County Sheriff Bill Hutton used the incident as a reminder that it’s too dangerous to be on the ice; the recent warm weather has melted much of it and made what’s left very unstable. 222 more words