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Chocolate-mint bars: recette 5

I love making chocolate bars: for me, it’s shortbread base with ganache, frozen and cut into bar shapes, and coated in more chocolate. I’ve done variations of them in the past, but this one is inspired by my childhood favorite Girl Scout cookie, the Thin Mint. 204 more words


Thin Mint Tarts

Isn’t it the saddest when you run out of your favorite box(es) of Girl Scout Cookies? If Thin Mints are your jam, then this tart recipe inspired by said cookies is the only thing you’ll need to get you through.

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Iced Thin Mint Latte // Sip Coffee House

This is probably the closest you’ll get to the Girl Scout cookie in liquid form, aside from just blending them up yourself. I’ve recently become a sucker for iced coffee drinks, which I never used to be. 388 more words


Erratum. Apparently, Somebody Puts Babies In The Clamshell

After Tagalong, Samoa, Do-Si-Do, and Thin Mint are weighed and measured each week, they are returned to Tufters & Tacey as a group. This clamshell provides a nice little holding pen to gather them all together. 221 more words

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