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Newly Minted

Easy Minty Cake Cookies

One bowl.  No mixer.  No butter.  Only 10 minutes of chilling.  Annnnd, a whaboom (yes, Bachelorette fans, I said, ‘Whaboom’) of minty, chocolatey flavor.   513 more words

Thin Mint Ice Cream

The Girl Scout Cookie saga continues. As if cupcakes weren’t enough, I’ve continuing my Girl Scout Cookie addiction with an ice cream series. Up next, you can look for Tagalong Ice Cream and Samoa Ice Cream. 422 more words


Thin Mint Truffles

This was such a fun recipe!! I was able to do it in stages, and was able to get them made in between feeding my baby, getting my son ready for school, naptime, a shower… 246 more words


Bad day start. Good day finish.

Besides being woken up at 1am by a drunk asking for more alcohol and keeping me up longer than that, my sleep was crappy. So naturally, I woke up being grumpy and still pissed off at my family member (which is a usual in this house). 422 more words

Just Another Day

Chocolate-mint bars: recette 5

I love making chocolate bars: for me, it’s shortbread base with ganache, frozen and cut into bar shapes, and coated in more chocolate. I’ve done variations of them in the past, but this one is inspired by my childhood favorite Girl Scout cookie, the Thin Mint. 204 more words