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Dear Diary,

Time. That ‘thing’ on the wall, on our hand and in our minds ticking every day, every moment. That defines our way of life each day. 577 more words

Dear Diary

If your name was Angus this would be a different ballgame.

I like you half woozy in my house
your legs compact because they’re too much
to stay underwater. There’s not enough bath
for you and your rumbling laugh. 39 more words



They interest me, they fascinate me.

I think I definitely have a thing for women.

Haruka Diary- Online

A thing about India

It’s a country full of crazy, stupid, hypocritical people.

Also, it’s the most diverse country, the youth of which will probably be ruling the world in about a decade or two.

Declutter 101: Cost, Value, Thing, Experience

Decluttering isn’t easy, otherwise we’d all live minimalistic lives with immaculate, Pinterest-worthy houses. The allure of Stuff held sway over me for a long time too. 1,376 more words


Let the world rejoice! 

I’m not a fan of “gay bashers”. Let niggas live and love how they want.

We were not created to all believe in the same exact things. 254 more words