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Trailer Talk: Fantastic Four

  • “Dr. Storm, we gave you six years and millions of dollars and you gave us nothing. What’s different now?” Tim Blake Nelson’s Harvey Elder[1]
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Wut is Holy Crap?

Wut is holy crap?

— Jp (@JohanJpPaul) April 24, 2015

Yes, wut is holy crap?

It’s a legit question.

This post will somehow explain it.

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The Infinite

Language is a funny thing; it changes the meaning of the same word by placing it with another.

Inspiration is a funny thing, it comes and it goes. 59 more words

Not Really: How Hammer was Invented

How did they make a hammer? There must be a hammer before that.

— Jp (@JohanJpPaul) April 23, 2015

This story will answer that.

Once upon a time, a hammer popped out from a pond.

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Just A 'Thing':

I saw you the other day, and memories of our ‘thing” came rushing through my mind. I still cry myself to sleep thinking of what could have been. 154 more words