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Thing and His Birthday

The only time that Thing would ever make it down to the town was on the day of his birthday. His mother had marked this special day on the calendar and so every year he would tick the days off until his birthday came around again. 670 more words


Dota 2 Spot 6.87: Every little thing Changes, Once more

Large Dota 2 are exciting for me. Also tiny adjustments can have substantial causal sequence in the butterfly impact ’em up that is Dota, so big spots rebalancing and also reworking as well as including loads are … I don’t even know. 15 more words


My Pal, Thing

Long after Thing had departed the valley, and long, long after those who were his kin had disappeared; a woman came calling on me, one oppressive day in May. 942 more words


The 4 Fact Survey


I was nominated to do this by the really awesome and inspiring MimiTa <– go check them out right now :)

So here it is… Some questions that I have to put 4 answers to xD… 1,030 more words


Thing And Being Human

It was the end of another hard day as Thing made his way up back home, to his cave. After such a trying time, he liked nothing better than to sit and look out over the valley and watch the town below. 722 more words


Be Who You Are

Be who you are,
Be magnificent,
Be strong,
And except to those who cared too much,
The one who never quite belonged.

Be who you are… 96 more words


THING and the Lesson

Ever since Thing had been left to fend for himself, he had grown a little harder to life. I suppose that life is a matter of holding on to your innocence until gravity eventually catches up with you and then, it’s all a matter of how you deal with that. 669 more words