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To the people that pulled me down..

To the people that pulled me down and the ones I pushed away,
I’m done with the “I’m sorry’s” and shy apologies;
I had to take that and now you’ll have to take this.  278 more words

Don't worry, - I worry

Don’t worry about the way my words fall silent

when there’s a raging storm inside of my mind,

I just like the sound of your voice whispering… 111 more words

Update 3 - Waiting In Line

I know it has been quite a while since my last post. I started to write a couple of times, but honestly my mind wasn’t there for me to write them.   1,461 more words

Chronic Pain

Hide away.

Another thingie. I found this one in a notebook that I used to write in way back in 2009(I was only 16, that seems so long ago!).   124 more words

Random Thingies.

Update 2 - Waiting in Line

I had a very productive day. It started at the pharmacy to buy my ‘thingie’. Although I was undoubtedly grateful to the owner for allowing me to purchase my ‘thingie’ in payments (it helps to that I am an… 775 more words

Chronic Pain

Waiting in Line

I am dreading tomorrow. Yes, since 8:00 this morning I have been on the verge of tears praying that something happens and I don’t have to do all the things I have to do tomorrow…either that, or money appears underneath my pillow offering me the assistance I will need to get through my day. 1,076 more words

Chronic Pain

Book Review (1)

 Let me just say one thing: This blog is NOT a book reviewing blog, but this blog is about me. With me comes books, and so, if you really do like my blog and me, then you’ll just have to endure a few of these. 300 more words