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I should really be sleeping right now, but this seemed to make far more sense instead. 28 little things…on your marks…get set….go!!

day or night… 127 more words

All About Me

Just Face it.....You're Indecisive!

Do you think you’re an indecisive person? If your answer was Yes…No…Maybe…Sometimes, than you are. It can be tricky figuring out whether or not you are an indecisive person. 607 more words


My Author Page

I have edited and made some changes to my “About the author” page.  It’s a little more current but ALMOST the same.  I’ve used some of the photo tools I’ve learned on Photo101.  6 more words


100 Mile Party - Fitness on Road Trips 

I love to drive places and I do it often.  At least once a month I haul a few hundred miles to Atlanta for the Navy.   294 more words

Random Musings

40 Facts About Me

1 – Favourite colours are red and white

2 – My favourite food type is Italian

3 – I have an older brother called Ben… 282 more words

An Ocean Voyage

I’m one of those lucky people who’s actually sailed on an ocean liner. A real ocean liner, purpose-built for transatlantic travel, not cruising. And not just one – I’ve been on FIVE. 979 more words

Things About Me

May is for Field Trips

May has been very busy for me at work. My Conservation District rents out 2 different no-till drills to local farmers. I have been helping move the drill through out the county with my one co-worker. 361 more words

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