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The Struggle.

Let me just tell you a few things about myself.

One: When I love something, for instance if I love an anime or a video game, I become obsessed with it. 268 more words

Video Games

Things in my head.........

This morning is one of those morning were i am sitting in bed with my husband asleep, 2 cats lying on the side and bottom of the bed, Leon wandering between his bedroom and mine while playing games on my phone and a few hundred thoughts running around my head! 464 more words


19 Things About Me

  1. I’m 19 (hence why I picked 19 things, it was the first number I thought of).
  2. I live in California and I go to a university in Southern California even though I’m from Northern California.
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The Irrelevant Show | Missing Person

A sketch I wrote – based on a true experience. (Don’t piss me off or I’ll sketch you.)

Click HERE to listen to the sketch that aired on CBC Radio’s ‘The Irrelevant Show!’

CBC Radio

Happy Birthday to me! 28 things about me

So I’m 28 now *party poppers* To celebrate, here are 28 things about myself. It’s my birthday. Indulge me.

1) I was born on Thursday the 12th of March. 980 more words

Emily Lowrey

No title yet hun

Today was “Get to Know Each Other Better Day” at my school and it was supposed to teach us about communication and laughter.  They said laughter was a medicine.   314 more words

TMI Tuesday - Down right sexy

Down right sexy!

  1. Have you ever had sex in three or more positions in one session? Name the positions.
    Hell, yeah. 69, him on top, me on top (facing front and back), from behind, side-by-side.
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Sex Talk