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Breathing…it’s as simple as taking air in and releasing it again. So simple in fact that our bodies do it automatically without us ever thinking about it. 184 more words


I was supposed to be a doctor, but...

Hi, I’m Nicole!

I’m really passionate about a few things, including animals, the ocean, and opening up about law school.

In case you were wondering, here’s what I look like on a semi-normal day… 703 more words

Things About Me

Getting Personal: 15 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Hi Guys! Happy Happy Thursday! So today’s blog is inspired by the fact that yesterday, I was looking through all the beautiful people that follow this blog, and I realized I don’t know more than half of you. 1,049 more words

Farming is Hard

Farming is hard, regardless of how much time you put into it, meaning if you do it full time or in your spare time, Farming is hard. 270 more words

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Lego Ninjago Movie Trailer Thoughts

That’s right, the Lego Ninjago Movie trailer has been released!  Ninjago fans have been waiting for a very long time (luckily not decades) for this trailer so they can see just how much Lego has changed their beloved characters.   2,380 more words


21 Years!! My life update!



“I said that time may change me,

But I cant change time.

David Bowie “Changes”

In about an hour and 20 min I will officially be 21 (as I am writing this). 395 more words

Things About Me