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10 things I can't live without !

Hi guys, I hope everyone is having a great week!

For todays blog post I thought I would tell you guys all about the things I seriously can’t live without. 674 more words


Menstruating SUCKS! (Part 1)

Hi, welcome to 2017. This year I will say again that I’m going to write more for my blog because I say that every winter, it’s another winter and I’m here… writing.  408 more words

Things About Me

Edinburgh in March;


 Last Month I took a little weekend trip to Edinburgh, With a fab bunch of people who were great to spend the weekend with, The trip mostly consisted of drinking in little pubs listening to live music, laughing and eating lots of food. 452 more words

Lego Toothless!!!

Yes, I completed Lego Toothless… Are you ready for the awesomeness?   264 more words

Things About Me

10 Facts About Me

Since I am still reasonably new on here I thought I would share some facts about myself so you could get to know me a little better. 805 more words


Truth about me blogging

Hello everybody,

This weeks’ post is going to be all about honesty of me blogging.

The story begins a few years ago when  I decided that I wanted to write in a diary (I had seen a lot of movies with teenagers writing in diaries and thought that I should try as well)… I did had a diary but didn’t commit to it enough. 761 more words


Taking it Farther

After playing around with a Night Fury and my new-found formula, I did a few more calculations and observations to answer some random questions I had. 498 more words