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5 things I wish I'd known

There are so many things I wish I’d known, but here’s five.

1.┬áCollege isn’t what you think it is

Going to college was this big amazing thing that there would be party’s every weekend, it would be laid back, you’d meet cool people and discover yourself. 378 more words

Things About Me

Facts about me

I thought I’d share with you 5 facts about me

1. I dislike coffee

Now some of you might hate me for this but the only excuse I have is “I’m British therefore I drink Tea” (specifically 2 sugars) 278 more words

Things About Me

Hello world!

This is my very first blog and post, therefore I do not understand many blogging concepts. So bear with me. Please read my blog. Since I’m new I won’t really get a lot of people reading, but please if you do read can you please share my blog to friend. 118 more words

First Blog

TMI Tuesday - Clothes make the man (or woman)

Clothes make the man (or woman)

  1. What is the first garment that you remember?
    It was a Halloween costume when I was 3 or 4, I went as a Viking princess (of course).
  2. 376 more words
True Confessions

New York Street Scenes

This is going to be my final installment in posts about New York (after 4 posts about what I saw and did while I was there I imagine you’re getting a bit sick of it…). 89 more words

Things About Me

101 Facts About Me

My friends already did this 101 Facts about their selves, so I decided to create my own too. Get to know me more. :) AJA! 936 more words



I love the word cunt; so coarse, so harsh a word for something so warm, soft, inviting and, ultimately welcoming. It is, however, a very satisfying word. 357 more words

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