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Quote of the week

Hello my lovely little lemon drops (I used to watch a channel on YouTube when I was younger and the guy hosting it would always say that. 230 more words

Things About Me

Quote of the week + news

Happy Valentine’s Day dear friends and readers! I hope your day is full of sunshine and happiness!

I know since it’s Valentine’s Day everyone expects me to post something cute and cheesy but I’ve never been about that so you’re getting another profound poem instead #sorrynotsorry… 125 more words

Things About Me

Fifty-Five Facts About Me

(no way do I already regret attempting to write this post)

1) I prefer narrow-ruled to wide-ruled paper.

2) My phone gets WordPress notifications approximately six seconds faster than my computer, when they’re both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 1,113 more words

I Suck

My Impending Descent Into Alcoholism

(I’ll have to burn my Minor Threat shirt and Rise Against CDs at this rate)

I make quite a big deal – not really by choice, but by the fact that I’m quite obviously the only person at the party┬ánot drinking – of the fact that I don’t drink alcohol, and the last drop of the stuff I tried was three years ago, when I was fifteen at a family Christmas party. 701 more words


Quote of the Week

“Believe in yourself”

This weeks quote is very simple, because we all need some encouragement sometimes. Things go wrong, job opportunities fall through, you feel like things may never work out in your favour. 91 more words

Things About Me

The Liebster Award

(sadly, this does not include lobsters as part of the prize)

Ring the bells! Sound the trumpets! Declare a national holiday for anyone who thinks I’m more than an annoying twat! 1,193 more words

Reactions To Stuff

23 Things About Me

Since I spend 365 days a year putting myself down, I thought I should take a day off and challenge myself to come up with a list of 23 things about myself. 855 more words

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