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Endgames, or How To Be Delusional

I’ve recently been preoccupied with the idea of endgames–the theoretical final state of affairs which, if you were a good person with good karma, who prayed to the right gods, and rubbed the right crystals, you’d end up in. 742 more words


A Hello :)

Hey There, Reader! Welcome to my little world of random things.

I will start with introducing myself. I am Pooja and I love to read. :) I also like observing things around me and generally making up scenarios with things I see in everyday life. 39 more words

Things About Me

Cat Noir Ring!

So you know how I was doing this needle art project?    Well… 330 more words


#LNsharing: Kenapa Aku Pindah? (Part 1)

Hi guys,

Jadi banyak banget yang nanyain kenapa aku pindah? Pindah lagi, pindah lagi, suka banget pindah-pindah tempat. Yah kesannya kayak ga punya pendirian dan buang-buang duit orangtua. 1,712 more words


Random Things You Don't Know About Me

Hi everyone! The other day I was thinking of new post ideas and I came up with this one. I realised I started writing posts without making an introduction itself at the beginning. 640 more words