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Truth about me blogging

Hello everybody,

This weeks’ post is going to be all about honesty of me blogging.

The story begins a few years ago when  I decided that I wanted to write in a diary (I had seen a lot of movies with teenagers writing in diaries and thought that I should try as well)… I did had a diary but didn’t commit to it enough. 761 more words


Introducing Me!

Hiya guys! I’m the owner of Late Nights, Early Mornings. I’m going to go by Kitty, but that isn’t my real name. But, I am an amateur blogger, and I’ve had a few different blogs throughout the years, every single one I shut down due to not having time, losing interest, or I got a lot of hate. 159 more words


Taking it Farther

After playing around with a Night Fury and my new-found formula, I did a few more calculations and observations to answer some random questions I had. 498 more words


I wonder...

I’m sure everybody who has watched HTTYD remembers Hiccup and Toothless’ first test flight.  And nobody can forget that memorable music written by John Powell, Test Drive. 542 more words


How To Do Good In Math

I’m good at math, I can’t help it.  But I can help you get better!  Soon you will know how to do good in math. 133 more words

Black Cat


Eu sou a típica pessoa que quando encontro algo que goste é muito difícil que a troque por outra. Eu gosto de ir a sítios diferentes, viajar pelo Mundo e sinceramente não me importo de ir viver para outra cidade. 568 more words