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Ohlala! toutes ces petites choses....

Aujourd’hui c’est vendredi et on démonte un appareil photo qui ne fonctionne plus du tout. Alors les mini vis et mini éléments en tout genre, il y en plein! 135 more words

Things And Tips For Children

Old Time Game: The Thaumatrope

After reading a book about optical illusions, we made a Thaumatrope with a kangaroo wearing boots and a top hat. And who wants a bit of wikipedia to start the day? 233 more words

Things And Tips For Children

On your marks, set paper ball, fire!

La découverte du site internet -Royal Institution- nous inspire tellement sur les activités du moment, qu’il faut absolument qu’on partage ce lien: http://rigb.org/experimental/rubber-band-cannons

Nous avons fabriqué des cannons à élastiques très simple et parfait pour jouer au chamboule-tout. 35 more words

Things And Tips For Children

-Puzzle Magnet-

Un petit project facile à faire avec les enfants: mettre des aimants derriere des puzzles, des cartes ou des lettres en bois. (il faut juste trouver des feuilles d’aimant souples et adhésives) 34 more words

Things And Tips For Children

Let it go.

We are letting the last colours of Autumn go…

Nous laissons partir les dernières couleurs de l’automne…

Painted Helicopter Seeds, Landing Video:

Things And Tips For Children

-The best rainy afternoon ever! -

What a find! On the side of the road, in the middle of old bikes, was an old typing machine, with a Grec alphabet! After a good wash we gave it to the children in the beginning of a rainy afternoon.They spend the full afternoon playing with it, being police officer taking complaints or giving fine to the other one and even creating a ”Wanted” poster! 107 more words

Things And Tips For Children

-Round and Little-

 This weekend, I let the children use some wooden discs from the Australian Map Game. I just asked them what was Australia for them and they started drawing kangourous, camper vans,the sun, a hotdog, the beach, the sea, the opera house, a tent, some red earth and my favourite: a rhino on a skateboard! 125 more words

Things And Tips For Children