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Saturday afternoon walking

The snow has stopped and the plow and grader have been by plowing the end of our driveway in.  We head out and climb over the smallish mountain of snow for our first walk in a week and what a magnificent day to be outside! 242 more words

Things From My Days

the past month or so

I’m back this month, but I needed a break in January.  Needed it bad.

Lots of people do because basically January sucks…..because……

  • the novelty of living in snow country is pretty much old news and slipping on the ice hiding under the snow is a bitch…
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Things From My Days

cherish the company you keep

Taking my ratty 2017 calendar down and thumbing through the months is a time for reflection. The charity and minor hockey raffle tickets I purchased in support with draw dates long gone and no phone call. 170 more words

Things From My Days

the wonder

The wonder of the season may have changed for me over the decades but it’s still there and as long as there is wonder there is magic to be found. 11 more words

Things From My Days

things I saw this morning

  • A lineup of traffic several kilometers long with more big trucks than I could count. Sitting, idling, waiting with lights glowing like a long string of Christmas lights. 
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Things From My Days

baking bad.....that bake sale anxiety

I’m sitting here catching a glimpse every once in a while of the Christmas Cookie Challenge on the Food Network as my background company.  Now those are some kind of cookies!! 789 more words

Things From My Days

so many shattered glass slippers

It’s about TIME.  Well done, TIME magazine for recognizing change makers and bringing them to the forefront. The change makers who chose not to be victims any longer and cast off the shattered glass slippers of shame and fear and are speaking out.   829 more words

Things From My Days