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Things I do at work: Deal with gradually growing brain tumors

Brain tumors aren’t an uncommon thing in psychiatry.

Scratch that, they’re not an uncommon thing in the world at large. But in the psychiatric population, they seem to be a bit more common. 774 more words


Things I do at work: Teach interns

I thought I’d share some of the teaching I’ve been doing with junior doctors.

The way I tend to teach, is to canvass for questions over the preceding few days. 1,719 more words


Things I still do at work: Letter Writing for pharmacological queries

This is a question directed to me by a rather on the ball nurse practitioner.

I am publishing it in a edited-down form after substantial encouragement from my Consultant on this blog project. 621 more words


Things I do at work: Learn the very basics of other professions

One of the more senior psychiatric consultants told me one of the great difficulties with medicine is that, as you advance, half your work ceases being clinical and becomes middle management of professions you know next to nothing about. 935 more words


Things I do at work: Letter Writing

A lot of what I do in my current role is writing letters.

Perhaps a painful amount.

Usually it’s to GPs. Multidisciplinary care is a central part of mental health, and that means that mental health practitioners constantly have to reach out to make sure that the GP is involved. 908 more words