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Challenging divine command theory in religious delusions

When I’m dealing with a patient with a fixed, religious delusion (typically with accompanying instructions from a divine being) that’s starting to waver, there’s always a tricky period when trying to introduce a little bit of doubt. 383 more words


Things I do at work: Coding for well patients

One of my dislikes in the current medical system is that, when a patient comes in, we are essentially forced to put in a diagnosis code. 538 more words


Almost like being a doctor

On my overnight shift on the psych ward, I did some medicine.

It’s uncommon that psychiatric registrars get to do standard, down-to-the ground medicine.

One of the senior psychiatric officers I work with tells me it’s been over seventeen year since he’s taken a blood sample from anyone. 366 more words


Things I do at work: Early Interventions in Psychosis

A lot of what I value the most at my job is the work with the Early Interventions in Psychosis service.

It is, comparatively, a tiny team. 1,168 more words


Things I do at work: Journal Clubs

As part of my role as psychiatric registrar, I’ve been put on the roster to present at Journal Club next month.

Now, this isn’t new to me. 855 more words


Eleven thoughts on how I work

One of my friends asked if I could put together “a hundred and one tips about psychiatry”. I don’t really have a hundred and one tips, truth to say. 368 more words


Things I do at work: Deal with gradually growing brain tumors

Brain tumors aren’t an uncommon thing in psychiatry.

Scratch that, they’re not an uncommon thing in the world at large. But in the psychiatric population, they seem to be a bit more common. 774 more words