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Things I Like: Little Handprints

I decided to honor the Mr on Father’s Day, seeing as he was technically a Daddy this year. He told me that he absolutely didn’t want anything and the day would be hard enough without getting a present, so I didn’t make a big fanfare about it. 114 more words

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How A Four Legged Furball Became My Best Friend

I was never really an animal girl; cat person, dog person, fish person – none of it really did it for me. Even as a kid when everyone wanted ponies and puppies, I was more interested in books and Barbie houses. 513 more words

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Fitness Comes First

Having a PT as a hubby is bittersweet; bitter because you’re more likely to get dragged/guilted out of bed for an early training session and sweet because you get free programs, training sessions and motivation. 265 more words

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For Isabella, 4Louis

It’s one of those awkward things, asking for money from people. In fact, it makes me so uncomfortable that I’ve not asked for sponsorship for anything, ever, although I’ll often donate to really amazing feats friends and families have embarked on. 230 more words

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Things I Like - Spring 2015 Edition

Just a few things that have made me smile lately…


Oh goodness. Where do I begin? I have always had a great appreciation for coffee. 421 more words


Nature break

Flowers make me happy. I thought they might make you happy too. Carry on!

Things I Like

Things I Love Thursdays

I’m a sucker for stationery. Right this very minute I have 3 sets of personalized note cards sitting on my desk. And return address labels and stamps?   122 more words