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Things I Like: Ridiculously Easy Risotto

Now here’s where I show how amateur I am, because I made a gorgeous risotto and gorged it before I even considered taking a photo for you guys. 629 more words

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What I'm Wearing This Autumn

Seeing as the Mr and I have a week off together, we decided to remember the good ol’ days and go for a trip to Cabbots Circus in Bristol, our favourite shopping destination of our early days. 618 more words

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Things I Like: Dismaland

I can’t say I was actually that excited about going to Dismaland. I mean, I’d heard about it – of course, who hasn’t heard about every breath Banksy takes nowadays – and I appreciated the idea. 793 more words

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And now for something completely different...

Hello everyone! I know you’re used to seeing posts about the jewelry store. Today’s offering veers onto a different roadway!

I know some of you are readers of fantasy novels, and have commented and liked my posts containing classic quotes. 403 more words


The No-Holds-Barred Truth About The Mooncup

I recently tried out a mooncup. Now, before I get started on what I think of it, I have to confess that I am perfect candidate to try them. 1,606 more words

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Things I Like: Always By My Heart

I mentioned in blogs before that the Mr and I decided to use some of Isabella’s ashes in a necklace. I had seen a while ago, while still happily pregnant and with no expectation to need to use the service – let alone so soon, an organisation called… 330 more words

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