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In A Yorkville State of Mind

In my last post, I traveled downtown to the Ice Fest in Yorkville, but I had an ulterior motive in venturing into this area.

On my list of Toronto heritage buildings, there were several in the Yorkville area that I wanted to check out.   199 more words

Random Stuff

thank you carson patrick bowie.

“she loves deep + fast
with all of herself,
or not one bit.

she’ll give people all of her light,
in turn struggle to understand… 54 more words


Voting is our best weapon, but they're trying to take that away, too

Voter Suppression Laws Are Working. The real purpose of so-called Voter ID laws is not to prevent voter fraud. That’s how they sell it, but the real aim is to keep poor people, the elderly, and other marginalized people from voting. 1,080 more words


Winter Festival Season

February tends to be the month when Canadian towns, both big and small, celebrate with various winter festivals.  These celebrations have been historically important for communities to thumb their nose at the dark and cold for outdoor fun, games, and attractions. 183 more words

Random Stuff

“The human race might have one more chance...” - more of why I love sf/f

Almost everything I thought I remembered about the original Battlestar Galactica television series was wrong. I started working on this post after Richard Hatch, the original Apollo passed away… 1,259 more words


For the love of homemade candles

One of my lovely friends has been telling me recently about her homemade candles and gave me one as a gift for Christmas. The fragrance was lovely and it just felt that bit more special burning a candle that had been lovingly handmade. 505 more words


The Secrets of the Universe

It’s been a really long time since I wrote any book reviews, so I’m going to try to get back in the habit of writing them more often. 876 more words

Things I Like