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Stasiun Gambir dan Argo Parahyangan Kelas Ekonomi

Kenangan itu menerjang saya seperti gulungan ombak berderap ke pantai. Gambir memang menyimpan banyak cerita. Hanya saja, saya tidak menyangka akan sebanyak ini.

Tahun 2013 menjadi kali pertama saya singgah di stasiun ini. 664 more words


Why I love spinning

I wrote a random post for the fitness blog declaring my love for my spinning teacher, George.

What makes a good spinning class?

Things I Love

Morning Workout to Work Makeup

I am not a morning person. But I have to be if I want to have a regular fitness routine. If I don’t get my workout done before I head off to work by 9 a.m., I know I won’t have the energy to do it at the end of the day. 771 more words

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15 Years and Counting...

It’s not until you feel neglected and think you’re drifting away from someone who’s been like a sister to you half your lives that you realise just how much she means to you and just how much you love her. 152 more words


Things I Love: Day Designer 2017 Flagship Planner / It's a Jungle Out There

I don’t want to sound dramatic, but the Day Designer has literally changed my life! I am naturally a huge procrastinator and I get overwhelmed easily when I feel like I have too many things to juggle at once. 552 more words


Things I Love: Ask Me About My Existential Crisis

And now for a pin that perfectly sums up my feelings of late; Ask Me About My Existential Crisis from Thread Famous. THIS PIN IS MY EVERYTHING.

Things I Love

Squash 'em.

As expected, fighting ED has been getting more difficult and food cravings have tapered off… so far. This means that I’m probably not pushing myself as much or as hard as I ought to. 661 more words