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Sinking Buildings: a curse or consequence?

Dear Reader,

Mexico City could have an entire collection of strange facts and curiosities. Here is one. Sinking buildings are a curious phenomenon occurring in Mexico City affecting mainly Hispanic churches. 295 more words

My Experience In...

Things I Love: TV

I realise that I could get some stick for this. Have you noticed that it’s somewhat frowned upon to state that “TV” as a hobby? Well, I’m going to do it here for you, because TV has a lot to offer, and I love it. 651 more words


Thirty Seven.

In a few days, another birthday will roll around. The thirty seventh one, to be precise. 37 – how did that happen?

I’ve been thinking recently that maybe I should have a bucket list of things I want to do or “achieve” before I turn 40. 935 more words


Fri-yay Happy List!

❤  Tesco have bake at home from frozen Pain Au Raisin… OMG. OMG. OMG. So good.
❤  I’m loving hearing Nate read aloud.  He’s so proud of himself! 127 more words


Things I love, Things I miss

I don’t want all my posts to be negative while I am being overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions. I thought I would write things I love/miss about him. 376 more words

lipstick fun

I only found out this year that I ought to be wearing dark lipstick — like dramatically dark stuff. And not even red!

How dark is dark? 124 more words

Things I Love Thursday

Today’s theme: family!

Pictured are my mom, brother, both of my sisters, all 3 of my nieces, my uncle, and 2 of my aunts.  These are the family that I am the absolute closest with, obviously since I have pictures of/with them.   102 more words