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Garlicky zoodles with burst tomatoes

In case my Instagram is no indicator, I’m obsessed with summer tomatoes and determined to enjoy every last one.

But actually this recipe was a happy accident that came about as a result of leftover produce from making Rachael Ray’s chicken with…, which I’ll share once I’ve had a chance to take decent pictures. 295 more words

Things I Made

Strawberry cake

Monday was my dad’s birthday so I went out to Jersey on Sunday for a celebratory dinner.

We had grilled flank steak, potato salad and the most fantastic tomato salad – just farm-stand tomatoes with basil, blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. 567 more words

Things I Made

Chocolate peanut butter smoothie

You would think being lactose intolerant during the summer would be particularly hard.

Do I tear up a bit every time I hear an ice cream truck? 297 more words

Things I Made

Seafoam Socks

So this week, I’ve been feeling like a Real Med Student. I’ve been wearing surgical scrubs around, I’ve been into surgery twice (and assisted both times – although the second time I accidentally un-steriled myself towards the end, which is a very easy thing to do. 565 more words

Scalloped tomatoes

On Friday morning I realized something quite shocking.

I’ve worked near the Union Square Greenmarket for almost 8 months and I’ve never bought a single piece of produce. 437 more words

Things I Made

White bean and kale salad with tahini dressing

So I’m going to do that thing again where I share a salad recipe on a Friday. I know, it’s not as fun as a cocktail, but when you’re staring Monday in the face in a few days (that was cruel of me, I’m sorry), you’ll be grateful to at least have “What can I eat for dinner that won’t make me hate myself?” checked off the list. 744 more words

Things I Made

Blueberry scones

I’ve always been big into baked goods as hostess gifts, especially if you’re staying somewhere for the weekend.

I get it from my mother who taught me to never show up somewhere empty-handed, and who is a fabulous baker. 460 more words

Things I Made