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Apple clafoutis

And overnight, fall is here.

I was in Connecticut this weekend and I thought it was just where we were but nope! Autumn has hit New York City and we officially need light jackets. 609 more words

Things I Made

Moving on dresses - lady skaters in blue

It’s September, seasons changing and big changes in my life! I am in a new house in a new (old) city, with a still quite new job. 378 more words

Things I Made!

Smoky eggplant dip

Up there with Mexican food on the list of cuisines I could eat everyday is anything Mediterranean.*

I love it because it brings together my favorite flavors – nutty, smoky, savory, herby – and my favorite way to eat – grazing on lots of different things at once. 672 more words

Things I Made

Cider chicken with roasted cauliflower rice

I love fall recipes but incongruously don’t like pumpkin.

On the other hand, I do like cooking with apples and butternut squash and sweet potato and similar orange-y beige things. 660 more words

Things I Made

Key lime pie popsicles in September

An open letter to the weather:

Normally, I would not think it appropriate to post a recipe for popsicles in September.

But normally, it’s not 90 degrees in New York City the weekend after Labor Day. 270 more words

Things I Made

Perfect barbecue spread

Confession: 2 weeks ago I put together an amazing barbecue feast and it’s taken me until now to share it.

It’s practically inexcusable because it really was the perfect summer spread. 1,065 more words

Things I Made

Tree and Leaf

While I’ve been on radio silence for a few months, I’ve been knitting like crazy. I love how transportable knitting is, as I’ve had a lot of long commutes lately – I also knit in class, depending on what the class is (this does not work for some things, as I’m sure you can imagine). 783 more words