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How To Avoid Blocked Hashtags On Instagram

Instagram have been blocking some terms – mostly to do with sexism, sexual content, body shaming and bullying, or so I thought. It’s called a… 602 more words

Author Life

Nine Things You Can Do With A Bookmark - Without Actually Putting Your Book Down!

Using a bookmark to keep one’s placeĀ in a book when putting it down is common behaviour for readers.

Some, however, do not like to put the book down. 233 more words

Just Saying

Simple Words That Saved my Marriage

Sweet nothings aren’t nothing….they are everything.

Entering the therapy room, sitting across from the person I had vowed to love yet could barely stand, I cringed at everything he said and did… 42 more words

Other Things From The Heart

The Big Two One

Life is crazy huh? As I sit here reflecting on the last 20 years of my life, I am reminded of all sorts of memories. Some include struggles while others involve triumph. 297 more words

20 Things I've Learned in 20 Years

As I write this, today is my 20th Birthday! I am celebrating it by spending the morning chilling before heading off to work, but I figured it would take the time to share 20 things I have learned in my 20 years living on this planet. 624 more words

Random Thoughts

Billboards into Backpacks #savetheplanet

I found this company that turns billboards into backpacks, bags, phone cases, surfboard covers, etc. I support this notion :)


Things I've Learned

two minutes

At some point recently, I read an article about productivity — I can’t remember where or when — that suggested that if a task will take two minutes or less, just do it. 183 more words