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10 things I've learned lately.

  1. However much you love your grown up children you can’t force them to do the things you believe they need to do. You just have to pray and be patient.
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30 Day Writing Challenge: What You've Learned

I love lists. Making them, crossing things off, sorting things through – I just really love lists. So for today’s prompt, I’m going to make a list of 10 things I’ve learned so far in my life. 148 more words

30 Day Writing Challenge


Here’s something a little personal and weird: I have ‘moments’. Not like, I have moments when I’m weird. Let me explain. You know sometimes when you’re chilling with your family and/or friends? 419 more words


What If I Started a Youtube Channel?

“Broadcast yourself.” That’s the part that scares me. Not that I would be trying to “broadcast myself” necessarily, but it would definitely be more of an outlet– a creative outlet. 522 more words


Just one more step?

Shay’s running blog made me laugh so much. Not only because I could 100% picture her running through the night and squeaking at any scary noise…but because the thought of Tulio being her glowing protector is just inspired. 669 more words



Writing 101 Day 2: Make a List

10 Things I’ve Learned:

1. It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. Never let anyone make you feel bad for putting yourself first. 216 more words


Things I've Learned

As part of Writing 101, I decided to focus Assignment #2 on a list of things I’ve learned over nearly a year of blogging.  There have definitely been some ups and downs.   483 more words