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What I Learned My Freshman Year

I dreamed of the day I would graduate and move on to somewhere bigger and better in this world for years. From the minute I entered high school, four years ago, I was thinking about where I would go, who I would meet, and ultimately who I would become. 903 more words


When Your Brain Falls Out Overseas.....

Rule #1 (really, the only one): Don’t panic. I barely ascribed to this simple tenet when I recently somehow, inexplicably, managed to lose my wallet on my first full day in Copenhagen, the first of an eleven day trip. 1,326 more words


Open Letter to Retail Shoppers

Dear Retail Shopper,

Welcome to our store, where you will always be right… even when you’re wrong. I would like to fill you in on a little shopping etiquette, as some of you may have forgotten. 286 more words

Your Four-legged Brother

Dear Emery,

This past Friday, you lost a friend you will never remember. You called him a variety of names. Of those, he will best be remembered as, “Hi, baba,” with a wave of your hand. 1,506 more words

Thoughts From A Recent WashU Grad

Hey there. It’s me, Dera, college graduate. Yup, that happened. As of Friday, May 20, 2016, I am a WashU alum.  It feels like it wasn’t too long ago that I was a high school freshman dreaming of life after college, but actually that was eight years ago. 913 more words

Birthday Post: 25 things I've learned

Hey everyone! I turned 25 last week and I felt a lot better about 25 than I did about 24 (thank goodness). I thought I’d share 25 random things I’ve learned so far in my life today. 408 more words


Pregnancy & Parenting - Things I've Learned

The third child, fourth pregnancy, and I am still learning daily. Not one day has gone by that I haven’t learned something new about pregnancy or parenting. 414 more words

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