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Day 2600 - 26 Things I've Learned And Love About Marriage

Wowie! 2600 days already, I thought it would be fun to compile 26 things I’ve learned and love about marriage in honor of such an anniversary! 436 more words


What my TV ban taught me

Time is the scarcest resource we have. We all have grand plans for our lives, but put off doing them because it’s too hard, and we don’t have time. 722 more words

Things I've Learned

Things I've Learned

Although I’m only 18 years old, many say I’m tremendously mature and wise for my young age. Of course, I always thought this was ridiculous, but overtime I have began to realise my full potential. 360 more words


Not another blog about minimalism...

One of the most over-used and mis-used terms in the English language, “minimalism” has come to represent a mass rejection of consumerism and consumption, embodied by the need to┬ádispose of possessions and live in a clean, white, empty space. 807 more words

Things I've Learned

20 Things I've Learned by 20

Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m 20 or 12. I feel like both, and I feel like neither. I had, for so many years wondered who I would be, what I would look like, and what I’d be doing by the time I entered my 20’s (that was surreal to type). 1,558 more words


The scourge of social media

Have a little think: when was the last time you made a conscious decision to check your Facebook or Twitter account? I’m willing to bet you can’t remember. 653 more words

Things I've Learned

Adventures with Julia Child

Today marked my first attempt to bake a Julia Child recipe! Straight from her first cook book, I decided to make Reine de Saba or Chocolate Almond Cake. 1,379 more words