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Things I've learned

2nd course, day two. Task: to make a list

I’m nearly reaching my eighteenth birthday. Which technically means I have now almost spent 18 years in this world and have gone through 18 years’ worth of experiences. 283 more words


Valid Photo Identification

Things I’ve Learned in Customer Service

  1. Everyone has their own definition of what a “valid photo ID” is
  2. People’s moods vary based on season
  3. Everyone is entitled…
  4. 56 more words

TMI Personal Care and Beauty

Disclaimer: this post has been brought to you by at least 4 people trying to sell me their “miracle” skin stuff they’re selling. And one being rude when I rejected politely, saying something like “well if you’re not interested in clear healthy skin, that’s fine.” Oi. 652 more words
Rantings & Ramblings

22 Things I've UNLearned About Traveling at 22

This is my official adult birthday since graduation and I celebrated by getting my eyebrows done, putting the $50 mom gifted me into my savings, and doing leg day after a 9 hour shift. 755 more words

Travel Tips

Maybe I'll Change my Mind About the Elf on the Shelf...a Little

So, I’ve told myself… I just don’t have room in my life for one more parental responsibility. I placed the Elf on the Shelf (EOTS) into that category. 408 more words

Other Things From The Heart

Thoughts, As My Son Knocks on the Door of Teenage-Ness

Here you are. Standing on the doorstep of teenage-ness. Brace yourself, buddy. They don’t refer to them as the years of angst for nothin’.

There will be irrational emotions that arise in your heart and plummet into your gut without warning; there will be acne and body odor and other physiological weirdness; there will be jerks who transform into first-rate A-holes; there will be mild flirtations, booty shorts, and full-blown geeked-out immaturity; there will be self-consciousness and questionable judgement; there will be more important boundaries and more serious rules; there will be tons of mistakes, blunders, and epic flub-ups. 302 more words

Other Things From The Heart

Cold Country Mornings - Humorous Reflections

Since I am plagued with being a very early riser, (hmm, early riser, maybe the title of a future humorous story. like Easy Rider in Geezer Land) the tasks of warming up the house and making the coffee fall to me. 224 more words