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Faith Adams3 months ago

“you won’t remember me tomorrow, but I’ll certainly remember you.”

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Rachel N4 months ago

“Where the fuck were these videos when I was little and my mom was doing coke in the next room?”

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The Communist Hawk 3 months ago

“My trigger words include:





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2.0 out of 5 stars, Jeffrey C.

“It is mostly about the first 3 years of our lives. The rest of our lives don’t seem to matter so much.”

Published 3 days ago by Jeffrey C.

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tony lennon3 months ago

“This is weird, when my wife came in i switched to porn to save me the embarrassment”

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a cat 1 day ago:

“what if you met a boy online and fell in love with him and then you met him in real life and he was really a moth that had spent hours upon hours on a keyboard flying from key to key to convince you to love it what would you do

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christmas pudding


1:49 pm
18 Sep 16

I am fairly sure my son’s dental issues may be due to his vegan diet. He has some substantial tooth loss on the molars. 56 more words

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