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Things That Drive Me Crazy

I used to be a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of gal; nothing ever really bothered me.  Until I had kids; now, it seems my radar for things that are incredibly annoying and/or upsetting seems to be going off non-stop such as: 502 more words

Three pet peeves that involve cell phones and/or not hearing

Pet peeve No. 1: My aunt saw me out and about the other day and apparently called out my name. I didn’t hear her, so I didn’t respond. 614 more words

No. 14 Most Annoying

To add to the list (I told you a lot of stuff annoys me):

No. 14: Long blog posts or simply long Internet articles PERIOD!  I may be guilty of the same thing but a blog post that goes on forever (judged by the fact that you have been reading for a minute and the scroll bar on the right isn’t even an eighth of the way down!) is simply frustrating.  35 more words


hate wasps. Hate them. And especially at this time cause they’re all angry that they’re queen ditched out to go hide in the ground. Well, I’m sorry Sir Wasp but you need to stop being so ornery, she left you but you have to pick up what’s left of your life and move on. 218 more words

Don't you hate it when that happens...

We’ve all had our spills, mishaps and problems but there’s always something, no matter how many times it happens, we never learn. For me, it’s saving. 168 more words


January makes me grumpy

January makes me grumpy. Moody. Cranky. Crabby, cantankerous, crotchety and cross.


I want to slam January’s icy clutches in the door of an old Buick, punch its gloomy face with my frozen fists, and kick its windy, bone-chilling backside with steel-toed boots until my grumpiness goes away. 1,183 more words