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Cut-Throat Twister, a horse born during a tornado, was made mine.

He’s huge. And beautiful. And full of stubbornness and potential.

We’re going to be friends. 20 more words

Things That Are Beautiful


You know something I realized tonight?

I’m a horrible writer.

Unless it’s about pain.

I’ve spent so many years researching it and experiencing it and have thousands upon thousands of words describing it, that I really just sound like an unintelligent idiot rambling when I write on other things. 52 more words

Things That Are Beautiful


It was supposed to be beautiful.

It wasn’t supposed to make me cry.

Things That Are Beautiful

pretty words.

I breathe you in. My fingers filter through your hair, giving you chills, giving me chills.

Your mouth, on mine, and I cease breathing, if only to stay with you in this moment. 443 more words

Things That Are Beautiful