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'Parks and Recreation' lock attached to Paris bridge is missing, and people aren't happy

Bad news for believers in Parks and Recreation and the good of humankind: The lock Ben and Leslie attached to Paris’ Pont des Arts Neuf bridge in the show’s 100th episode has disappeared. 279 more words


Damon Lindelof has left Twitter

Sigh: Looks like the idiots won.

One day after Damon Lindelof released a cryptic, purposefully unfinished tweet — “After much thought and deliberation, I’ve decided t” — it seems that the  275 more words


'Real Housewives of New Jersey': When Bozos Collide

The real name of the latest RHONJ episode is “When Joes Collide,” yet I couldn’t help but feel that it should have promptly been renamed to something along the lines of “When Yellers Collide” or “When Really Annoying People Collide” or “When People Who Wear Way Too Much Make-Up Collide.” No matter what you want to call it, at least it featured a bit more action than last week’s snorefest. 1,375 more words


Can Clarissa explain why her Kickstarter failed?

Teenage witch Sabrina Spellman can solve almost any problem with good, old-fashioned pluck and a wave of her magic pointer finger… but she can’t make millions of dollars appear out of thin air. 477 more words


Which of Bill Hader's 'Saturday Night Live' characters will you miss most? POLL

First comes denial: “Wait, what? Bill Hader can’t leave SNL — he’s in, like, every sketch! There must be a mistake.” Next is anger: “This is… 748 more words


'Community' season (series?) finale two-way react: Choose your own timeline

As season 4 wraps up, Community fans are left in limbo, wondering whether or not we’ll get to see more of our favorite study group. 1,293 more words


Lindsay Lohan gives interview to Piers Morgan: 'I've never been a huge drinker'

Lindsay Lohan has a few more confessions from a broken heart.

Before  — finally – checking herself into court-mandated rehab for 90 days, Lindsay Lohan sat down with Piers Morgan for a Q&A just published in the U.K.’s… 826 more words