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WTF Friday, 1/6/2012

Don’t worry, guys. I’m back and I only missed three of the four fist fights in the Somali Parliament.

Looks like the Justice Department, after 85 years, has finally gotten around to… 40 more words

Things We Are Deeply Confused About

WTF Friday, 11/11/11

Karel du Guct, the EU’s trade commissioner, on EU-Africa Economic Relations: “We should have a comprehensive vision of where we want to go to, but I never get the feeling when we discuss with them that we have the same vision; and I believe our vision is the right one.” Wow I really wonder why people can’t see eye to eye with this guy. 82 more words

Things We Are Deeply Confused About

WTF Friday, 10/14/11

“The third place winner is the retired General Prince Yormie Johnson with 13.5 per cent.” Biggest campaign mistake: not marrying someone named “Sirleaf.”

“Suddenly, Paloma finds herself involved in human trafficking and art theft in a… 59 more words

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WTF Friday, 9/30/11

“Prime Minister Putin is the most authoritative politician in our country, and his approval ratings are somewhat higher.” Wow, nothing complex about that inferiority. 44 more words

WTF Friday

WTF Friday, 9/23/2011

I feel kind of sad that “narco pets” is now in my lexicon. Just glad there were no “drug mule” puns. (Thanks, Melinda!)

Zambia’s new president… 45 more words

WTF Friday

WTF Friday, 9/2/2011

Thanks to a reader from Denver for pointing out this fucked up and weird comic to us. Credit to commenter “Kaiser Dragon” not only for the… 141 more words

Things We Are Deeply Confused About

First They Came for the Samosas...

According to Foreign Policy’s blog Passport, al-Shabab militants in Somalia recently added samosas (known locally, and at New York Ethiopian restaurants, as sambusas) to the long list of things they can’t stand. 111 more words

Things That Are Sad