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hey there, mr. mercury

I’m having an odd, frustrating week.  To sum up:

  • What I wrote about yesterday happened.
  • Everyone’s slow to respond to emails and voicemails.  Those who do respond tell me they’ll have answers soon.  
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I thought he was the dummy.*

So that’s how he landed his wife!

Congressman. Antiwar activist. Vegan. Dennis Kucinich wears a lot of hats. And here’s one more résumé item to add to the list:

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Troglodytial Bloviation


I’ve had the oddest songs in my head lately. Last night, it was Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, and currently it’s the theme song from… 43 more words

Things That Are Strange

it wasn't just me

wynk: you were in my dream last night
ami: o_O
ami: dare i ask why you were dreaming about me? :P
wynk: oh definitely
wynk: so you had decided, for whatever reason, that you wanted to adopt a baby… 314 more words

Things That Are Strange

international wrong number

So the other day, I’m at work and our phone rings. I let the salesperson answer it, because, well… I always do. Here’s how the conversation went: 147 more words


spell check

Attention Bowling For Soup email newsletter editor:
You may want to have somebody double check the newsletter before you send it out to the masses. According to the edition that was sent out today, Pennsylvania now has a new state abbreviation (PN). 40 more words

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