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Dragonfly on Window Screen, Drying

During much-wanted rain, this dragonfly settled itself on one of our windows:

It sat there for a full day afterwards without moving. I thought it was dead. 14 more words

Things That Grow

Chatty Tom Turkey

Last summer and previous winter (i.e., winter 2013-2014), we had a big wild turkey flock hanging around the neighborhood on and off. This past winter (of the… 265 more words

Fluff It Up!

Various Bits of Yard Work

The weather was unseasonally gorgeous and warm last week. We spent a lot of time outdoors and got a lot accomplished. I moved a bush that suffered from melting snow and ice from the roof: 289 more words

DIY Action


We discovered that it’s possible to play a word game with Bananagrams rules and a set of Finnish-distribution Scrabble tiles that Mr. E’s father made for us. 55 more words

Life Is Better When...

Almost-Dead Tree Down

Construction for a new house (for a new owner) has begun on our neighboring lot. One definite benefit for us is the removal of a tree that has worried us for years. 107 more words

Life Is Better When...


I love spring. The last of the roof snow and ice, here still dripping off…

…is gone. Buh-bye! I’m still moving ladybugs away from underfoot. This little one found a safe spot on the curtains: 39 more words

Things That Grow

Even More Snow!

So, in the past three weeks, our area has gotten 79” / 200 cm of snow. There’s been a few deposits since the two storms I talked about in my last post, and, last weekend, one major storm. 368 more words

DIY Action