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The Pumpkin Is Here

It’s officially fall for us:

The front steps pumpkin is here. :)

Hanging Around

Strange Spore Shows Its Innards

Remember the strange spore pod I ran into six years ago? (Sidenote: SIX years! Wow. Time sure flies.)

Well, now I know what it is and what’s inside: 115 more words

Things That Grow

Summer 2016 Recap

Whoo boy, what a summer we had! Mr. E, especially, was incredibly busy with a book project, but mostly it was the weather that we were dealing with. 432 more words

DIY Action

A Ground Woodpecker Sighted

The other day, we saw a medium-sized bird sitting on our lawn and industriously pecking away at something on the ground. The shape was very woodpecker-like, and the coloring was a little similar, too, but on the ground…? 82 more words

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New Growth

Mr. E has planted a small garden again. This year we’re getting, among other things, potatos. And not just accidental potatos either; these guys are planned. 36 more words

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Volunteer Strawberry

Last year, Mr. E planted strawberries. We didn’t get any – critters got to them before us – but the plants are blossoming again. There’s even one that’s somehow gotten outside the patch: 31 more words

DIY Action

Garden update #2, + BONUS recipe


Check out how things are growing in my little garden!

So the radishes are sort of a fail. I thought I was planting a variety that didn’t need thinning out, but given how these look, I think I was mistaken. 709 more words