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Victory Garden 2k17


It is waaaaay past seed sprouting time but here I am, AS USUAL, late in getting anything going. Remind me next year in February to go ahead and start my dang seeds. 541 more words

The Pumpkin Is Here

It’s officially fall for us:

The front steps pumpkin is here. :)

Hanging Around

Strange Spore Shows Its Innards

Remember the strange spore pod I ran into six years ago? (Sidenote: SIX years! Wow. Time sure flies.)

Well, now I know what it is and what’s inside: 115 more words

Things That Grow

Summer 2016 Recap

Whoo boy, what a summer we had! Mr. E, especially, was incredibly busy with a book project, but mostly it was the weather that we were dealing with. 432 more words

DIY Action

A Ground Woodpecker Sighted

The other day, we saw a medium-sized bird sitting on our lawn and industriously pecking away at something on the ground. The shape was very woodpecker-like, and the coloring was a little similar, too, but on the ground…? 82 more words

Hanging Around

New Growth

Mr. E has planted a small garden again. This year we’re getting, among other things, potatos. And not just accidental potatos either; these guys are planned. 36 more words

DIY Action

Volunteer Strawberry

Last year, Mr. E planted strawberries. We didn’t get any – critters got to them before us – but the plants are blossoming again. There’s even one that’s somehow gotten outside the patch: 31 more words

DIY Action