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A Ground Woodpecker Sighted

The other day, we saw a medium-sized bird sitting on our lawn and industriously pecking away at something on the ground. The shape was very woodpecker-like, and the coloring was a little similar, too, but on the ground…? 82 more words

Hanging Around

New Growth

Mr. E has planted a small garden again. This year we’re getting, among other things, potatos. And not just accidental potatos either; these guys are planned. 36 more words

DIY Action

Volunteer Strawberry

Last year, Mr. E planted strawberries. We didn’t get any – critters got to them before us – but the plants are blossoming again. There’s even one that’s somehow gotten outside the patch: 31 more words

DIY Action

Garden update #2, + BONUS recipe


Check out how things are growing in my little garden!

So the radishes are sort of a fail. I thought I was planting a variety that didn’t need thinning out, but given how these look, I think I was mistaken. 709 more words


Short April Recap

End of April was busy. We had a houseguest from home for three weeks…

…and, correspondingly, a lot of laundry. One day I ran out of drying rack space. 194 more words

Hanging Around

How does your garden grow?

Here is the start of the garden! The picture on the left was taken on March 26 and the one on the right was taken April 17. 873 more words


Things That Grow

(Photo credit: This poem was inspired by German artist Ruprecht von Kaufmann‘s piece, Die Welle 2012.  http://rvonkaufmann.com/home/)

There are things that fly

They twist and bend… 226 more words