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I'm a Field Guide

I grew up in Australia as a child watching a TV series called Daktari. The TV show was all about a vet and his daughter and Clarence the one eyed lion and their day to day adventures in Africa. 170 more words

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Here are some more photos I haven’t had a chance to publish yet.

Each one of these photos I have taken has come with new feelings and  and experiences for me. 21 more words

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Soul Awakening

I have read the phrase “Soul Awakening” so many times on peoples blogs, Facebook and  in the media in general and I have always wondered what that feeling would be like. 153 more words

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A couple of years ago I shared a post on a Birding camp I went on in the  Hyland Nature Reserve, near the little village of Nymboida in Northern New South Wales. 327 more words

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Every day I get to go out into my classroom, which is the African Savanna and I learn something new everyday be it a new bird or maybe a tree. 161 more words

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The Fight For Freedom

I hadn’t planned on doing any sightseeing while I was in Johannesburg this trip just a bit of last minute shopping before heading bush. As it turned out I was finished by 10am so I decided to ring Solly, who had picked me up from the airport, to see if he could organise something for me and I’m glad I did. 396 more words

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Thinking like Jesus about disability?

Teaching what the bible has to say about disability is a desperately needed, yet often untackled subject. Perhaps many preachers haven’t thought about it enough, or they don’t have the insight that comes from experience and wrestling… but every now and then I find a voice that is speaking into the silence and awkward avoidance of truly facing this subject. 90 more words

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For more thoughts, take a look at my blog, 'inclusive journey'. Those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable. 1 Cor 12:22