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Saving the World

I’ve had quite a few people tell me that I “can’t save the world” and I realize how unlikely it is that I will make a difference at all. 87 more words


Music Love 

Music is a huge part of my life. It soothes me when I’m having a bad day and gets me dancing when I’m in a good mood, so of course it would inspire me while I’m writing. 86 more words

"May I ask what makes you happy?"

“The French language. Cafés with outdoor seating. Coffee. Cigarettes. The combination of coffee and cigarettes. Sinatra blue. Poetry and philosophy. Plants, flowers, clean air. Head out the window, going 90, cherry lollipops and sunflower seeds, singing to strangers. 167 more words

Things That Inspire Me

Crude Conversations With Boys Who Fake Laughter Often - Warsan Shire

“He says ‘I don’t get it, why are you still a virgin at 24?’

He says ‘I don’t believe you, I’ve seen you walk, virgins don’t walk like that’ 258 more words

Things That Inspire Me

My Friends Rosie and Barry

The best part of my journey I am undertaking is the new people who come into my life along the way.

As some of you know i had been staying up in the Hyland Nature Reserve in Northern NSW doing bird counts. 905 more words

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Enchanted Forest

On my last morning at Mt Hyland I did a walk up to the Trig Station lookout which provides magnificent views of the Dorrigo Plateau and the Great Escarpment. 127 more words

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