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Friday Funny

Just a little sampling of the funny thing I found online this month.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms.

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Proof that household chores are evil

This is a real picture. I took it with my iPhone at a local grocery store a number of months ago.

I’m prepping for surgery tomorrow morning. 99 more words


Things I shouldn't say, according to my teen...

It’s rough being the parent of a teen.  The emotional ups and downs. The judgement.  The sighs.

Teenagers are strange creatures.  They grumble and grump about.  288 more words


Down by the sea....

To read Part 1 of our vacation

To read Part 2 of our vacation

Things are different by the sea. Time passes differently, phones don’t work as well, internet…forget about it. 409 more words


One Hundred

This is my 100th post. I’ve thought and thought, trying to decide how to make my 100th post special.

I received the

award from a sweet BF (blogger friend) of mine. 486 more words


Birthday brain.

I meant to post yesterday, but it just did not happen.   I had a wonderful surprise yesterday.  My sweet husband planned a surprise birthday party for me.  276 more words


Shopping with Lane...a how to guide

My dear friend Lane of  The Outside Lane and I went grocery shopping together today.  She asked me for some help learning how to use coupons. 219 more words