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Double Disillusion.

So, it’s on.

Australians will head to the polls on July 2nd in an election that will see a “spill and refill” of all the seats in both houses of the Australian Parliament. 417 more words


Day Fourteen: Things That Make Me Sad

1. When plans I was looking forward to fall through
2. When friends/other people in general are sad
3. When a proverbial door I thought was open closes in my face… 45 more words

Cardinal Knowledge. 

I’ve been following the Royal Commission into Child Abuse’s questioning of the now-Cardinal George Pell, and his responses, with interest.

Every day – no, in fact, every time he opens his mouth to speak, my heart sinks a little deeper and my anger grows a little more. 330 more words


When did the "N" word become cool?

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I simply don’t know what to think I only know I am profoundly saddened by this story that appeared in U.S. 318 more words

Joshua Estrin

You bet!

Am I tired of seeing ads for betting on sporting events every time I turn the TV on to watch the tennis, football, or any other kind of sporting event?   369 more words


17 Hot Guys Without Eyebrows

In what might be the most inane celebrity post I have seen to date and that is saying a great deal considering the fodder that Tinsel Town turns out.  117 more words

Joshua Estrin

The Hotel Prora: All 10,000 rooms make me sad

With 10,000 rooms it’s the worlds biggest holiday resort, but while it was built more than 70 years ago no one has ever stayed in the “Hitler Hotel”. 233 more words

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