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The Rev. Liam Beadle: "A Plea for Hymn Books"

Writing on the Church Society blog, Liam Beadle has posted a thoughtful essay titled A Plea for Hymn Books.  He notes that “Screens have replaced hymn books in very many of our churches. 150 more words

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Feel like a vocabulary test? Try this one.

This is an online vocabulary test that you might find interesting:


I’m not certain what the highest possible score is, but my own score was 30325.  6 more words

Things That Make You Go "Hmmm..."

Frederick Douglass

Men are so constituted that they derive their conviction of their own possibilities largely from the estimate formed of them by others. If nothing is expected of a people, that people will find it difficult to contradict that expectation.

-Frederick Douglass

Words Of Wisdom


  1. It’s a perpetual struggle to refrain from giving a bit of one’s heart away to each person met, don’t you think? – As with time and exchanges of perspectives and ideals.
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Acceptance vs Approval

All of have met people who rub us the wrong way.  And there are always things that people do that we disagree with, some strongly.  Not everyone likes tattoos or piercings.  565 more words

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An observation regarding adjectives in English

I cannot say I had ever thought of this, but it certainly seems to make sense.

Things native English speakers know, but don't know we know: …

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Things That Make You Go "Hmmm..."

Things That Make You Go Hmmm....

Define yourself or someone will do it for you. Actually, others will define you no matter what. But, if you define yourself you will always know the truth -RA… 53 more words

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