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So you want to know more about writers ?

I’m not usually the one to redirect people to my other blogs since I have been disinclined to divert my readers from one to the other. 60 more words

A General Announcement

Decandence Prohibited

Life wants her to take a leap of faith, but she doesn’t believe in god.
Life asks her to let it love her, but some parts of her cannot be embraced. 96 more words


Diagnosis and Psychosis

Vulnerability takes more strength than most people could imagine.

– It means having the will to put your guard down and exposing a fragile heart. 96 more words


Dr. John MacArthur: "Stop Taking Sin So Lightly"

From Crossway, here is a message by Dr. John MacArthur on “Stop Taking Sin So Lightly”.  He notes that

There are some people who take sin lightly—it’s kind of a trendy thing today.

59 more words
Things That Make You Go "Hmmm..."

Trojan War - Ethan's World

Dad, do you know about the Trojan Wa?

Yes son I do.

What was the Trojan War.

That’s a good question.  The Trojan War started a number of years ago. 258 more words


From The Gospel Coalition: "How Albert Mohler Processes the Moral Failures of His Historical Heroes"

Here, from Dr. Albert Mohler via the Gospel Coalition, are his thoughts on how he thinks about the moral failures of his heroes.  The Bible certainly does not hide the moral frailties of those who it portrays; we do need to figure out the right way to think about them.

Things That Make You Go "Hmmm..."

Windows Hello

Hmmm… So on my Surface Pro, they have this Windows Hello feature.

What’s that?

It basically let’s me sign in without a password. The camera scans my face and remembers what I look like. 86 more words