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I got 99 problems but a job ain’t one

It’s 11 pm. Normally I would be getting ready for bed. Tonight I made a pizza and I am catching up on The Mindy Project. No curfew for me. 470 more words

Let Go

It's not you it's me...

So it turns out that a friend of mine shared my blog with the social media person at my ex-employer. I can’t begin to understand the motive behind this decision. 744 more words

Let Go

I bought new pantyhose for nothing

One month ago I decided I was getting laid off.

It wasn’t the first mean email I received from my boss, but it was the meanest. 795 more words

Let Go

The Uncommon Man

Doesn’t it seem that this holiday in particular is the most neglected ? What traditions do we have for this day except for sales in every store. 333 more words

A General Announcement

A curious little discovery

I realized something last night.  I was cataloging of all the negative “life events” that have occurred since mid-2005 – death of one grandfather, explosion of one side of family due to fights over estate, mother diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, father diagnosed with prostate cancer, other grandfather diagnosed with kidney cancer leading to multiple surgeries,  increasing stress at work leading to my having multiple work-related “burnouts”, my diagnoses of sleep apnea and acid reflux, divorce, my complete and total mental breakdown, death of my mother, a stress-filled move to Georgia, death of my first dog and closest companion, and now death of my other grandfather after a fairly long and drawn out battle with cancer – and I realized something strange, very strange considering that almost nothing bad had ever happened to me before this period: 388 more words

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Another thought-provoking video from Glen Scrivener: "BeLoved"

From the Rev. Glen Scrivener in the United Kingdom, here is another thought-provoking video.  The remarks for the video say that

It’s the fairy tale we all believe in – connection, completion, love without parting.

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Things That Make You Go "Hmmm..."