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How Big is Your God - Pt 3

When I thought about how big God was I found  I was no different that most other Christians.  My life certainly didn’t reflect the God of the scriptures.  625 more words

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Sister Sledge reminds different is good

This is not an alternative fact, or a cleverly timed WikiLeaks allegation, this is a story as it happened to me.

Sister (Joni) Sledge has died… 770 more words

Things That Make You Go Hmmm!

How Big is Your God - Pt 2

It is a question we all need to ask because “We cannot exercise our faith beyond what we believe to be possible”. –John G. Lake 619 more words

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How Big is Your God? - Pt 1

What are your favourite stories in the bible?  Stories that moved you and excited you?  Stories that made you wonder about the possibilities.  Who are the hero’s you love to read or hear about?  621 more words

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#FTOTD - nostos

“Why so protective,” you asked.

i never answered your question. before i took off you told me what you almost did, but never. And now that will be… 303 more words


That Whole Race-Thing

Help me, please?

I am asking people of color for help, here! (And I’m talking ALL colors, please.)

I am an American. Period. But if you ask me about my lineage? 575 more words

#FTOTD - Help!

1. What is a suitable remedy that treats the anxious, consciousness of seconds ticking away inevitably?

2. Lies, littered with it –

3. and here it is, the confusion towards Inaction and Action as both being actions. 61 more words