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The Reason?

I don’t know if this will actually “get through” to people, because chances are, people aren’t going to be reading this in a year or two. 448 more words

I'm not always crotchety.

A follower asked me the other day if I was always in a bad mood. The answer is, only when I see people do what I call stupid things. 1,209 more words


To Judge A Book By Its Cover

Many of us have done it:  judged someone without knowing their real story.  It’s pure ignorance and it’s what makes dealing with some people in this world a real challenge. 356 more words



In my lifetime, McDonald’s has grown and prospered achieving the American dream of immense wealth. The first McDonald’s I every visited was located in West Lafayette, Indiana, in approximately 1960. 732 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

I'm Special...I'm On TV

ESPN was once an honorable, credible, classy sports network.

But the most recent meltdown by their Twit In Training Brit McHenry makes me realize that those honorable, credible classy days are gone. 251 more words



The other day someone posted a photo of the Stop & Shop grocery store in Whiteland. There were two of these stores – the second on Madison Avenue north of the Manual High School in Indianapolis. 383 more words


It's Not How You Have The Baby

Once again the wonderful world of social media has reared its ugly head and stirred up a beehive that really didn’t need to be stirred up. 234 more words

Things That Piss Me Off