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Hey Assbutt: Huggers

You know when you’re with a friend, and she sees one of her friends and goes to hug her and then the friend greets and hugs you too out of propriety? 402 more words

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Unprofessional. It’s a word no one likes to hear, especially when directed at themselves. Well, some people get a kick out of it, but that’s usually a false reaction, fake laughter used to cover up the pain of the reality that someone has just dumped on them worse than The Rock giving Mankind all those chairshots way back in ’99. 978 more words

Lead Us Not To The Slaughter

As someone who is very fond of the arts, I got chills when reading about “Hamilton” actor Brandon Dixon’s curtain call speech directed at Vice President-Elect Mike Pence.   478 more words


Give Me Your Huddled Masses Yearning To Breathe Free

I know I have shared this a few times in the past.  With all that has occurred recently, this resonates very strongly with me now. With a week to go before the day we are to be thankful, partly because of the people who came to America before us, here is a pre-Thanksgiving #ThrowbackThursday. 492 more words


Is This What It's Coming To?

Dr. Frankenstein has created a monster and if it continues, it’ll set us back sixty plus years.  Thanks a lot, ASSHOLE!



There's aaaa plaaaace for uuuuus...

Forgive me for speaking kinda ill of the dead, but I have lived my fifty odd years thinking Leonard Cohen was Leonard Bernstein.

I can’t explain this. 380 more words

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The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

I’m not even certain one can call Donald Trump, Jr. a human being after his distasteful, dehumanizing, extremely poor analogy comparing Skittles candy to Syrian refugees.   53 more words

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