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The Greatness of America

When most people decide to protest against Donald Trump they may show up at one of his rallies and taunt him or his supporters.  Twenty-two-year-old Long Islander Krystal Lake decided to take her protesting of Trump to a new level. 188 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

One Way To Shut Them Up

Tonight the phone rang (yes, my landline phone…I still have one.  It rings more than my cell phone does).

ME:  “Hello?”

I could all ready tell it was someone I didn’t want to talk to, just from the static on the other end and the hesitant pause. 167 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

What Makes One Hate Another?

Hate.  It’s not a nice feeling to have.  It’s not a nice word to use, especially towards another human being.  Yet we’ve all felt it at one time or another, whether it be towards a food, a song or yes, another person. 304 more words


Take A Walk In Their Shoes

Once again America’s biggest box store and the world have lain witness to a crass, pompous bitch berating a man and his family because they are paying for their food with food stamps. 149 more words

Things That Piss Me Off


I’ve talked to a lot of assholes in my life. I find myself hyper-aware of social cues and many aspects of a conversation. What I mean is I notice certain tics about a person’s body language, word choices, and how they interact with another person or people while talking or listening. 1,420 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

Why I'm Not Concerned

Although it looks like Tom Brady will be forced to serve some kind of suspension, whether it be four games or less, I’m not concerned. Here’s why: 240 more words


What I don't like...

I don’t like people trying to guilt me into doing what they want.

The whole guilt thing is something I am still working on getting over – leftovers from growing up and having a mother who guilted me about everything. 103 more words