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American Pickers

There are so many “reality” shows on TV anymore that they seem to be over produced to the point of ridiculousness. All, it seems are scripted to the point of “really are you shitting me” stupid. 875 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

A re-post from my cousin Brooke Reason

The following is a post from F/B by a cousin. It tells of the heeling of listening. Sorry about the long post but this is the shortened version: I’ve had a tough time leaving our kids for a week to come to FL for many reasons. 428 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

Let’s go Krogering!

The advertising jingle “Let’s go Krogering!” was played over and over when I was much younger. I still hear the jingle when we start planning a trip to the store and a “happy way to shop”.  387 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

His Name was Apache

He was white, not albino, just white, about 4 years old when we first met, dumber than a box of rocks and hated water. Oh, if you haven’t guessed, Apache was a horse and he came with a beautiful black saddle and blanket. 1,455 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

Find Time

Occasionally, the Universe likes to remind you of the obvious
. If you’re not paying attention, these revelations can be ignored for decades… but occasionally, the stars align, and you are able to understand the fundamental truths of existence. 506 more words

Life Of Grumpy

Waiting for Spring to Spring

Spring “O“ Spring where are you. The calendar says just a few more days but it’s cold even with the sun shining. I know spring is close because the Mallards are chasing the hens and the ganders are getting close to their life time mate or finding a replacement for one that was lost. 443 more words

Things That Piss Me Off


Medicaid: that catchall government program that will pay our bills when we no longer have enough money to cover our expenses. It should be as easy as falling off a log, right? 879 more words

Things That Piss Me Off