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Being Human

The bullshit that has occurred in the past two days goes way beyond a matter of religion.

It goes way beyond the matter of “keeping America safe”, “making America great again”, or “making America safe again”. 367 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

Shit January 2017.

Another January month is coming to an end, and looking through my journal it has been very like previous ones but unlike those we experienced in years past. 305 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

If He Doesn't Like You, Boycott HIM!

We all know that journalists have a job to inform the public of things happening in the world.  That’s what they do.

From yesterday’s fiasco of a “press conference” in which ASSHOLE didn’t act much like a human being, I guess it would be safe to say that he doesn’t like journalists of any kind.   177 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

Repeal this!

Although the Affordable Care Act does not affect me as much as it may affect others, I still need to express how I feel about its possible repeal. 462 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

The Edge of Heaven

Christmas has come and gone, and I’ve already broken in the new Fitbit Blaze at the gym this morning. It was less of a stress than I thought, probably because on Christmas Day I dragged the family out to walk. 386 more words

Life Of Grumpy

Believe Me

We’re told to “not believe everything you read/hear in the media”.  Especially when it comes to negativity about our newly elected ASSHOLE.

My question to those who tell us “not to believe”, mainly who ironically are ASSHOLE supporters:  Does that count for what comes out of ASSHOLE’S mouth?  477 more words

Things That Piss Me Off

And the Hits Keep on Rollin...

This morning before leaving for work, I checked my email as I usually do. Surprisingly/not surprisingly, there was an email from a publication regarding a story I recently submitted. 325 more words