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Capsule Pants

Does your child inconsiderately grow at a ridiculous rate while insisting on being clothed day-to-day, week-to-week, year-to-year? Are your pants too snug now that you spend all your free time snuggling with your new boo? 362 more words



Do you have a great sense of style but lack the stamina high-end fashion requires? Has your choice in conversation suggested to your friends, family and co-workers you wouldn’t want to discuss, in detail, the disagreements between Meek Mill and Drake? 247 more words



You never want a wine key until you want to let a red breathe. And until you have a hang nail or a crab-claw-like growth draped across your toe  you probably don’t care where your nail clippers are. 430 more words


The Deglistener

Do you cry from your eyes and your arm pits? Do you worry heated conversations will result in strained relationships AND streams of sweat?

For the lady who wants to feel her feelings without feeling gross RinkDink Pro has created The Deglistener! 120 more words