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The Eschatology of Christmas

I have heard it stated more than once that Isaac Watts’ carol, “Joy to the World”, is not really a “Christmas song”.  I suppose that could be considered to be the case, if we think of Christmas as only celebrating the birth, or rather, the entering into the world, of our Lord Jesus Christ.  2,264 more words


Foreboding Clouds

Foreboding clouds
Moving in the sky
Forecasting things to come
A tear will cry
Hearts will be forsaken
A way of life will die.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2017


Weekly Check-in #1: So It Begins...

Howdy folks, I hope you’ve all had a lovely week! I’m here with the first of hopefully many weekly check-ins. These posts will give me the chance to update you all on how my skin quest is going and give you updates on the plans I have in the works for SK2. 414 more words

Skin Care

New Dustland Radio Page

That is correct, after a much longer than normal amount of time…

Dustland Radio now has its own page here on the website! Come and check it out at the top of this page on the Dustland Radio tab or just go… 20 more words


We are back online!

Ok in a past post I talked about the issues I had been having with my hardware. Long story short, lost a hard drive and a lot of files. 290 more words


The Secret of the Thessalonians

In any study of “end times”, it is important to put “first things first”.  Being a “prophecy expert” is one thing, but without the proper framework and an intelligent understanding of the word of God rightly divided, you may attract a lot of attention, but it is not edifying to the saints.   2,893 more words

Things To Come

Dustland Radio: The Lost Tapes

Recovered lost episodes which were broadcast from a station which eventually became over run with flesh eating mold. Files were badly corrupted and the signal was weak, as most transdimensional frequencies are. 76 more words

Dustland Radio