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A Shadow on the Horizon

January 22, 2017
“A Shadow on the Horizon”
Things to Come – A Look at the End Times
2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Tom Baird



Signs Of The Times

January 15, 2017
“Signs Of The Times”
Things to Come – A Look at the End Times
Mark 13:1-31

Tom Baird



That Day Is Coming

January 8, 2017
“That Day Is Coming”
Things to Come – A Look at the End Times
Mark 13:32-37

Tom Baird



Joel Wicklund reviews "Paterson" and "Things to Come" on his Windy City Cinema site on ChicagoNow


Coming out of the screening of Paterson, I overheard another critic say to a colleague, “Well, he managed to paint a very accurate portrait of a boring life.” I suspect many will share those feelings concerning Jim Jarmusch’s latest, but longtime fans of the director and new converts to his laid-back, observational style and deadpan humor will have a different take: there are no boring lives for those who pay close enough attention to them. 111 more words


There is Something New in the Air...

Well…Imagine my surprise when I logged in and this site still works. Luckily for us and for you!! We have some changes coming. Some new blood coming to get us old guys back on track. 14 more words


Recent Movies: Sully; Arrival; Things to Come

Recent Movies


Based on the true story of the 2009 emergency airplane landing in New York’s Hudson River: the events following the rescue include a hearing at the U.S. 864 more words

What Is Dead May Never Die

Only Rises Again, Harder And Stronger.

So you all might have noticed that I’ve seemed, well for the most part dead. And that is because for a while there I had one foot in the grave. 364 more words