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Whoa. It is all connected right on my plate!

So, picking up my work where blog entries “Odd Discoveries” and “So! Did Some Homework” left off…

Hello, dear readers!

Lately, my life has been like going further and further down into the rabbit hole in search for The Ground Hog. 230 more words

Random Thoughts

Exquisite News For The 90s Generation

Dear followers, I am pleased to pass on a bit of news on the gaming side that one of the best video game properties is rumored (for now) to be scheduled for a remake/remaster trilogy collection for Sony’s Playstation 4 supposedly set for release later this year. 142 more words

Video Games

So! Did some homework.

As mentioned earlier this month, I obtained some bizarre journals and papers that mention absurd things like a religion known as ‘Pizza Pastanetics’ or Mayans baking the souls of the innocent into pizza and a supposed ‘One True Pizza Priest’ known as Ricardo Price. 318 more words


Powers That Be...

I swear I’m getting kind of annoyed that both my dreams and nightmares lately seem to be the hodgepodge love child of Jason Bourne, Vin Diesel, Michael Bay and M. 146 more words

Morning Reports

A Lingering Feeling

I always feel like there is something in the dark.

Something silent and yet my dog will bark.

A skittering noise here or there.

Getting out of bed is something I don’t dare. 66 more words


Odd Discoveries

Some weird journals and loose papers fell into my hands lately. Pretty bizarre stuff and no idea who could have wrote them. The oddest thing is that these papers were already being stored in the attic, and nobody knows how they got there. 213 more words


Now this video was a fantastic way to advertise and increase profits. Pika Pika!

During personal reasons that cannot be invoked currently, I knew very little about the augmented reality video gameĀ Pokemon GO in the beginning and wasn’t terribly interested in it when all this began since I had kind of drifted away from the Pokemon franchise for years (My Pokemon plushies are a discussion for another day). 115 more words

Video Games