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Top 10 Craft Projects

This is the list of the next projects I fancy doing – for myself, not gifts. There may only be 10 of them, but they will keep me going for absolutely ages because when it comes to making things I am very, very slow. 461 more words

Things To Make

Easy DIY gifts

In the next few months I’ve got a lot of birthdays coming up.

Every birthday I come to I think ‘Aha! I shall make something clever, personalised and meaningful and everyone will marvel at my commitment skill and excellent interpretation of their personality.’ Usually, however, it’s more like ‘A scarf! 530 more words

Things To Make

Painted Easter Cards - Kids Crafts

Easter cards made from your child’s unique artwork will make a lovely gift for any relatives that you might not be able to visit over the holidays. 196 more words

Little Ones

Tools for better photographs

My photography is rubbish, and I make no attempt to hide it.

I have quite a decent camera – a little Nikon DSLR – though I don’t have any extra lenses or anything like that. 619 more words

Things To Make

How to make a swirly circle skirt

When I was a little girl, every dress I wore had to swirl. I wouldn’t wear something if it didn’t have a good swirl, and the Swirling Test was the only thing I was interested in when trying something on. 389 more words

Things To Make

How to make a lace crown

This is one of my favourite projects.

It’s really easy, very cheap, and – barring poisoning yourself with paint fumes – it’s almost impossible to get this one wrong. 349 more words

Things To Make