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Making play dough is easy

Home made play dough is super easy to make. It’s cheap, keeps well, you can choose what colours you want, and it doesn’t colour little hands the way commercial play dough often does. 93 more words


How to make a simple spider

Thankfully toddlers are not art critics. They take joy in simple pleasures and aren’t going to worry if your arts and crafts skills aren’t going to get you a gallery listing. 113 more words


Now on Pinterest!

Yay, FlyingSolo is now on Pinterest and lovingly curated to make things easy to find. PostsĀ have been saved across multiple boards so that it’s easy to find things to do on rainy days, or things to cook for dinner, or baking, or gluten free recipes, or dairy free recipes etc. 7 more words


How to make hanging hand towels

Sewing on buttons and ribbons

Voila! Child sized hanging hand towels

Toddlers love becoming independent and however they phrase it, what they’re thinking is along the lines of ‘Me do! 288 more words


How to make a new hat unique

Front – cupcake hat

Back – butterfly hat

If your toddler is anything like mine then getting them to wear a hat in the summer can be an ongoing mix of pleading, resignation, determination, and liberally applying sunscreen lotion. 286 more words


Renovating a children's bookcase

Using Resene testpots of:

  • White: Half Alabaster White
  • Pink: Suzy Q
  • Purple: Gypsy Queen
  • Green-blue: Hope

The journey

How to store toys is one of those conundrums that parents frequently face. 826 more words


Halloween Skeleton Free Printable

Halloween is coming up, so it’s time to decorate the house with suitably spooky decorations! Let us introduce you to Archie The Art Academy Skeleton! 37 more words