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Tapestry Time

I’m making a tapestry.

For once, it is actually a tapestry in the usual sense, in that I’m embroidering on an uneven square of canvas. Though perhaps someone will tell me that a ‘proper’ tapestry is woven, not embroidered. 208 more words

Things To Make

DIY: Plate Spinning

This creative idea is so much fun and gives great results. 

Have you ever heard of plate spinning. Its the arty process of creating splattered paint pieces using a salad spinner. 148 more words


Squid Ray

My youngest was deeply uninspired by her homework to research a sea creature. Even the prospect of drawing a picture of her chosen creature couldn’t raise her interest. 715 more words

Things To Make

DIY belt made out of ties...

I’ve wanted to make this belt out of ties ever since someone gave me a copy of Mark Montano’s ‘The Big Ass Book of Crafts 2’, many, many years ago. 294 more words

Things To Make

Jet Pack

As well as Pirates, SuperHeroes are a popular theme in our house so we’ve had cause to make various pieces of SuperHero essential equipment.

Last summer my smallest daughter needed an emergency rocket pack so we had to very quickly devise one from things we had at hand. 347 more words

Things To Make

Fun Boats!

Last summer, after the initial excitement of having the paddling pool out had worn off, the kids were looking for another game to play so we decided to make our own boats. 237 more words

Things To Make

Quick Kites

We went to a beach festival a few years ago where the kids made little kites out of an old plastic bag.  They flew really well and were fun to make.   206 more words

Things To Make