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Comic Review: Clean Room Vol. 1

When I discovered that Gail Simone was writing a series for Vertigo, I was annoyed with myself for not knowing about it sooner. I mean, seriously Smalerie? 705 more words


Memed, My Hawk by Jasjar Kemal.

After having read so much serious and factual material it felt strange to embark on a work of fiction. In many ways it reminded me of watching a piece of drama while downing popcorn which is something I seldom do. 479 more words

Things To Read

shameless other people promotion, evil twin edition!

Jason Kimble has new stuff out!

“Drowning Joys” in Aliterate.  It’s a romance.  After a fashion.  I keep prodding him for another story in this universe, so if you buy the book and read the story, you can also prod him for more.  87 more words


The Class Struggle - (the daily left-wing newspaper).

Something has to be seriously wrong with our society when a newspaper “founded in 1969 with a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist platform,” proves to be a remarkably good read :o Yes I know … I found this paper on the floor next to the entrance door of my residence in Bergen while I was there for work. 792 more words

Things To Read

Sunday Suggestions is back!

Regular readers may remember my Sunday Suggestions posts, a round up of fun, thoughtful or just plain strange items that I’d encountered on the web that week.   219 more words

Such a thing

“there’s no such thing as race” is a standard sentence in the United States and Europe. Conventional wisdom, and like so much conventional wisdom, false. 917 more words

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There can surely be no doubt in the mind of anyone who have been exposed to genuine diversity that there are clear differences between not only races but ethnicities within races. Why this is controversial at this point baffles me. You are not a racist for simply pointing out observable and/or scientifically proved contrasts. Only ideologues and/or those shielded from true diversity will ever find these type of articles offensive. May the truth prevail, in all things.