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Craziest Story Ever.

So here I am sitting innocently listening through music, when this article pops up on twitter: Macaulay Culkin sharing the oddest and creepiest story ever. 185 more words

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Smalerie Reads Christmas Comics: The Return

While it’s very possible that I’m the only one getting a kick out of these seasonal comic creations, this year I decided to revisit the ghosts of blog posts past and share some more holiday themed comics with you all. 676 more words


"Proud Resister."

This is how easy it is to fuel conspiracy theories and get people talking. There will now be hundreds if not thousands of people assuming that the U.S.Department of Defence secretly hates Trump and that someone if not everyone over at the Pentagon want the President gone. 83 more words

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The Map of Heaven - by Dr. Eben Alexander & Ptolemy Tompkins.

This was an interesting read written by a Neurosurgeon who experienced a near-death experience. He is obviously very well read as he quotes a great arsenal of influential philosophers and whatnot. 328 more words

Things To Read

Henchgirl Review

Back in July, Smalerie shared a recipe for a hamburger. What it lacked in deliciousness it made up for in creativity and in its physical resemblance to the product that inspired it – the Cthulhu burger in Kristen Gudsnuk’s… 549 more words

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19 S. Market Street Staunton, VA

In the heart of downtown Staunton, Virginia, there is a green space. Four massive magnolias sit on the upper part of the yard and a giant oak tree stands at the bottom. 887 more words

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What should I read in finance & tech?

I have found that the best way to learn more about finance is just to start reading the daily news.  When I wake up in the morning, I’ll skim these publications while I’m eating my breakfast or on my daily commute.  544 more words

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