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BBC - Learning the Secret of Happiness

Quite often I will find articles that make interesting reads…. and when I go back to find them they seem to be lost forever. So, now I have my own blog I can update them here so that I won’t lose them and I will also have a place to find some pick me up reading!! 25 more words


Book Review : Invisibility

BOOK REVIEW : INVISIBILITY  by Andrea Cremer (Author of the Nightshade Series) and David Levithan (Author of Every day) 869 more words

Book Review

To Peggy, with Love

I found out this afternoon that Agent Carter got cancelled. I absolutely adored that show and am both saddened that it won’t be gracing my television screen for a third season, and irritated that frankly inferior shows will be renewed and receive the love that Agent Carter deserves. 375 more words

Agent Carter

Things I'm Loving Lately

On occasion, it’s appropriate to step back from raptor questions, book reviews, and opinions about movies and just talk about a random assortment of things we really love. 1,196 more words

Things To Love

Clairvoyance; The Clarity of Thought

“Napoleon was capable of compartmentalizing his life, so that one set of concerns never spilled over into another — probably a necessary attribute for any great statesman, but one he possessed to an extraordinary degree.

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Things To Read

Smalerie Reads: Comics for Arbor Day

By this time both Arbor Day and Earth Day have come and gone.  But just because it wasn’t my week to post, it doesn’t mean that I don’t intend to milk these holidays for another one of my blog posts where I read holiday themed comics.   882 more words