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Three things to read this weekend

Looking for things to add to your weekend reading list? We’ve got you covered – here are our top picks from the week’s reading:

Why Are So Many College Students Turning Down Free Money? 453 more words

Mass Insight Education

Day 52: Can creativity be learned?

We often talk about creativity as if it were something that we were born with, like eye or skin color. I’ve heard many people excuse their lack of creative pursuits with a statement like “I’m just not that creative,” or they’ll slightly qualify by claiming that they’re not creative in some specific way, like songwriting or drawing. 397 more words

100 Days Of Creativity

Day 50: The relationship between mindfulness and creativity

Today in my Positive Psych class, we learned about mindfulness and its many positive effects on health. We also practiced a guided meditation video involving a candle flame, though I was so tired from salsa practice last night that I think I was more in a sleepy daze than a state of mindfulness. 321 more words

100 Days Of Creativity

Yeah Write #202 Entry- Junky



Shannon Barber

How can I remember his snake’s name and not his?

His snake was named Percival the Pirate.

I remember his pale skin and terrible dye jobs. 220 more words


Day 49: What's the difference between creativity and innovation?

In the course of everyday conversation, we often use the words “creativity” and “innovation” interchangeably. However, these two concepts are not quite the same, and the difference between them is actually quite critical. 302 more words

100 Days Of Creativity

"Stuff" by Jake Christie, Human Parts

The great publication Human Parts¬†published an essay of mine called “Stuff,” which asks:¬†When you break up with somebody, do you have to break up with the things they left behind, too? 47 more words

Things To Read

Day 46: Are there gender differences in creativity?

Today in my Social and Emotional Context of Cognition class (it’s a mouthful, I know), we discussed gender differences and whether they’re a product of biology, the environment, societal belief and prejudices, or a combination of all three. 367 more words

100 Days Of Creativity