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Reading of Our Many Indian Identities

“So what’s the book all about? Without giving much away, it’s about the way in which a film about three-brothers-lost-and-then-found made around 1977 managed to provide us with a glimpse of a new India emerging from the debris of an older one riven with communal and political strife. 140 more words


Bollywood & Shakespeare

“Masala means many things and conjures up many associations. For Westerners, it suggests exotic eastern spices and flavours. That sense is apparent also in the word’s most widespread metaphorical use in India — to add masala to a story is to give it, through embellishment or exaggeration, an extra spicy flavour. 86 more words


"A Determined Effort is Better Than a Miracle"; Perseverance is Power

Today my sister wanted me to open a jar of pickles, and she just wouldn’t give it more than one try herself. I kept telling her to just do it herself half out of laziness and half to teach her a lesson, yknow? 517 more words

Things To Read

Hey, That's Pretty Good

Yo welcome to da site, it’s your main man Thai Sirikoone here to say one thing: what up wit it doe????

I made this website so I could just write some shit down every now and then and maybe people would read it and even maybe be interested in the things I think about. 153 more words

Things To Read


We begin our last project for Time Seminar & Studio, our biggest project ever! Here is a brief to the project…

In the early years of an independent India, Indian cinema served as an expression of the creation of identities, of a way of speaking of the ‘ideal’ India – rural India as an expression of change, it spoke of diversity and religious identity and a way to explore the shifting nature of India’s ‘coming into her own’. 289 more words


Baby tries Fantasy. Ft Fancasting

Under the read more you’ll find the whole first page of my second try at fantasy. I tried it before with these characters and tried again. 1,735 more words