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Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came

I will at times post literature that has brought me solace from the weight of depression in some way; even if it was just contemplation. 1,917 more words


Sultan Erdogan Is Back.

So the military coup in Turkey failed last night and Erdogan has announced that the military has to be “cleansed”. Lots of people are injured and some are dead after people took to the streets following Erdogans plea via FaceTime yesterday. 60 more words

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Military Coup In Turkey!!!

The Turkish military says ” it has taken over”- Erdogan has lost control, FaceTimes the news of all things, as this is obviously his only way of getting in touch with people. What happens next????

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Why the elitists are loosing.

Today I’m sharing a very well written article about the EU referendum in Britain. I know from experience that people who disagree with certain political views will refrain from reading any news stories or editorials from newspapers or websites that promotes what they disagree with. 414 more words

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David Cameron Resigns, UK out of EU!

Bye bye to the arrogance of Brussels. David Cameron Resigns. Shocking. His best speech yet.

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Cartoon Sara Reads Three Animation Blogs

The Internet age is a wonderful time to be an animation fan. All manner of behind the scenes material, industry insider news, and the personal musings of some of the greatest artists working in the medium are available to anyone who cares to see it. 429 more words

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Commissionsi: A Learning Experience for all

Recently I┬áhad just finished a commission. I will be completely honest…I don’t get many. I am not a well known, or highly favored artist, so…yeah…I don’t get a lot of work. 1,094 more words