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Diets 101: Ketogenic Diet

What is it?

Old diet, new name: The premise of the Keto Diet is that by reducing dietary carbohydrates you can lose body fat. Essentially you convince your body to burn fat by taking away its primary source of energy (carbs) so it switches to its secondary source (fat). 253 more words

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Plug in to Podcasts

Do you ever have those days where every song on the radio sounds the same? Or your best Spotify playlists are just not working for you? 298 more words

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Self Care: Keep Calm and Do Nothing

As a twenty-something, I feel the need to always be doing, well something. If I’m not sleeping, I need to work; if I’m not working, I need to socialize; if I’m not socializing, I need to hit the gym or plan a trip or find a second job (?!?!); … 281 more words

Things To Read

shameless other people promotion

The talented and charming Jason Kimble has a story out over on Cast of Wonders:  “If Only Kissing Made It So,” for your reading and/or listening pleasure.  114 more words