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Things You Should Know About

Teknik dan BBA Tinggi di Delhi NCREngineering Tinggi di Delhi NCR: Ada banyak perguruan tinggi teknik di Delhi NCR dan untuk mendapatkan pengakuan di salah satu yang terbaik adalah benar-benar sulit karena tingkat peningkatan persaingan dan permintaan untuk insinyur berkualitas di perusahaan bergengsi memungkinkan perguruan tinggi teknik di Delhi NCR untuk memilih siswa mereka dengan yang terbaik dari keterampilan. 321 more words

Consignment Forms for Artists - We're All In This Together

Art Business: Yawn, right? Still, I think it’s important enough to write about. Of all the artists that I know, the successful ones (read: make their main income from art) are totally involved in the business side of their art, not just the creation of it. 2,091 more words

Ideas On Painting

June 2014 Update

Well, Spring has come and gone now, we had a fairly cool spring with some light rains.  The water tanks are full for the yards and summer is now here.  Over the last few months things have been pretty quiet here, we worked on the garden and have a good crop of various food items growing well.  Our tomatoes are really doing well this year, and we have 3 large water melons so far. 371 more words

Making The Most Of It

Internship update

Summer is closing in fast and it’s the perfect time to get an internship. First thing you should do before referring to the VDC (Venture Development Center) or even start applying for certain internship. 83 more words

Things You Should Know About

Update for January 2014

It has been a good past few months, In October we went to CA for Turkey day with some of the family and spent a week there with the kid. 302 more words

Making The Most Of It

August update 2013

Well, the month started out great and HOT! Kim and the kids flew down from Idaho for a long weekend.  We went to the Longhorn Caverns, the wild animal park-zoo down from Marble Falls, then over to the LBJ Ranch and saw his car collection.  We did a little swimming in the community pool here and enjoyed the visit.  The kids entertained themselves outside by stomping on grasshoppers! 144 more words

Making The Most Of It

July 28, 2013

Well here it is the 3rd July we have been in Texas!

This month as been good to us, we have had over our monthly average for rainfall about 1/2 of an inch!  things are nice and green all over. 182 more words

Making The Most Of It