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Thingy Model

ı made a 3D model for my basic proposal of thingy. In my later stage of design my thing changes. I will post my later stage thingy study soon :)


Further Thingy Studies

This week we started to develop our thingy study the way thing gains contextual qualities. My thing designed for a painter who needs different surfaces for painting and also lightens spaces to work. 275 more words


Thingy gets stronger

Well, thingy was not something which has only object to object relationships; it will be something in the house:Which generates the house. Therefore, it will be somehow the core of a house. 519 more words


The Scenario

As you know we started the project by working with object to object relationship and we designed The Thingy. In further step, we worked on the thingy again but also we build up a scenario. 312 more words


The Thingy

Hi!! Our second semester has already begun. Our project is designing a house but our start is quite different because we ‘rewind’ everything.

In our first assignment what is expected to us is researching and designing object to object relationship in the house by working with geometry, scale and tectonics of surfaces. 111 more words


01 assignment: The Thingy

Hi everyone. After a short break here new assignment :) In this term we ”rewind” everything  !

In the first assignment we were asked to design an object for a  house. 236 more words