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The gospel of the free market...

Over the last twenty years we had a wave of privatisation going trough the Netherlands.

Public institutions, like retirement homes, hospitals, mental healthcare, schools, universities, public transport, mail, water-, power-, telephone- and cable companies, were sold to, or transformed into, private organisations. 535 more words


Dans nos obscurités

Sometimes the world is dark, full of war, hunger and hatred. It’s easy to become bitter.

In the last couple of days this song came to mind, over and over again. 79 more words


Ken Parker

Over the years I have met countless instrument makers, professionals and amateurs, young and old, beginners and veterans. I’ve learned something from all of them; sometimes I wasn’t impressed and they showed me merely how not to work, some gave me great ideas and tricks, but others made a deeper impression. 1,227 more words


Ramble 80: I may not know the parts but I do know...

A hundred roses, million skies, little offshoots, the passerby’s and beautiful fluttering little work of nerves; art in their own light. These beauties are called brains. 165 more words

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Siri Limits Non-Apple Music Users

It has been discovered recently that Apple is limiting users to what they can ask Siri, in regards to Apple Music and their services. For example, if you ask Siri what is on top of the iTunes music charts, she’ll tell you that she cannot because that user is not an Apple Music subscriber. 166 more words