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Menu of the Mind

Chaos is like food to the mind,
A recipe of disaster or a dish insanely divine!
The whirlwind of it all, brews up the storm… 100 more words


A wooden bandsaw...

It’s going quite well in the shop. Finishing some projects and starting new ones…

You probably know by now that deep down I’m a neo-luddite. I like to do things by hand or at least muscle power. 590 more words

January 11, 2017


Along with changing your oil every 3,000 miles and checking your child’s trick-or-treat bag for weaponized apples, the common advice to create an emergency fund… 519 more words

The modern way of violin making...

Sometimes tradition can only take you so far and mechanisation is needed.

The world of violin making is quite opposed to this, especially when Stradivari didn’t use it. 33 more words

Exclamation Points!!!

Has anyone noticed besides me? When I first started writing professionally, the rule was “only one exclamation point on a page.” What happened? The little devils sneak into so many places, they’re like ants, crawling through paragraphs carrying their dead and dropping them here and there, I guess. 392 more words

What People Do

December 28, 2016


Every morning, the top venture capital investors in the world wake up, drink a fresh cup of coffee, or Soylent, and mine these blogs and newsletters for insight and the latest deal news. 476 more words