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Think. Eat. Save

Food waste is currently costing Australians up to $10 billion each year, while two million people still rely on food relief.

Standing next to the big tented kitchen and my stomach is grumbling.

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Food Glorious Food

Free Lunch: Think Eat Save

Yesterday I went to lunch – and it was free.  Really free.  And all to raise awareness of a good cause, namely the importance of reducing food waste, and the work of… 448 more words


Zesty Summer

Summer is finally here and it’s promising to be a vitamin boost! From an orange pressé at breakfast to a banana smoothie at lunchtime and — why not — a piña colada at sundown, it’s all about eating the freshest, the juiciest and the zestiest fruit to help us keep the doctor away. 259 more words


OzHarvest launch Think. Eat. Save.

Think.Eat.Save 2015 by OzHarvest was launched this week at Parliament House – with OzHarvest working with the parliament kitchen to create a meal for politicians from food that would have otherwise gone to landfill. 177 more words


UNEP aims to start a wasteless revolution

By Benjamin Land

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, food outpaces other solid waste items in the amount that reaches landfills and incinerators. This food isn’t spoiled or past its expiration date, but healthy food that simply hasn’t been eaten. 340 more words

UB Post


No doubt we’ve all been guilty of throwing out food – whether it’s wilted veggies that didnt quite make the juicer or that leftover quinoa salad you didn’t finish because you had a craving for sushi on the way home… OK, and sometimes it’s a discarded slice of pizza. 83 more words