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Jamaica's seeping perversion - A cry for Revival

I carry a distress that only grows as I experience this world every day of my life. It is saddening to see through my eyes the decay and immoral ineptitude that lies at the depths of the human heart. 634 more words


Creflo Dollar Cancels $65M Private Jet Campaign

Creflo Dollar has canceled his campaign to fund a new jet. (YouTube)

Evangelist Creflo Dollar has backed out of his campaign to purchase a new jet after strong backlash. 226 more words


Why Creflo Won't Be Getting My Dollars

Creflo Dollar (Facebook)

I’m all for generous giving, and I’m all for taking care of ministers of the gospel, but I will not be sending Creflo Dollar $300 to help him buy a $65 million jet for his ministry. 1,168 more words


5 Reasons Creflo Dollar Shouldn’t Buy a New Jet

This is a Gulfstream 650 jet, like the one Creflo Dollar wanted to purchase.

Last week Atlanta-based prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar announced to the world that he needed $65 million to buy a new Gulfstream jet. 853 more words


Prophetic Dream: A Nasharite Army Is Rising in America

On Feb. 16, 2015, I had a prophetic dream where I saw two armies who were facing one another on American soil. One army had a flag that said, “Prayer Movement” and the other army had a flag that said, “Awakening Movement.” Riding on white horses, two generals of the movements came out to meet one another. 744 more words


Our thought life affects our health and wellbeing.

How many of us realise that our thought life affects our health and wellbeing?

We often exercise little discipline regarding the negative thoughts that run round and round in our heads, causing us anxiety and fear.   990 more words

Monday's Meditation

Think on these things : The Judas Test

“If an enemy were insulting me, I could endure it; if a foe were raising himself against me, I could hide from him. But it is you, a man like myself, my companion, my close friend, with whom I once enjoyed sweet fellowship as we walked with the throng at the house of God” 280 more words