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You have seen too much to be satisfied with less! You have experienced too many exciting adventures to settle for second best.



“Love is not a chore, it’s an opportunity.”
The Lord spoke to my heart, “You almost missed that.”
Years ago, as a Marine still on active duty, I got home late one night after a long day. 972 more words

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"It's okay -- nay, appropriate -- to be thankful for America!"

Thanksgiving is upon us and with it the growing hatred and feckless accusations about America. “Whites stole the land from the Indians! Genocide was perpetrated on the Indians! 645 more words

Think On These Things

"My declaration over you this Thanksgiving"

I declare that (Eph 1:4) long before God laid down earth’s foundations, He had you in mind, had settled on you as the focus of His love, to be made whole and holy by His love. 390 more words

Think On These Things

"One for the Father! One for the Son! And, one for the Holy Ghost!"

On the recent ARMS mission to the Philippines, a unique bi-mission developed for me. Daily, I felt strongly compelled to confront and minister to those struggling with homosxxuality. 615 more words

Think On These Things

"You've been practicing for divorce!"

So, in the Sxxual Integrity & Restoration (SIR) class in the Brig, the inmates presented an argument in defense of multiple sxxual partners. They said things like, “Today, everyone is doing it anyway,” and, “Abstinence is so antiquated and unnecessary,” and, “The good outweighs the bad,” and the coup de grĂ¢ce, “All those previous relationships actually helped us and prepared us for marriage.” 697 more words

Think On These Things