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I Am Enough

I once read a rather poignant article on affirmations. The article was addressed to young, clueless males who struggled in the dating scene, though the principles remain universal. 120 more words



“The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them.”

-Jim Rohn

I was sifting through Darren Hardy’s infinite wisdom this morning. 152 more words


Why Am I Valuable?

“Why am I valuable?”

Because you’re here.

“Why am I here?”

To express yourself.

“Why should I express myself?”

To make everyone aware of their own value. 22 more words


I Have Hymns You Haven't Heard

“I have hymns you haven’t heard

There is an upward soaring

In which I bend close.

You can barely distinguish me

From the things that kneel before me. 181 more words


Your building is on fire!

While on a two-week ARMS medical mission in Cambodia, we had a Team of about sixty Christians and one atheist. (You don’t have to be a Christian to help on a mission.) We just completed our last site of week 1. 458 more words

Think On These Things

Who moved the muffler?!!!

Confusion, tension, and tyranny abounds! Daily, and without exaggeration, we are straying deeper into chaos, depravity, and darkness. America is drifting increasingly farther and faster away from God. 694 more words

Think On These Things

Will you marry her right now?

Lately, I’ve had a recurring conversation with multiple young couples. Sounds like this:

Me: So, you guys are in a relationship?
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Yes.
Me: Is it serious? 479 more words

Think On These Things