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Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men

Modern girls would look like stories.

They would wear black and blue, white and grey. They would have the most expensive shade of red in their perfect lips. 410 more words


You are awesome

Last weekend was very intensive for me. I’ve signed up for volunteering activity, where you have one kid from dysfunctional family assigned to you, and you spend time with him on a regular basis to support him morally and to try to make him feel better, not so lost and lonely…(something like “Big brother” program). 652 more words


Puerto Princesa #1

“Hold me tight, or I will leave.”

Helena said as my hands were still lingering on her hips, swaying to the slow music during what was supposedly an intimate moment in the club that Friday night. 805 more words


Resolving Mental Corruptions

Mistakes.  Learning opportunities — that’s  what they are.  Negative karmic behaviors sometimes cause us to dump the toxic spills of our own minds onto others–loved ones, friends, etc., and we create oil slicks.   177 more words


3 reasons why I hate pretty graphs

People prefer the pretty guy over the uglier guy cos they like pretty things more than they like things that are right.

For over a decade I’ve been working in an area where the obsession has been about finding just the… 1,381 more words

Systems Thinking

Beauty requires thought: Study supports philosophical claim

Does the experience of beauty require a person to think? And can sensuous pleasures, like eating or sex, be beautiful? Such questions have long preoccupied philosophers, with Immanuel Kant making the famous claim that beauty requires thought, unlike sensuous pleasure, which, he said, can never be beautiful. 16 more words


Can I NOT Decide, Please?

Personal note: I wrote this entry listening to Blood Bank – Bon Iver on repeat, if you feel like listening you’re welcomed to.

Have you ever stared at your ceiling blankly while thinking about all the possible turns and outcomes of life? 1,179 more words