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More thinking about thinking.....time for TV?

It is now the 1st of February so this represents my first posting as part of #teacher5aday29daywriting.   The plan being to write and share a posting during each day of February which would be significantly more than I have previous posted, and actually may represent  more postings in a single month than I normally create in a year.   454 more words


Men 1 Robots 1

Was following the thought the other day about robots and artificial intelligence and how people are afraid that they will overtake us and this is what I was thinking: 150 more words


The Accuracy of Me

Look at me.

What do you see?

Different people might have different conjectures as to “what I look like” and frankly, I’m sick of it. 963 more words


What fresh hell is THIS?

No fresh hell sweetie.
Just the latest incarnation of a stale and very familiar hell.

Do you recognise this…

  • yawning at yet another exactly-the-same organisational transformation?
  • 759 more words
Systems Thinking

Physical Sense

‘Seek and ye shall find’- I find this an amazing quote. I would even go as far to say it builds our world. Knowledge that we gain is layered on previous knowledge. 104 more words


Some thoughts on thinking

We often look at concepts and ideas as either being positive or negative in nature.    The fact is however that things are not that simple or that black and white.   499 more words


Feel it too

Here is a thought that appears simple but is quite difficult :
How do you describe a feeling to someone if they have never felt it? 81 more words