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I Definitely Need to Get Out More

Last night, thanks to my sister and the Chicago Humanities Festival, I went to a reading by Roxane Gay. It was great. She’s just as sharp and interesting in person as she is in carefully drafted written work. 782 more words


Reflections on "the problem of evil"

I have been reflecting on Uncle Tom’s Cabin, it has made me think about “the problem of evil.” In fact, at the end of the book Tom himself, one of the spiritual heroes of the book, is wrestling with the problem himself. 537 more words

Hot Topic

The Storybook Home of Grannie Annie and Gramps

Since I was traveling to Washington, D.C. for a Monday-Tuesday work trip, I reached out to my “Grannie Annie” in Newport News, Virginia, near Norfolk, to arrange a quick visit the weekend prior. 531 more words

Thinking And Writing

Be Nice to Your(self) Art

As you may notice I’m not writing much lately and here between us I must confess I’m not painting much either. Partly is due to that I’m a bit busy and heavily tired in the nights due to Dragon Boat training (my inspiration comes late at night and lately by 11:30pm I’m already sleeping). 1,542 more words


Vanity of vanities, all is vanity OR Why webstats don't exist

I’ve been learning how to get data on our website usage from Google Analytics.

It’s very hard, both cos Google Analytics front end  is so badly designed and cos you need to learn how websites work. 570 more words

Systems Thinking

One more time... Why values are a pile of cobbler's

This month I’m going to be handed a piece of paper with the Organisation’s​ new “Values and behaviours”, in my annual performance review.

So this means what I value and how I behave will change once I read what they’re to be this financial year. 277 more words

Command And Control

Chelsea Hotel No. 2

I woke up today with the residue from last night. It was drenched in my breath. It disturbed my sleep. But most of all, it triggered my uncertainties. 1,306 more words