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Returning to where I left off

While recuperating I am trying to return to reading more and getting back to learning.

I am finding that reading is a discipline akin to working out. 482 more words

Livable Philosophy

"Whatever's right for you"

What is right? What is wrong? Is there right and wrong? Or is everything relative to the situation or the individual? Can we answer these questions? 1,037 more words


So Fresh

What does one do when she has nobly (if temporarily) deactivated her social media for less than 24 hours, on the first day of a sparkly fresh new year? 239 more words

Thinking And Writing

Goodbye, it was good though.

As 2016 is finishing we have to manage to say goodbye to one part of us. One whole year of experiences, challenges, memories, opportunities, people. As any other cycle it must have its end or it might turn into something harmful to us . 2,184 more words


Reading is not just for Christmas…..

“not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers”
Harry S Truman – US President

Several years ago I was assisting with managing a 3 day residential leadership program called “The Challenge to Lead” for my Rotary Club. 510 more words

Effective Leadership

After your heart was broken

Straight away I have two things to say: YES, recovery is possible. And NO, you won’t be sad forever.

Year and half ago I went trough a terrible breakup. 1,052 more words


Nietzsche: Prophet of Doom (Part 7)

Significance for Christian Practice
Nietzsche is certainly good at reminding us that if God does not break into human experience then we are hopelessly lost. Nietzsche shows us what the antithesis of Christianity looks like. 1,157 more words

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