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Present Moment Proof - how you know you are there

Energy.  That’s right.  You’ll know from the energy feel.  It’s the feel of being alive, vibrating, and we may even say its a feeling of excitement.  490 more words


“The Lesser of Two Evils”?

“Lesser of two evils” is a fairly common phrase but how helpful is it? Is there really a situation when we would have to choose between the lesser of two evils? 369 more words

Christian Living

Thoughts about blogging

This post will be unusual because so many question is in my head. That’s why I change my mind and make a Q&A section here. So let’s get started! 270 more words

Daily Blog

12 Nights

On the twelfth night, like a proper fairy tale, the clock will struck and the spell is lost. All the glittering parts, all the ribbons with the little stars, all the tiny magic pieces will fall to the ground and another year will be lost. 276 more words


Najmia - a stranger in her own city

This video is both inspirational and sad.

Women’s rights in Muslim countries was always a painful subject for me. My heart shrinks when I hear another story of suppressing women’s spirit and beauty, and my helplessness adds even more to it. 128 more words


I wrote an email to Oprah...

Dear Oprah,

I don’t even know why Im writing exactly to you. I just started to read a book Return to love, where Marianne Willamson mentioned you on acknowledgment page. 1,032 more words