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Should we call this guilty pleasures or just plain guilty, stay tuned. 

Having to coax yourself into believing that you aren’t doing anything wrong is usually the biggest give away that what you’re doing is wrong. I don’t want it to be wrong because it feels so right. 486 more words


Nose in the Sand

I might show facts as plain as day:

but, since your eyes are blind, you’d say,

“Where? What?”

and turn away.

**Christina Rossetti


What is your plan?

boer maak ‘n plan

In Afrikaans, the language spoken by the mainly Dutch immigrant descendants living in South Africa ‘boer maak ‘n plan’ means a ‘farmer makes a plan’.  572 more words

Effective Management

The Blues Are Still Blue

My sister came over, saying she had been reading a lot. I remember those last things she confided was how she had no idea that years ago, I had to struggle with the sexuality confusion as well as the fear of being molested by that man from our mom’s workplace. 521 more words


This Damn Heat's Got Me Thinkin' ...

So … this damn heat’s got me thinkin’ …

I was asked something pretty interesting not too long ago, but it wasn’t until today—when I’m sweating like a pig in a sauna—that I started thinking about it. 386 more words


If a tree falls...

Recently I was asked the old question of “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around does it make a sound”  and I immediately answered yes it does. 259 more words