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Lately, I have been curious how to be in peace and good collaboration with my own mind. During one of my recent jogging trips I got an… 661 more words


You are no Daniel Kahneman, sir, and I would have you unhand me before I call the gendarmie

This is Daniel Kahneman
He won a Nobel prize, he has written loads of books, all about how you think and how you make decisions. 201 more words

Systems Thinking

On "Meta-watching" Political Debates

It seems like every year, the bar of the political debate gets lowered, and this year was no exception. I don’t want to be that “frog that boiled to death” because the temperature of the pot of (cold) water was increased so gradually (turns out this makes a great metaphor but is not reproduced in real life), so I recalibrate myself by watching… 337 more words


On Beyond "The Two Things"

I like the idea of boiling down things to an essence, because you have to know so much and have synthesized the information to be able to do. 528 more words


Food for thought..

Over the summer I always catch up on the reading I wanted to do during the year, or on recent or popular psychological releases that I should have read. 358 more words



I have this thing going where I want to speak up for the voiceless and fight for the hopeless and make a difference. I want to end oppression and make privilege seen. 424 more words

Haters Gonna... Do Nothing

I know it’s been a while, I do not actually have an excuse though. So let’s skip that part and just tell you that I am doing really really… 1,983 more words