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One Step Too Far

During this past week, work routine felt heavy. My main job in the office was actually now dreading every morning, with that co-worker guy doing nothing but checking Facebook all day. 1,371 more words


The Little Houses

As a young child growing up in the 60s there were things that excited me.
The drive-in theaters, car hops, Christmas (yes Ebeneezer Grinch was excited by Christmas as a child), Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving (in fact all the holidays), my birthdays, School, summer vacation , Vacation Bible School, Ice Cream trucks, Baseball games at Ernie Shore Field, The Dixie Classic Fair, and just riding in the car with my family, while perched on the “hump,” elbows on the back of the front seat, and watching the world go by through the front windshield.   631 more words

Just Thinking

Two concepts of love dependency

Lets start with one truth: we all suffered from love dependency. Everyone around you had it, has it now, or is going to have it any time soon. 940 more words


You can't go home

It was like going back in time, that’s only the 2nd time I’ve been back there in 38 years.  The memories were so thick I couldn’t process it all, I was overwhelmed. 231 more words

Just Thinking

I openly mock Myers Briggs, but an INTP would do

Remember the ThinkPurpose team role quiz?

Well, turns out I was a racoon.

But ignoring all the distastefulness of categorising people into 16 types in a Buzzfeed style quiz based on bleeding JUNGIAN ARCHETYPES, let’s… Oh, hang on…I CAN’T ignore this idiocy. 577 more words

Systems Thinking

Learning to be positive

Positiveness is a skill, and as all other skills – it can be learned. Why would one need to learn it? Well, at least to not be sad all the time. 601 more words


Returning to where I left off

While recuperating I am trying to return to reading more and getting back to learning.

I am finding that reading is a discipline akin to working out. 482 more words

Livable Philosophy