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a definite thing

I came across a piece of information the other day that set me thinking. It was a piece of information that, even though quite small, in my formative years it hadn’t been passed on. 305 more words


Raw Thinking 4: Self Validation vs Self Dialogue

As a “creative” person, I always find it interesting to consider the various social and philosophical issues around creating. Recently, it struck me that I have two distinct purposes in mind when I create something. 379 more words


Mental Relaxation

Have you ever been somewhere and you wanted to leave? Have you ever been with someone and you wanted to be somewhere else? It happens all the time right? 64 more words

Human Behaviour

What is a 'Quality' Education? (Advice for Policy-Makers on Implementing the New Sustainable Development Goal for Education)

(See the full infographic here)

I love the United Nations's new Global Goals for Sustainable Development (GGSDs). I'm one of those strange people who is always optimistic that a better world is within our reach (perhaps because I spend a large part of my day with optimistic young people).

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250,000 ways to be a management consultant

Tomorrow my blog should hit a quarter of a million views.
Yay me.

This actually means nothing at all.

It’s an arbitrary number that allows me to use the word “ 761 more words

Systems Thinking

Raw Thinking 3: Is Utopia possible?

The short answer to the above question is no. It has long been established that Utopia is a mere ideal that will never see realization beyond our speculative minds. 325 more words


Autonomous Numbers

Determining a total grid value of 8 autonomous numbers and the ramifications for human learning.

There are 8 autonomous number variables, all of which are moving along a grid vector. 233 more words