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Football and learning

The World cup has started and I am sure classrooms all over the world will be seeing football related themes, examples, etc. in use as teachers seek to engage students and contextualise learning.    472 more words


Understanding Sati and Samadhi in Meditative Practice

When mindfulness (sati) is continuous, then (samadhi) STABILITY OF MIND will become established–from the teachings of Sayadaw U Tejaniya, a Theravadan Buddhist monk and well-known and highly respected meditation teacher.

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Being Honest

Being honest is immensely more difficult than being right.

Being honest is better than suffocating loneliness.

Being honest is just as important as being nice. 532 more words

A Size Too Small

Monday morning. I put on the grey shirt before going to work. It could be used for casual drinking nights in summer. It could be done in office environment too, if tucked inside the black pants, and even more so since the blood had almost worn off. 847 more words


Present Moment Proof - how you know you are there

Energy.  That’s right.  You’ll know from the energy feel.  It’s the feel of being alive, vibrating, and we may even say its a feeling of excitement.  490 more words


“The Lesser of Two Evils”?

“Lesser of two evils” is a fairly common phrase but how helpful is it? Is there really a situation when we would have to choose between the lesser of two evils? 369 more words

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Thoughts about blogging

This post will be unusual because so many question is in my head. That’s why I change my mind and make a Q&A section here. So let’s get started! 270 more words

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