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How to do a SWOT

In the most strategic of rooms in my building, I found an agenda on a flipchart. It is not exceptional, it is typical. This probably happens in your building. 21 more words

Systems Thinking

Predicting Disasters

In the wake of the horrific Germanwings crash last week, talking heads all over the world are leaping into the fray and propounding ways to prevent similar future events. 874 more words


The loneliest whale in the world.

Meet the loneliest whale in the world.

She doesn’t speak the same language as other whales so they can’t hear her.

This is the same as systemsy talking. 734 more words

Systems Thinking

Hunger for more... There is so much more

I live with a desire to know life on this planet deeper. I have this hunger for wanting to know nature, planting things, watching them grow, and being a student of observance of nature. 269 more words


Reading in 2015

For the last four or five years, I’ve made lists of books I’d like to read for the year. What I’ve noticed is I tend to read a lot more than are on my list; so this year I wanted to expand that list. 191 more words


Mind Speak- Soul Speak

In an effort to reconnect with one of or both of these components of my self I am going to start actually recording the thoughts that I have. 344 more words


Here or there?

I am standing in front of the gate but I’d like to be on the other side.

I imagine it to be more interesting over there but it is only in my imagination. 71 more words