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"The Last Love Letter"

Have you ever stopped to think about why it’s a law to have Auto insurance, but not Life insurance? They could replace your car without the insurance, but “You” cannot be replaced. 186 more words


Maybe in Other Universe

Dajia Haaaao. And with that I mean hello.

It’s been some crazy weeks, which I will try to summarize in the following: Duathlon. Salsa classes. Advancing a small personal project which I will tell you about in… February… 1,249 more words


<3ing My Fans: Q&A with Y. Correa

I was asked:

If you could have a ‘day in the life’ with any of your characters, who would it be and why? 1,565 more words


There has been a slight   gap      a      hiatus                   a          s  p  a  c  e

Not a nothing

just doing


                                                  u n d o i n g… 6 more words


Not one reply

Exactly a week ago I invited readers to send in their own stories about how offering data, creating normative learning opportunities and plain nagging had resulted in some type of systemsy incident. 761 more words

Systems Thinking

I am sitting on a veranda

I am sitting on a veranda on a summer afternoon,

watching the trees gently sway in the sunlight.

A quiet joy beings to arise in me, 34 more words

Simon Van Rysewyk

Alan Watts - The Mind and Worrying

I’ve always found Alan Watts inspiring to listen to. When he speaks it sets off little explosions of insight in my head that feed my practice. 80 more words