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Deep Thoughts From Dark Places

Trying to stay positive is increasingly difficult; life involves a lot of variables. It’s like millions of strings being turned and pulled by thousands of gears, all working to achieve a homeostasis of sorts. 239 more words


Why the Pursuit of 'Happiness' as a Goal is a Futile Chase

Pondering on life: Are all quotes quotable?

It is absolutely okay to be happy. I know a lot of happy people. I am happy. Not all-the-time- screaming-from-the-rooftop-happy, but happy within myself and especially happy within our little family unit. 1,789 more words

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Golden American Saddlebred

I got this horse in a mixed set of plastic animals at a $2 shop. He stands 14cm high and is slightly unbalenced, requiring a firm bend to his rear legs to get him to balence. 337 more words

Thinking About Life

On Giving What You've Got

I did a photo shoot for COR the other day which was pretty exciting.  Since we first moved here I knew I’d love to have this chance someday.  657 more words

Moving In Faith

Paradox thing

Hi everyone! it’s been a while (like all the time).

I was completely boring right now. So, i need to do something.
Writing seems like a good idea. 138 more words

Infinity Talk

Tea Talk: The Grand Scheme of Things

Hello, World.

As my twentieth birthday approaches, I can’t help but think about the fact that I am leaving my “teen” years behind. For years, I wanted to be a grown up, I wanted to make a life for myself, and I wanted to have great success. 819 more words

Tea Talk