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On Giving What You've Got

I did a photo shoot for COR the other day which was pretty exciting.  Since we first moved here I knew I’d love to have this chance someday.  657 more words

Moving In Faith

Paradox thing

Hi everyone! it’s been a while (like all the time).

I was completely boring right now. So, i need to do something.
Writing seems like a good idea. 138 more words

Infinity Talk

Tea Talk: The Grand Scheme of Things

Hello, World.

As my twentieth birthday approaches, I can’t help but think about the fact that I am leaving my “teen” years behind. For years, I wanted to be a grown up, I wanted to make a life for myself, and I wanted to have great success. 819 more words

Tea Talk

Ironic Life.

Life is ironic. It takes you for a ride and likes to spit unimaginable circumstances in your face. After I posted a blog journal about a new outlook on life and a strategy to face the obstacles that are constructed in my future, the girl of which I believed to be the one of my dreams, brought our relationship to a halt, almost an hour following the upload. 541 more words

Cross-Cultural Music

Last month I had a lot of conversations about cross-cultural ministry in the Christian community.

I believe that God loves the diversity of the human race. 927 more words


The 22nd Year

April 24, 1992

The day my amazing mother gave birth to me. The day where every birthday cake candle was blown away with the same wish. 443 more words

My Life.

The reality of death during life?

My thoughts on observing a post mortem examination

At 7:25 am, desperately wiping the sleep from my eyes and trying to put a mask of enthusiasm on my face (to absolutely no avail), I set off from home, pretty anxious about what I was going to see – a post mortem (PM).  1,028 more words

Thinking About Life