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We not me

Some people are so wrapped in on themselves that they can’t see that they are drowning in their own vomit. This world is about we not me and when you are able to stop obsessing about yourself and focus on the well being of others that’s when your life starts to have meaning. 35 more words

It’s Not About You

thoughts on the purpose of life

I have been thinking for years about the purpose we should be striving to achieve, and I think that for me it is this – the influencing of others in such a way that builds them up and tries to gain a greater understanding of their ideas; the process of affecting others in such a way that does not tear them down, despite the fact that my values and opinions may contradict theirs; the sharing of myself so that others can understand me and the way I think and feel about the world. 555 more words

Mental Health

This one isn't actually about salads, either

That whole ‘regular posting’ thing probably isn’t gonna work out. Why? A few reasons. I’m almost two months into my third year of uni now and the workload doesn’t look like it’s going to be lessening any time soon. 327 more words


why people scare me more than Mother Nature

Here’s another post while I continue to write up content for my new upcoming website. Just to keep some reading material on the table. Or on your screen, rather. 872 more words

Thinking About Life

Sometimes My Mom Sounds Like Jesus

Hebrews 12:11 –  No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. 308 more words


Traveling the ch-easy way

When your life is packed in a suitcase, this means that one day you could be eating gelato at an Italian square, find yourself enjoying a… 886 more words


What we can learn from clouds

White, the sky is on a day like today

When the clouds push their liberty as they may

Some say it is charming as a blanket of snow… 117 more words