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What makes you happy?

There are so many people who live their lives on autopilot and not particularly seem to enjoy life, but when they are confronted with death (say for example when diagnosed with a lifethreatening disease) they cry for mercy and suddenly all they seem to want is to prolong their lives. 407 more words

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Positives From 2015

Despite the dark places I experienced in 2015, there were many good things that happened as well, and remembering them is helping me get through my current depression. 217 more words



A few years ago I used an exercise DVD with several types of exercise. One of my favorites was a beginner’s ballet routine. I followed it so many times–not that it turned me into a ballet dancer, but it did program some of the instructor’s words in my mind. 960 more words

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Don't be too hard on yourself

I didn’t post a story yesterday. It was not because I had no time, but because I had a bad day. It should have been a really nice day. 701 more words

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Under the stars

She was sitting under the stars, thinking about life, the boy she loved, the dreams she wanted to achieve and the emptiness she felt at that moment not because she was not happy with her life but there was… 140 more words

A Few Thoughts From My Journals

I have a few things on my mind today.

For one, I have been thinking about the value of knowledge, the obligation we have as human beings in a troubled society to learn as much as we can about as many things as we can in order to have a contributive impact on the world. 615 more words


Formatting my laptop, as well as my life.

Today I have been busy with formatting my laptop. It was clogged up with shit; tiny programs I didn’t use, pictures I don’t need anymore, folders full with crap. 884 more words