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Are you truly blessed?

Today’s Thingkering thought: What are God’s real blessings in life? Can I recognise them? Is recognising them in itself a huge blessing?

Is that new sports car whizzing into your nieghbours garage a real blessing? 246 more words



I was thinking about the other night when I fell instantly asleep. It was very strange and wonderful. I got into bed, laid down. There was not a thought in my head, not a feeling in my mind. 371 more words

Featured Writer Ingrid Fichtner: One Poem

‘Thinking about Things’ and ‘So nachdenken’ “were ‘born’ at the same time; in a way, both versions are originals. Which makes me think right now – one could view any poem as a kind of translation, within one language usually … When I’m in touch with English-speaking friends, I sometimes start out writing a poem in English. 314 more words

Featured Writer

the lives of others

An often unadvertised side effect of law school is the feeling of inadequacy. Everyone knows it’s difficult, it’s a heck load of reading, but no one really told you you will wind up feeling shitty about yourself and extremely jealous of others.  446 more words

Thinking About Things

on finding comfort in others

I am a firm believer in the concept that we are in full control of our emotional responses to external stimuli – nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent… 425 more words

Thinking About Things

Hold me in this wild, wild world

It’s the last Friday night of summer; school starts this coming Monday. I’m sitting here at the dining table, half-trying to do some readings for Corporate Crime, which is really just a bamboozle of big words like “Fraud”…. 869 more words

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Home is where I belong with you

It’s been 4 days since I’ve been back from my 3 week (self-proclaimed) sabbatical in Myanmar. 3 weeks seem like a short time on hindsight, and even more so when compared to how long it’s been since the last time I went back — 3 years — but during the 19 days there, time passed so slowly my skin crawled. 356 more words

Thinking About Things