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To Be or Not To Be: Long Distance Relationships

It’s not pleasant, the idea of a long distance relationship.  It means not being able to hold the person you love.  It means not being able to feel them hug you.   410 more words



Hello there, hell month.

More or less, it’s the final push to be able to do all of the academic requirements here in school and it’s a sign that my freshman year of college is quickly coming to an end. 272 more words



Honestly, it’s quite difficult to be able to navigate through the works of social norms (and socializing in general) while in the middle of a sort of spectrum that dictates what kind of person you should act. 283 more words


Splat and the New Year

“You want I should wash the dead bugs off the windshield?”

Elwood, The Blues Brothers

“Life seemed to be going along fine and then, splat,” was how H phrased it.   564 more words

Personal Realization

Sleep Disturbance

I am hearing more and more people talk about how they are insomniacs and sleep very little or, very poorly, at night.

Many people turn to sleeping pills or just put up with it. 228 more words

Want sy is van sy rib gemaak | Because she was made from his rib

It’s our wedding anniversary. Seven years today.

It was also seven years ago that I encountered a significant life challenge, not just by the idea of getting married, but questioning the HOW I will go about getting married.   924 more words

Thinking About Things

The Beauty That Is Heaven

It was a disturbing thought, and yet it was one I couldn’t help but share. During a love fest tonight, my dear forever mom shared with me what I can only hope to be one of her most personal and deepest fears. 475 more words

Man's Best Friend