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This Foodie Friday I want to talk about deglazing. It’s a very basic technique for sauce-making but it’s also a word that scares a lot of people when they see it in a recipe. 319 more words

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Striking Out

One day when I was about 13 I realised I could just walk out of town whenever I liked, with the only limits being time and the weather. 538 more words


Snowing Our Ignorance

It’s snowing here in Central North Carolina. Again. Is that unusual? Well, the area usually gets less than 6 inches of snow a year and we’re about to get 4 or so. 383 more words

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Titles are boring

This was the last Christmas of my 30’s. Then the last New Years of my 30’s. Then the last January 4th of my 30’s. Today it’s the last January 17th of my 30’s. 286 more words

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Being Me

One of the interesting things about being self employed and spending so much more time at home than I ever did before, is my relationship with clothing and my personal appearance in general. 426 more words

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Through the Bedrock of the Present

“The starting point of critical elaboration is the consciousness of what one really is, and is “knowing thyself” as a product of the historical process to date, which has deposited within you an infinity of traces, without leaving an inventory. 746 more words
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The Kid

My life would be a lot easier if I didn’t have to spend all day, every day, looking after this obnoxious kid.

I’m trying to live a life here – to have fun, get things done, make the most of my allotted time – but there he is, bringing me down, looking up at me with that pathetic expression. 479 more words

Thinking Aloud