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An advise: When your loved ones are in hospital...

Recently I responded to a blood donation request which made me think how ill prepared we are towards medical emergencies. Here are some thoughts i would like to share: 464 more words

Thinking Out ALOUD!!!

A new chapter

Hi there,

This is a 10 month older me writing to you from a relatively unknown railway station Mahoba.

Ever heard of this place?

Its a stop-over for Khajuraho in case you didn’t get a direct train from Delhi like me. 800 more words

Thinking Out ALOUD!!!

Coffee Time

Once again I find myself and the Mrs sitting in a coffee shop.  Caffe Nero as usual. Strange when I think about the countless, and I do mean countless hours we have spent sitting here when I actually dont drink tea or coffee. 14 more words

Thinking Out Aloud

Life and accidents

Accidents Рthose unexpected, random acts of insanity that throw life off kilter. Some happy, some tragic and some simply amusing. Not to sound philosophical but it appears that life (so far) has been pretty much full of them Рeducation, love, family, work or place I call home (for now). 48 more words

Thinking Out Aloud