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Of course in the face of tragedy

Of course, it is human nature when tragedy strikes that we collectively ask “why.”

Why did this happen?

Why didn’t someone do something?

Why would God allow this? 645 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Lesson in Humility

Children humble you in the most uncanny ways!

I recently traveled 8 hours plus with my little munchkin. Before the flight I was so anxious about it all as I have never traveled with him alone and so I was absolutely dreading it. 402 more words


Autumn feelings

I don’t mind Autumn to be honest. It’s winter -with the possibility of snow and high gail cold icy winds. BRR!

Autumn though, I don’t mind too much. 98 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Sunday Musings and Reflections

It’s about 9.45pm and as I write this I don’t feel ready to call it a day. I said I’d take it easy for the bad headache. 1,198 more words

Creative Writing


Well after being impressed by my cheap Chinadroid, it died. To be fair, because it was cheap, I’ve dropped it over a hundred times and just went meh. 399 more words

Thinking Out Loud

drip drop drip drop

I want to describe my current bedroom.

I have lived in several rooms before, never alone, always with someone, either my sister or a friend. I didn’t particularly like those rooms because 1. 535 more words

Slice Of Life

a short intermission

I had a rather useful, if somewhat belated, revelation today as I sat down at my desk and faced some things I have been too anxious/fearful/worried/unconfident/insert-whatever-synonym-you-feel-is-appropriate-here to face. 211 more words

Thinking Out Loud