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Tea & Netflix

A cooler, rainy day in Edmonton is the kind of day that demands a mug of tea, don’t you think? I believe firmly in honouring each day as its presented to us. 545 more words


A Random Theory About Útgarða-Loki

Disclaimers are important! So here’s mine. I am not an expert on Norse mythology. I am just a Heathen who moonlights as a big old nerd, and tries to read very old pieces of text until I am very mad about everything and start chugging mead in frustration. 579 more words


Just a little thought that has nothing to do with anything - #1

My husband and My sister…

So, I have two very special people in my life. My husband is my best friend and my sister is my best friend, and together they are the same side of the same coin. 187 more words

Yin and Yang

I am beyond obsessed with yin and yang. Light and Dark. Good and Evil. White and Black. Order and Chaos. Right and Wrong.

It is balance and equality, yet simultaneously it isn’t. 305 more words

Tell me it isn't so

Why oh why would ABC cancel “The Middle”? I love that show and the cast. I’m so disappointed…. It was one of a few shows that my family and I were able to sit down and watch together , as a whole. 94 more words


Pondering 🤔

WTF is wrong with some women?!? They lay up and have all these kids for a oh dead beat ass man, whyyyyyy?!? He didn’t do anything for the first one, he probably isnt gonna do anything for the rest of them. 30 more words

Thinking Out Loud

TOL: Online Broadcast Bot

Disclaimer: If you’re not into code, this post probably won’t be that interesting. Proceed with your boredom in check.

Project code can be found here: 1,169 more words

Thinking Out Loud