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Fast Fashion Slow Blogging

Back in September I took the 30 day pledge and didn’t buy any new clothes for myself trough the whole of the month. Oxfam’s Second Hand September campaign was about addressing fast fashion, reusing, rewearing and recycling rather than sending piles of clothes to landfill. 694 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Enjoy Life To The Fullest

It was a weird thought but there I was one afternoon, before I even interviewed him, sitting and thinking about what I’d do in case of an emergency. 2,412 more words

Thinking Out Loud


There’s so much

It’s overwhelming

I’m sticking to my routine but I’m getting nowhere

Thinking Out Loud

Why It’s Important to Love Yourself First

This post has been in my drafts for weeks but I haven’t been brave enough to share it.

I’ve been reflecting on past experiences recently, and thinking of what I should / would have done differently. 378 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Pain is 2019, Hindsight is 2020

Life changes fast but feels like it moves at a glacier pace. This year has brought with it a lot of debt, change of careers, uncertainty, insecurity and fear. 713 more words



Problem Stated 
I have recently been reasoning with a native speaker on whether we should apply the verb BE instead of GET in combination with the word KIDNAPPED.  450 more words


Brain Activity

I was trying to be very good last night…

I was going to bed before 1 in the morning. I had started driftin off when my brain decided, “Hey! 99 more words