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Things That Disabled People Always Hear

When you’re a disabled person like me, there are certain things that able-bodied people always say to you. I’ve only been a wheelchair-user for six years and I already feel as if I’ve heard it all thousands of times before. 2,228 more words

Thinking Out Loud

I Voted!

I first saw “Give ’em Hell” Harry S. Truman on my grandfather’s flickering round nine-inch television set in glorious black and white. My granddad was a big Truman fan. 573 more words


Your body is a lottery

You know when
you’re holding yourself
together, afraid.
Afraid not to whisper or to scream
or to disappear like an unseen wind
to a land where there is peace and truth, 82 more words

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Checking In With Myself

I have a day off today. A day to reflect and be by myself. Think about the days passed that are unrecorded and allow myself to think. 342 more words


Thinking about my merch

I was just going through the stats of my merchandise just now and I saw the Animal Crossing Flower sticker packs and remembered the 5 day work I went through to get them finished in time for an update at that point (which I succeeded in doing). 314 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Week 9 Do over

Week 9 Do Over

I am disappointed in myself that I have to take another week to redo lesson 9 of the Master Key System. 247 more words


Dry leaves

see it’s dry leaves
weeping silently
the flowers were late to bloom





Day 22 of 31 days of poetry
This is an attempt to write a… 14 more words

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