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Scala Metus: From nukes to wolves

They told us to be afraid, be very afraid, of nukes.

Or, more correctly, to be afraid of our communist enemies who had nukes. Our… 597 more words

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Thinking Out Loud: Tumblr

Thinking Out Loud: Tumblr – will it Tumbledown?

Since Tumblr announced that it was removing all adult content from the site, I have been a spectator. 557 more words

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Finals Week: The End of the Beginning

NOTE: This post started as an email to a friend, but 4/5 of the way through I realized it had a potentially broader audience and that, if he didn’t think it was pointless ranting, he’d probably want me to share it with others who are also engaged in the practice and precarity of higher education. 715 more words

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thank you

This week was much better.

Obviously I could’ve done better but still thankful for the process.

  1. I need to trust in how God sees me and move closer toward Him.
  2. 42 more words

Christmas Past

Old warrior

PART I – In these times of austerity and looming Brexit fears, Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol seems like a good starting point for the next three Carppuzzle carplife blogs this festive month. 501 more words

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An old letter to my older self...

Just the other day I stumbled across a letter from my younger self to my imaginary older self, dated 6th May 2015.

It was only 3 1/2 years ago that I wrote it, but I had completely forgotten that I had! 694 more words

Twitter Fingers...

With today’s sensitive climate and the most recent Kevin Hart debacle I felt a need to speak on this issue. Here’s the thing, Twitter, in my opinion, isn’t for everybody. 241 more words

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