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The Responsible Mining Index is not a responsible mining index

The Responsible Mining Index came out a few weeks ago and it’s a very interesting read and resource. It’s already helped me in my research and I am very glad for it’s existence. 612 more words


my ex.

Today If I Still Love Him

Let Me Love Him

Tomorrow If I Hate Him

Let Me Hate Him

I’m Just Trying

Too Get Through

This 💋



They Say


They Love You

But They Fail

Too Mention


Only If Part💋


john doe

I’ve Given Titles

Too So Many People

Who In The End Treated Me

As If I Was Nonexistent

I Now Look At Every Situation

As If It’s Nameless 💋


Dungeons & Dragons Changed the Storytelling Experience For Me

This post is an expanded and better thought-out version of a Twitter-thread I blasted out the other day that I realised I could quite easily expand on a little talking about how playing Dungeons & Dragons has somewhat shifted the way that I look at the composition of fantasy stories. 655 more words



You Can Not Heal A Pain

That You Did Not Create

Even With Your Best Effort

In The End You Will Suffer💋