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Chess (1 min read)

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People judge chess too much. 274 more words


Blurring: Grief's Stages are Personal, Random and Unexpected.


There is an awful lot of black and white thinking when it comes to suffering, the stages of grief, bereavement and more generalised sadness. It is as if, in some people’s minds, there are sharp distinctions between the confusing multiplicity of human emotions, and each stage should be traversed in its proper order and at a specific time. 707 more words

Daily Prompt

Abundance and austerity 

From The Revenge of the Monsters of Educational Technology, by Audrey Watters, loc 1187:

Many of us in education technology talk about this being a moment of great abundance—information abundance—thanks to digital technologies.

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The myths of academic life

This great post by Martin Weller takes issue with the recent click bait published by the Guardian Higher Education’s anonymous academics series. He argues that they perpetuate an outdated stereotype of academic labour which has no relationship to the reality: 128 more words

Sick and Stuck on the Couch

We have all been there. That little rumble in your tummy turns into a really wicked bug. The next thing you know, you’re breathing gets labored, you get warm, your mouth starts to water uncontrollably (fun fact, when you do start noticing the saliva increasing more in your mouth you have about 20-45 seconds to get yourself to a bucket or toilet or reciprocal of some sort before you vomit. 408 more words


Top 3 Things to Do to Start your Day Right (1 min read)

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Where Did That Come From!?

We’ve all had those times when suddenly out of nowhere comes a thought about something we didn’t even know was bothering us. I think this lady is having one of those moments.