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It's Sunday dude!

Hey Pals :)

So, how is your Sunday going? Oh Yes! I don’t have so much to write about for today which made me thought of getting interacted with my beloved readers <3… 357 more words


4:41 Silhouettes

Despite unexplained exhaustion
and being comfortable
Free of pain
Snuggled beneath my
covers in the dark
I’m awake
Not from nightmare
or dream
Just awake… 128 more words


Travel 🍝

I want to travel the world!!…. only to eat the food… naturally.


2. or thoughts on mental health

I did a double major in uni, one of them being Psychology. However, due to my love for the creative industry (mainly audio-visual media post-production), I didn’t go on to follow up a Psychology route. 500 more words


1. or how I got to start blogging...again

As I said in my first post, this is my second attempt at writing a blog, as my first one failed (miserably, in my opinion). I shall not dwell on that subject too much, as that is a source of regret for me – I felt it had potential, but I couldn’t get myself to stick with it. 384 more words



The lines are open

Commuting feelings

Don’t believe for a second

That you have strayed from my mind

Birds may sit on the wire

But the communication is uninterrupted… 45 more words

Alphas and Omegas

Among the things I think about sometimes is how we got here as a species, and where we’re going.

We tend to think of ourselves as a young species, having only discovered writing (and with it, history itself) in the past 5,000 years, and civilisation (with its permanent monuments) 5,000 years before that. 405 more words