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The hands, in some respects, perhaps even more than the eyes and ears, are the go-betweens of the personality and its environment.

– Luther Lee Bernard…

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Show Anxiety...

Hello Anxiety,

I thought today of an idea. What if I were to write down all my anxiety moments. What would that look like?

Thinking about doing that though is giving me anxiety. 46 more words


Why The Rads Cast Failed

I have been thinking lately about the subject of podcasts. I remember when they first hit the scene where people would download them from iTunes on their iPods. 558 more words

Chas Rad

I'm proud of me

I don’t need you to tell me you’re proud of me.

Sure, it does feel nice.

Anything positive directed towards you is a warm feeling. 17 more words

elexk (11)

I am graduating middle school in less than one week. It is so surprising, how indifferent I am to this crucial period of my life. Unlike looking back at my elementary school years, I do not miss a single part of being in middle school. 355 more words


Mum on the Blog!

Hello my lovelies,

I have been missing in action for a moment…

It’s been a great ordeal with my children’s father since we separated in 2015 to finalise our extensive court order surrounding contact arrangements. 308 more words


Je suis une écrivaine.

Je ne vais pas écrire arrêter,

Et mes photos,

Ils seront avec moi pour toujours,

Mourant dans ma mémoire.

Un million de gemmes, 184 more words