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how it works

but after a while, it’s not so tiring anymore. It simply becomes a lesson :)




You must exercise your power and freedom of consciousness by leading your life to full adventure and majesty as you define it. This is simply doing what makes you live in joy, forget time and gives you goosebumps. 38 more words


Sneaker Stonehenge

There are two sneakers on the ground, propped up against one another like they are posing for a photograph.

If the entire human race was suddenly obliterated, no one would ever come back for these sneakers. 145 more words


A Rant on my Social Anxiety

I think it’s hilarious when I meet new people and I know that they know absolutely nothing about me. It’s funny especially when I meet them in scenarios that aren’t necessarily scenarios that I feel represent me. 904 more words


Thankful I can blog whatever I please, thankful when each day is over

A dusty small pizza shop
And you
And you pushing me to get a job and love those folks and work more hours and kiss you goodnight… 221 more words


a brief letter to explain my absence

I haven’t been on this blog in a while for a number of reasons. Basically, I am the most indecisive person in the world and could not figure out what I wanted to do, so I just focused on my War of the Brain blog and have been adding more to that. 868 more words


Same thought about one metaphor

I am currently working on my essay about a Chinese ink-wash animation film The feeling of mountains and streams. In the film, it comes to a point that the elder man gives his long-treasured guqin to his student/friend, a young fishing man. 147 more words