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I have been thinking. – No? Really?.. yeah, I have been talking to quite a few guys in badoo and just overall.. and today I realised, I don’t really want to meet a guy from the internet. 473 more words



Coffee houses are conducive to creativity.  The music, the muted background conversations, the coffee. They provide a feeling of togetherness without having to actually be with be in direct contact with anyone other than the barista taking orders. 163 more words


Sloth No-More

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You remember that feeling. Weakness penetrating your bones. Racing mind unable to focus on the task at hand. Your subconscious looking for every excuse to avoid a task at hand. 350 more words


The problems of "Black Friday"

Hello guys, it’s me again. I am here right now to talk to you about something that I’ve been thinking about for a short while. That thing (if you did not read the title) is Black Friday. 794 more words


Walking down that same, same road

Hey guys,

as I just got back from Lapland on Sunday, and have a quite extensive exam on Thursday, I have basically locked myself up in the library 24/7 (the library closes at 8 pm already, but you get what I mean). 728 more words


From one chapter to a brand new book?!

So the saying is , “close one chapter before you start another one,” correct?  It’s interesting, no? Yeah. No, that’s what I thought as well, it is not.   386 more words


Are we getting a "Crappy" Deal from our Doctors?

Colonoscopy necessary and proper?

Seeing as it is the day after Thanksgiving where Meat and Animal ‘Products’ have been consumed En Masse, and knowing that the WHO recently pointed to a definite link between… 282 more words