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A knock

A knock on the walls
Of my brain
A rainbow shows up in the sky
There is a knock
On the walls, the internal walls… 60 more words


26 May 2017

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships lately. It’s a topic I’ve always found difficult to come to terms with, but I feel I’ve learnt something valuable in the process that I’ll share with you in this poem. 89 more words

The worst feeling

Do you know that fear that everyone has? Which every girl has?

Something like being afraid of betrayal, abandonment, or feeling helpless and not comfortable enough? 427 more words


The Problem With The Problem

“The problem with self-improvement

is knowing when to quit.”

The problem with innovation

is knowing where to start.

The problem with the problem

is not the problem at all. 21 more words


A place in this world

I just need to rant to be honest, so I apologise in advance for the long post.
The last few weeks have honestly felt like I have been to hell and back; to be honest the last few months, since August, have felt like that. 458 more words


In stalled exhaling vents
Of stagnant airs ment
To shred transparent sheets,
The host stuffed of fleets
Of encumbered flaking ink
Seeks parchment to sink… 77 more words


10 Quotes by Buddha (1 min read)

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