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Sorry, Bro, but what you're saying is bullshit...

Warning:Entertaining a thought“: it happens when you listen to what you’re being told and while you’re not forced to agree with that opinion, you’re processing the input, give it, well, some thought. 3,463 more words


Collaboration with Eloise Edwards (cont. II)

Having experimented and spent time together in Test Space over the last couple of weeks (we quickly abandoned our initial proposal of a week-long project due to the multiple obstacles and changes in direction), Eloise and I finally reached a really exciting and interesting point today. 113 more words


Greyhound Bound

When planning my journey from Texas back to Philadelphia to continue wok on Showbiz, I considered a few options; plane, train, automobile, etc. And considering price and experience value, I opted to take the bus. 289 more words

Tuesday afternoon musings

Other than my obligatory opening blog today, I thought I’d add a little of what’s on my mind.

I am bored with television this morning. There is nothing consistent on when I have a day off. 286 more words


Collaboration with Eloise Edwards (cont.)

As a way to try to work through the difficulties we’ve come across, Eloise and I have started to take on a more playful and experimental approach to generating work together. 22 more words


A runner’s thought.

One who conflates naturalness with spontaneity should consider the speed at which a tree pushes roots up through the sidewalk.

The 0.99 Theory

Why is love so important? Why are
people constantly craving and searching for it? Do we really have a soulmate? Why does Nicholas Sparks always kills someone in his books?
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