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“Iris, votre mort terrible à Aires beaux…”



Le 40 is Le Terrifying and I Can't Understand Why.

Y’all. Why am I so scurred about turning 40????

A bit of background: growing up, no age ever really scared me off. I ached to be 12. 450 more words


Helping Kim

Last week I promised an old school friend that I would help his wife by posting on my blog to help  raise enough money to get her prosthetics and vital equipment she will need following contracting sepsis and becoming a quadruple amputee. 159 more words

We're not zombies, but we need your brain

You’re driving on a remote road and approach a bus stop. Three people are waiting: the man/woman of your dreams, an old friend who once saved your life, and an elderly woman who is sick. 378 more words


Hello. I'm Evil.

Morality has therefore become the instrument of ruling classes to protect their privileges.

– Pëtr Kropotkin

We like our evil prejudged. Invisible walls between someone that had a life of hard choices and some that had everything handed to them, still sucking at life.

562 more words

From Hesitation to Hell Yes

I pondered why I am hesitating in some areas of life. In life I’ve followed the advice Jari Sarasvuo gave during Trainers’ House Growth Academy about prioritization: … 109 more words


Thinking about the future: Entrepreneurship​

Very early this morning after I finished listening to my audiobook, I started to worry about my future. Again.

See, I’m graduating this Spring, and I have no clue as to what I should do with my BA. 300 more words

Midnight Thoughts