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Simply Interesting: Are you a body with a mind or a mind with a body?

Here’s an interesting thought to ponder on. Check out this video by Maryam Alimardani of TED-Ed 22 more words

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Then the laundry: what comes after the PR

I’ve had a superlatively good training cycle over the few weeks. There’s no getting around it. It started off rocky and I had a moment or two where I spoke quiet words to myself about integrity, goals, and said terse things like “get your fucking shit together, Hood,” and things picked up rapidly from there. 1,148 more words

Apropos Of Nothing

Zombie Citizen

Monday through Friday, I’m running on autopilot: eyes opening before my alarm goes off, check emails briefly, turn on the water heater, feed a hungry cat, shower, finish up makeup and write emails, comb hair quickly, and out the door. 97 more words



Rarely have I ever just sat down,

And recorded simple thoughts,

That spoke of ordinary things,

Not stained with troubles and shame,

Sadness and grief which I’ve allowed to, 75 more words


Understanding Others' Views

It seems like every time I sign-on to most forms of social media, I am bombarded with opinions regarding whatever hot-button issue is circulating at that point in time – with hate and negativity being thrown from both sides of the argument. 467 more words


The Confusing Nature of the NFL Protests

You can learn a lot about people, organizations and government by how they respond when they are threatened or in a crisis.

Look at the National Football League (NFL), the professional American sports league, for instance. 936 more words


I am floating
on a cloud

I have no desire
To come