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Prepare Yourself For Office Clearance

When you are thinking to perform a complete office cleaning for your workplace, there are a few things to consider. Having an idea about all the related things can help you in performing the clearance work successfully in short time.

Fictional Reality

So basically, creation of an art object makes an art object real in respect that it has an ability to replicate the reality of its creator, or reality in context of which it has been created, in the minds of the receivers. 593 more words


Write Out of My Head - SHORTS

This is genuine flash fiction, or ‘rash fiction’ as I prefer to call it, written during some down time at work. Four separate shorts, four very different topics. 145 more words


The Honest Fast Food Commercial

Never Go Here

Real Food Has no Labels and comes with no ‘Painted Plastic’ Toys


Chapter 1 (Meaning)

Words have always been a means to communicate meaning. For example a husband might say ‘I love you’ to his wife to convey a deep sense of affection he feels for her. 1,889 more words

Chapter 2 (Ideas)

What is an idea? Ideas cannot be touched, seen, or felt, but they are as real as any object perceivable by the five senses. In fact, they are so real that we have an entire system dedicated to securing ideas as personal or cooperate property. 3,043 more words