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Sweet Rise & Smile

first cup
of coffee
is sweetened by
your good morning kiss
upon my smiling lips


The future computer will think like brains.

Virtually every device you use—from the one you’re using to read this to the pocket calculator growing dust in the back of your desk—relies on the same basic technology: … 444 more words


Water Lemon Money

I first saw this in a cafe as a tip jar. The game is to balance a coin on a floating lemon. All the children going passed the till seemed to really enjoy it and so when we had a lemon in the house next I gave it a try. 175 more words


Knowing where your heart truly lies

Buenos días a todos!

(Good morning everybody!)

I hope you all have had a discoverable week guys!

This week, I will be talking about being  601 more words


Past Love

You speak of her

As though she were gentle snow

She reigns over the island rocks

And ocean spun grass

Like a silver haired mermaid… 51 more words


Youth corner: Do you have self-loathing thoughts?

Sometimes, self loathing thoughts develop or evolve as a result of trying to cope with or manage emotional distress. In other words, it can be a coping mechanism such as defences, drug abuse, over-eating and several other harmless and harmful activities. 1,063 more words