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Thinking Problem

This is not original with me. I don’t know where I found it, but it is so good I just have to share it.

It started out innocently enough. 526 more words


Realisation and Distraction (2nd edition)

Realisation and distraction,
the curse of one another.
The curse they know because they are,
but equal to each other.

Growth of each, extends the curse, 86 more words



My family has been a broken and fractured thing in the past.  Not the family I grew but the family I came from. My parents divorce, lies, deceit, selfishness and anger have all played their part in my past.  959 more words

Chamomile Comfort

A soft blanket and
a mug of chamomile tea
ends my busy day


The human imperfection conundrum

Human and thus flawed we are, we strive for perfection; that perfection that we lack.

And as we lack it, we can’t help but feel insecure, self-conscious and sometimes even disgusted with ourselves. 129 more words


Clearing the Morphogenic Reasonance ....earth healing 

Clearing the morphogenic reasonance
We have around the earth a band of energy that are our thoughts from generations. It’s called the morphogenic reasonance. This band as you may well imagine contains some very dark negative thinking. 202 more words

Spiritual Development