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People told you to not overthink

Then you started to think

How to stop overthinking?

And you are still thinking and will continue to think… 18 more words

Musings: Lowering the Grocery Budget

Um…I think I’m going to be ruminating on this topic for a little while…feel free to wander away and explore the other content on this blog like grocery hauls and decluttering efforts…miles of excitement around here… 580 more words


The beginning of the end of my courtship with Twitter

Part of my job is to monitor social media, which sometimes means updating various feeds with relevant news clips but usually ends up in me looking up and down a timeline for interesting stuff, reading Washington Post and New York Times articles for undisclosed amounts of time. 433 more words



We were out together on a starry night,

See a trail of frosty light,

You say¨Make a wish on a shooting star,¨

I’ve never made a wish so far, 344 more words


That moment you almost didn't

So I’m on the trail. I have been on the trail, this not-trail of a trail, for over three hours now. My best bud and I picked a ridge to run, in the dead of the day and the deader heat of summer, and have committed to getting to the end of it. 426 more words


Understanding the rage of the Labour right

From Corbyn: Against All Odds, by Richard Seymour, pg 15:

Adam Phillips suggests that our rages disclose what it is we think we are entitled to.

310 more words


Resistance. Insistence. Persistence. (R.I.P.) Feel free to knock your forehead gently if you think it is Rest In Peace, or Rest In Piece from Shiga Lin if you are a hongkonger. 880 more words