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Buying an accordion

I just bought a piano accordion and it got me thinking. I sometimes get sad and afraid that I am not going to make it big and get lost in anonymity and I blame the circumstances of life, such as the fact that I was not born in a rich, famous family of superstars. 262 more words


how anime spurred my creative self

Most people think that because anime or Japanese cartoons are just for children because they’re just cartoons. What they fail to forget is that, though there are anime shows made for children, there are a lot of things that we – including myself, can learn about life from these shows. 783 more words



Fighting for happiness can be one of life’s toughest bouts. Change is inherently scary, but it is often the only way we can win.

Thought Bombs!

I was going to call this section Thought Bubbles but they are the cloud things in cartoons and not what I am going to ramble on about for a bit.   949 more words

Thinking thoughts: Picking your nose in public

Apparently your not even allowed have a cell phone in you hand anymore, I mean I understand not talking on the phone, but not letting me play some candy-crush to pass the time is just without compassion. 852 more words


Film: We come as Friends

We rush to see “We come as friends” to IFC yesterday, because it will held only once a day, only a week (i think). Filmmaker Hubert Sauper, who took “Darwin’s Nightmare” in 2004, went to South Sudan with his small air plane and show us who wants to eat up the land. 56 more words


Me days

Do you have “me days”? You should all have me days.
They’re lovely and gives you new energy and new ideas.

What’s a “me day”? 142 more words

What Ever