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Branding Yourself

At one point or another it’s tragic we must all grow up in some sort of way. Whether it’s for career opportunities, because we want to be taken seriously, or you just start getting weird looks impersonating a kid on a playground. 604 more words


Think of me...

Do you ever think of me?

Maybe in the middle of the night when you place your arm across her body the same way you did mine but with the realization that… 116 more words


Smart Moves - Think Positively - Back to the Future

Smart moves-think positively series

We should all be concerned about the future of because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there… 309 more words

I have bipolar, or I am bipolar? 

Recently I have thought about the two statements; the first is proposing you have an illness, and therefore separate from it. Leaning on the medical model, thereby it is treatable and possibly cureable. 365 more words

Overview Of Cyclothymia Disorder


I look so badly at my life and this world. I see how horrible it is, and how it’s only gonna get worse. I keep pushing myself to be somebody; while convincing myself I am nobody. 81 more words


thoughts (long&annoying)

I think on a very deep level. I would consider myself sad. My thoughts have made me realize many things. Like when I act how I feel, everyone notices there is something wrong. 264 more words