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4:14 am. These meds are not worth the cost of my sleep. (If that’s the cause of this latest bout of insomnia)

Coffee in large doses can carry me through the day. 729 more words


Poetic Aspirations

When I was young, probably around middle school youngish, I found that I had a knack for writing poetry. I filled notebooks up with haikus, limmericks, free verse, and many others. 56 more words


Creating cultures of thinking

Think of a student. Not just any student, but a good student. One who follows the rules. Who listens attentively. Who completes all her work. Who revises on the weekend. 264 more words



Greek crisis. What are your thoughts when you think of this? “Poor Greeks”. “Greeks stole our money”. “Greeks are lazy”. These are some of the comments I hear from people from around Europe. 979 more words


I've Been Thinking

I’ve been thinking, i have 3 blogs and that is actually a lot for 1 person to undertake, almost excessive even. Normally, I would cut off excessive things but, I want to do things differently, so I’ll keep them as they are, just make sure all info is updated and streamlined (which I already did, yay me!). 34 more words

Hate Is Easy

I really wish it was easier to Love than to Hate. Hate is so easy and I don’t know why. To look at the world with black in your heart and hate in your mind, it sounds like an awful way to live, but when you take a good look at the person who is hating they look so happy, and they seem to enjoy spreading that hate. 149 more words


Late night thinking

Today I looked up the tutorials I will be through and also typed them all out accordingly. The categories were rigging, scripting, modeling, and texturing. These alone were for the 3D softwares; Maya, 3DS Max, and ZBrush. 176 more words