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"Struggling with one’s thoughts is like struggling to get all the chairs in line on the decks of the Titanic": Know There Is Still Hope

What you think, you become.

What you feel, you think.

The cumulative result of all that you’ve experienced in your life, you feel now.

That is heavily weighted toward those events that were powerful and traumatic and remain unfelt and repressed …. 398 more words


Third Time Lucky

Day 3 infiltrating the school: nothing to report yet.

I have only had 2 days of lessons, and I already have a 3 page poetry essay to do. 166 more words


On perception …

There’s always one isn’t there? Question is, individually what do we see?
A non-conformist daring to be different? The proverbial pain in the butt?
or … 35 more words

Random Musings

So, What Am I

I thought I was one thing,

And I wasn’t.

I thought I was something else,

And I wasn’t.

Maybe I should just be.

And stop thinking about it.

Life Chatter

Nobody Wants To Be A Robot

Nobody wishes to be a robot.

Well, maybe if you’re a computer geek (POSSIBLY).

But seriously. I know this sounds a tad kooky.

People always wish to be birds; wish to fly; wish to be free. 108 more words


Running Thoughts

I hate exercising. I hate running. I hate having to do those things in order to make myself NOT feel bad about the plate of brownies I consumed the other night. 483 more words


Writing to your audience requires a basis of thinking

In ‘Writing is Thinking’, Sally Kerrigan argues that anyone who is afraid of writing simply shouldn’t be.  The words aren’t the scary part – writing just requires thinking.  139 more words