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Is it Time to Put the Phone Away? (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Sheila C.

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Don’t we all love it when social media is used for good hence roll our eyes on the other hand  when it brings out the worst in people? 241 more words


Do I move or does the World move?

Ain’t it weird how I move and the world does not? Or is it that the world moves, and I do not…?

Internal processing of external movement manifests itself in two ways: 311 more words


Key Areas to Consider when Thinking About Divorce in California

If you and your current partner are thinking about divorce in the state of California, consulting with an experienced attorney can help you navigate this difficult time more easily. 15 more words

Some Thoughts On and Around MLK Day

I have loved growing my political consciousness under the Obama administration.

I feel very fortunate that the face of United States politics I remember the most is a black one. 403 more words


Where, Oh Where?

I could never understand what people mean when they say, “Think outside the box,” or “He’s on the cutting edge.”

Thinking outside the box is as confusing to me as “On the cutting edge.” What is the cutting edge? 588 more words