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At last ending and Alfred's real name

After 4.3 months I have finally ended my  practical tasks related to my bereavement.I had to make about 14 phone calls to the Customs and Revenue and only later did I realise that the young man had not been able to explain the tax to me but I worked it out myself.It might have been easier to take to my bed and lie down for three months. 50 more words


We ate it all up on a scone.

Do you like growing tomatoes

I had to make lots of jam

They tasted like   strawberries

I can’t rhyme with odd fairies

But it went very well with my spam. 95 more words


My cat visitor

The week before my husband died, a black cat kept coming in to see me.That’s because the door was open a lot.Lately it has been chillier.As an experiment I opened the cat flap and late one evening as I sat here reading Alfred suddenly appeared looking extremely pleased with himself.Hes sat on my knee and stuck his nose into my arm pit.Just like a man.I realised that to maintain his interest I shall have to give up using a . 66 more words


We create another soul

Sometimes my hands curl up,
and other times,they open.
Then I feel the air;
My fingers relax.
I touch your hand;
uncurl it and press it to mine. 139 more words


On Walls


We are so near and yet so far apart

The wall of stone makes concrete all our fears.

For even if we change our minds and hearts… 84 more words


For everyone

Sun rose,

travelled in a lower curve than summer

so that only for one hour

I saw its light

through the red leaves

of my acers. 17 more words