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The Boot.

Some people in my life are a kick in my pants.

No nonsense…

Highly optimistic…




They are the mushy squishy love when I need it. 601 more words

Life Stories

Good Grief.

There are boxes in Janelle’s empty bedroom. There are boxes and random belongings strewn accross her guest bedroom. There are doodads in her bathroom that need sorting. 662 more words

Life Stories

Tune to the good mind

Maybe You have read my previous post about religions and what was written. I would like to explain You something similar.

When I have read some alternative webs I noticed from those messages, that people, who wrote It down are full of badness and war. 315 more words

New Age

Life of a Lone Wolf (2)

So… this is a follow up to my Life of a Lone wolf. I’m still a lone person who prefers the quiet and tidy atmosphere. 151 more words

My Own Thinkings

sticky things

The backdrop to my 2017 is the year long art project, TWELVTY, where each month has its own color. An unexpected side benefit to this is I’ve got this clear delineation in my time. 752 more words



This week marks 5 whole years since I first posted here, since Ephemeral Gecko was born.

For reals? Yup.

This blog is the ongoing project of documenting those in between stages of my art – the ephemeral places – that places buried beneath layers of paint or existing just briefly before being deconstructed and reconstructed.  368 more words

Mixed Media

Feels good

Recently I’ve been doing some thinking about what labels I identify with in terms of gender and sexuality, which was sparked after reading The ABC’s of LGBT+ 1,427 more words