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My soul gets lost in those cold places where all I can descry are the colours of the truth.




you may have gone but what you have done for the world is there to remain, Sir.


혼자 있는 토요일

눈이 내리는 토요일이었지만 사무실에 나가 내일 있을 동료들의 미팅을 준비했다. 새로산 장비를 상자에서 꺼내서 어렸을 때 프라모델 조립하는 기분으로 각 부품이 잘 있나 확인하고 나사를 조여 조각을 맞춘 후 마지막으로 생소한 버튼을 눌러보며 성능 실험을 했다.


This is Not a Rant. This is Kind of a Rant.

I’ll keep this one short and not that sweet folks.

I like free things as much as the next person. If someone’s giving something away for nothing and it’s something I actually want I’ll usually take it. 700 more words


What if....

Of all the things we cling to, I find expected outcomes are hard to drop. Some hope of sense of stability or control… That desire to know what’s next, where I’m steering towards and what it’ll look like when I get there. 132 more words



Sometimes you got to hold out your soul in both hands, offer it up to the world, and hope.


The Voices In My Head

“What?” said the voice in my head.

“Nothing,” I replied quietly.

“If nothing, then why are you staring?”

“I’m staring because I can’t people out.” 1,456 more words