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No going back

Sometimes the biggest reason not to go someplace,
the only reason I can conjure up,
is the sure and certain knowledge i won’t want to go back after. 79 more words


XI Thou Shalt Not Knot

The difference between educating someone and trying to control their actions is bigotry. Yes, we all believe that our choices are better, but that is our opinion. 432 more words



It’s always the littlest things that make the biggest difference. Like a smile you can never forget. Or a smell. Or a fluttering of eyelashes. We always wish we could stay the same. 550 more words



anh ơi,

“đời mong manh”……….

qua kiếp này,
đồ rằng,
chẳng còn nợ gì nhau nữa..!


on being me.

I love to learn.

I take in as much information as I can every day.

It swims about inside my head,
It gets filtered (a little bit). 96 more words



Consider for a moment
We were all same
Who would you love
It doesn’t make sense
Love easily, forget hardly

Consider we acted on instinct alone… 94 more words


Me mysElf the mellennial.

Millennials the me generation. A generation demographers, historians, philosophises and anthropologists all agree starts in the early 80’s and weens out toward the early 2000’s. We are a generation synonymous with selfishness and self indulgence according to our critics.   636 more words