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Concrete algebra…
Symbols set in stone.


Smaller joys and pleasures are not sought

How like a prison is my once loved home

Since now I linger here in fevered chills.

No more may I be free to walk and roam

Nor climb the mountains and the hills. 88 more words

Mary tidies her room.Part 1A

Mary was in her bedroom which once had been a study.There were books every where all randomly arranged
Shall I toss away Functional Analysis by Riesz-Nagy?I can’t remember it but it’s a classic text.She looked at  her other books  and found three rhyming dictionaries…. 673 more words


Funny mis-hearing

I saw this quote below in a book review:

“My slips didn’t do any real harm to anybody, but I’m afraid that I did make one exceedingly grave error during the run up to the general election of 1979. 182 more words



In the sky,half dark,half light.
Will we get more rain?

How the mind fills up
With prediction and fear
Gone is trust in God. 118 more words


Mary has a date

Mary decided that, purely out of scientific interest, she would join an on-line dating service.Her main problem was filling in the form.You need an degree in  English to even understand the, 521 more words


Most strange ,we need to do what we most fear;

How like a monster is my fear of pain
Expanding to fill all my heart and mind
Swelling like a  giant sponge   in the rain,
This fear begets  new  feelings more unkind. 81 more words