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Triolets:No more

The new short poems are triolets,or similar to triolets.You can look it up in the first  poem of today.They are  like villanelles but shorter and easier though I find all poems in form are difficult.But it is a good idea  to learnt the forms.I have been rather slow in learning them.In these forms and in the rondeau which derive from song there is more repitition that in other kinds of poetry… 71 more words


Caesura: learn while I learn

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noun: caesura; plural noun: caesuras

  1. (in Greek and Latin verse) a break between words within a metrical foot.

  2. 25 more words

Oh. happy mean;oh centre that can hold!

Enriched with age, we  suffer from the cold,
Yet torrid heat’s   a danger to the heart.
The passion that a youthful one  just moulds
Would kill  some  humans old and over-bold. 49 more words


By a liar

The sun burns like  the Richmond blacksmith’s fire
Fierce flames   are  gleaming by   the sides of  clouds
The weather forecast,ah, is constructed by a  liar… 49 more words


Definition of scruple in English:


Pronunciation: /ˈskruːp(ə)l/


1(usually scruples) A feeling of doubt or hesitation with regard to the morality or propriety of a course of action: 131 more words


When my mind is still confused by sleep

When my mind is still confused by sleep
I’m relaxed and I’m  full  of  hopeful dreams
The  sudden  shocks of  memory  make me  weep
The feelings  of my love are strong and  deep… 98 more words