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Oh,what an oracle

I thought I’d consult a Seer
Who could see that which is not quite here
Oh,what an oracle
Our minds worked in parallel
As into the future we peered. 60 more words


What does oracle mean?




noun: oracle; plural noun: oracles

  1. 1.

    a priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity.

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In between two raindrops

Some evenings,the sky turned  pink
We were happy,lying in the grass
watching the sun set..
arms around each other.
Seemed like eternal life had come… 31 more words


When will they pay and go?

From the Times of Malta….Syrian toddler

Where have all the cowards gone?
Wrong time passing
Where have all the cowards gone
Wrong rhyme ago?
Where have all the cowards gone? 90 more words


Stan wants to learn



Evening classes

  • Stan was thinking of going to an Evening Class.He got a brochure from the public library  but there was not much in it.As he was sitting in his conservatory brooding restlessly over this he saw a looming shape pass by.It was Annie his neighbour wearing a big rucksack.
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Stan's Saturday in Casualty and how to talk to angels  

Stan got out of bed and tripped over the cat ,Emile, who was lying on the orange fluffy rug.After 43 years one might have expected change but they were set like rubbery jelly in their strange ways. 811 more words