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Welcome to my life story

Hey all,

I’d like to welcome everyone one who is stumbling across this post. This blog is really just gonna be for me, what I mean by this is, I have all these other platforms where I post for my audience but this is were I’m going to come to just write. 104 more words

Dream Theme.

When you pick up every single item in your house, look at it intensely, press it to your chest (if necessary), and ask, “Does this spark joy?,” then if it’s a “yes” then it stays, but if it’s a “no” then it goes. 255 more words

the space in between

I love to look for connections, to explore ideas that bring more substance to the understanding I have of this brief blip of a life we have here in this world. 354 more words

Mixed Media Art


Naked she lies

Vacant inside

Mass of thoughts

Spliced neatly at the stem

Warmth fails to emit

Grunts of pleasure

Short of the summit

Gaze distant and calm… 25 more words


On Post-post-modern


Since around the advent of the new millennium, a symbolic war has erupted between several, small, diverse guerilla-factions; most of these factions consisting of highly educated male academics. 1,029 more words

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On Efficiency

Thinking with efficiency.

Let’s not forget that there is nothing natural about efficiency. If you believe in the theory of evolution you believe that all life on this planet is fundamentally governed by a process that is as far from our common understanding of being efficient as can be. 219 more words

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On Westworld

on WestWorld:

What happens if you consider all characters to be human, both guests and hosts? What is then the internal division within humanity, what makes us then fantasise about it being two? 212 more words

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