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This week marks 5 whole years since I first posted here, since Ephemeral Gecko was born.

For reals? Yup.

This blog is the ongoing project of documenting those in between stages of my art – the ephemeral places – that places buried beneath layers of paint or existing just briefly before being deconstructed and reconstructed.  368 more words

Mixed Media

Feels good

Recently I’ve been doing some thinking about what labels I identify with in terms of gender and sexuality, which was sparked after reading The ABC’s of LGBT+ 1,427 more words


This is fine

Hey there peeps! So as I’ve already established the reason I’m here is to talk about my life in a way that’s constructive, and hopefully gives a takeaway point. 1,144 more words


The Real Meal Deal

Forget McDonald’s.

The real meal deal is this:

“Any meal eaten with friends and/or family where the aforementioned companions eat, laugh, and swap stories around a shared table for an extended period of time.” 12 more words

The Times They Are Etc Etc

You know that point you get to in the days leading up to a haircut when you absolutely can’t bear the length of your fringe for a second longer? 320 more words


Dancing in the rain

Hi guys! So in this post I wanted to talk about anxiety and making friends because it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve always considered myself to be a bit more secluded than others ever since the start of high school. 700 more words


One year out and Seville still won't let me go

She stole my heart much like a thief creeping about at dusk. Quietly, softly, and with such care that I didn’t even know it was gone. 347 more words