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A Guide Dog along the Caldera

In Santorini we ran out of money completely. We had started to use the credit card on Naxos, using precious cash to buy pork souvlaki and treating ourselves to just one dinner where we would be served food on a plate rather than wrapped up in a bundle of printed paper and napkins; we were seated a floor above the waterfront pedestrian drive, pouring white wine from the half liter decanter and dining on Naxian lamb, Naxian pork, and Naxian cheese, we were satisfied and content. 1,538 more words


Measuring Return on Investment in Emergency Management and Homeland Security: Improving State Preparedness Reports

A lot of money is spent within the emergency management and homeland security enterprise.  Looking just at the last couple of years of annual Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) (this is the annual grant provided by the US Federal government to states and urban areas), $1.044 billion was allocated in FFY 2015 and $1.043 billion allocated in FFY 2014.  988 more words

Emergency Management


An article like you might never find about Santorini

The silence was less and less disturbed by the distant steps of a woman on the long stairs made of paving Stones. 868 more words


Santorini: Land of Utopic Dreams

The Istanbul crew and I had a short layover in Athens before landing in Santorini in the afternoon. The bus was over an hour late, so we gave up and decided to take the cab to take us to the Santorini “city centre” as other passengers from our flight gradually left the queue. 1,887 more words


Tesseract Release New Video

This is what the band, Thira, had to say about the new Tesseract release:

TesseracT released a video for their song “Survival”. Reading what Daniel Tompkins (frontman) had to say about the concept of the song was quite powerful. 135 more words


A book of worst-case scenarios

I came across this article yesterday about US Rep Michael McCaul from Texas (who happens to chair the House Homeland Security committee) penning a book titled “Failures of Imagination: The Deadliest Threats to Our Homeland — and How to Thwart Them”.   287 more words

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