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Allasia, City of gears.

Hello Traveler!

Buried deep within a valley of the mountain range called “The Spine”; lies a marvel of modern day technology. Allasia, called the city of gears, has long moved past the clockwork marvels of recent history. 754 more words


A Requiem

We stand  for the fallen. For those who did not make it out of the city, for those who fell in the mountain passes. We stand for those whose blades, hearts, and minds were lost to the villainy of Rhiannon and her generals. 572 more words


A fire burns ...

She sighed as she collapsed into her throne. It was barely the middle of the day and. already, she was exhausted. She glumly thought of yet another meeting with her generals. 292 more words


The continuing scandal of Adult Social Care

Me with my Carer!!  Erica and I hope that we have a long, healthy and happy third age but we must all be aware of the problems that we face as longevity increases. 943 more words

Lib Dems

Raun 'ni Belegaer

Raun ‘ni Belegaer means Pilgrimage to the Sea. As the Third Age is ending, and the time of the Elves is no more, the Firstborn Children of Iluvatar leave Middle Earth, passing the torch to the dominion of Men. 250 more words


September's end

There are certain dates I love: 30th September is one of them. It’s that feeling of finishing in order to start again – totally false of course, internally constructed and completely self-fulfilling… Doesn’t stop me loving it, the drawing of a line, the tidying away of summer as we turn our faces to the bright, chill days to come. 931 more words

Personal Essay