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A few years ago I finished my regular job as a Professor in a major university business school. I was sad to stop but I realised that, for a variety of reasons, it was time to resign. 1,113 more words


Third Age Kickstarter

Third Age Eternal, the game I contributed a bunch of art to about a year back, has gone to crowdfunding on Kickstarter!

It’s an awesome game with awesome lore – if you love competitive card games, anthromorphic animals, animal art, or any combination thereof, check it out and back it! 77 more words


Celebrating a long life

There are many different reasons to celebrate a long life: wisdom, experience, overcoming challenges… Today, we want to pay tribute to our elders with some beautiful portraits from the Flickr community. 15 more words


Winter or Spring?

This morning I woke up to snow coming down fast and furious outside my bedroom window; but by the time I got out of the shower, the sun was shining. 535 more words


Friday five - out of my head into yours!

1. If we drink milk and therefore create demand for dairy cows (female), shouldn’t we also eat veal and use the meat of thousands of newborn male calves that are otherwise slaughtered at birth? 168 more words


Better Not Forgotten

She sighed. She wasn’t going anywhere in this interrogation.

Suddenly she hit the table. “For the love of God, just spit it out please!”

“I don’t— I don’t know!” Monica shrieked. 340 more words



2015 has so far been a most unusual year.

Last Fall, I made a declaration that I would be “retiring” from my employer at year end. 1,115 more words