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Equality or Inequality?

Keith’s Story

I knew that class wasn’t for me but Helen, my key worker, said it might be good for me after Pat had walked out on me and the kids.  829 more words

Silververve: Keeping Active

“ … As you move toward late middle age, you start to worry: is gossip enough to keep me cerebrally spry? The awful spectre of dementia looms over the horizon.

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Avoiding Dementia

The Dog (7)

Dogs have their own body language. You may have noticed the ‘play bow’ that they do when they’re in the mood for some boisterousness. They have a ‘follow me’ signal too: after making eye contact, they lift both forelegs off the ground at the same time, turn and plonk them down in the direction they want another dog to follow. 1,049 more words

The Dog (6)

It was no use pretending, it was bad   Even the bloody dog turned his nose up, usually a perpetually scavenging mutt.  How could this be?  She’d had the reassuringly homely voice of national treasure, Mary Berry, guiding her every step.   520 more words

The Dog (5)

I’d seen her before, but never alone.

Now, lead trailing, tail not wagging, she is heading for home, FAST.

She is barking the place down, and becoming increasingly frantic, throwing herself at the unanswered door. 427 more words

The Third Age

We all know that there is a trend toward an older society and, in turn, an older workforce. This trend is rooted in decreased birth rates, economic challenges facing those of traditional retirement age, and a changing definition of what constitutes “old.”  Some theorists even champion the idea of the “third age”—a period between middle age and the elderly years where older workers still seek to be active contributors to society and the workplace. 175 more words


The Dog (4)

Hearing footsteps, I stir in my corner at the back of the kitchen. It is comfortable on the pile of old carpets by the boiler and, snug and warm, I had been fast asleep. 1,296 more words